Minister Family's Black Belly Woman

Chapter 5

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"Who are you? You cannot stop at the door of the residence as you please." The carriage had just stopped when the guard guarding the two sides of the red-lacquered doors stepped forward to berate.

Her heart could not help but smiled coldly. Chen Ninghua dimly speculated, this kind of threatening was too low cla.s.s. Her step-mother, Zhao Yunxiang would not use this kind of low cla.s.s means, who knows who directed these guards?

"Insolence! The eldest young miss is here, hurry up and recede." Hong Ling coldly berated, clearly dissatisfied.

A guard laughed loudly: "Today, the eldest young miss conducted a banquet; she is still inside the residence and did not go out. Where did this eldest young miss pop out from? You actually had the guts to impersonate Chen family's young miss, how about you go down the carriage to let us see?"

His voice just landed when he saw the tightly closed curtain of the carriage slowly opened. A young girl wearing moon white dress went down the carriage and stepped on the bench provided respectfully by a girl with light blue plain skirt.

Chen Ninghua raised her eyes to look. The gazes belonging to the guards were malicious and they carried dissatisfaction. They saw Chen Ninghua who went down and were obviously stunned by her beauty for quite a moment before snapping back to reality.

Taking in the sight of guard shifting their gazes away from her, Chen Ninghua indifferently swept her calm gaze that was without ripples over them.

The guard who spoke was surprised in his heart. Only lifting his head and confronting Chen Ninghua's dark pupils made his heart went cold and fiercely lowered his head to hide her gaze. He had received the news that Chen family's eldest young miss would return earlier. At his moment, he received the orders from the second young master, Chen Xuanlin, to let this young miss make a fool of herself. But he had forgotten, although Che Ninghua was not favored, she was still his master.

"I've sent the letter to father and mother earlier. I am impatient to come back home and returned half a day earlier. You having suspicions are normal, but mother usually thorough, she should have arranged things already." Chen Ninghua let out a tiny smile as she spoke. If they still did not let her in, then that truly was Madam Zhao being thorough.

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"What letter? We brothers never heard of any news. You people are clearly imposters and still dare to create uproar. Come, let's all take these people and flog them twenty times." Since they had offended the other party, then they would rather act the best they could in front of the madam and little young master. Even if this young girl was truly the eldest young miss, but she would not be able to appear in public in the current prime minister residence.

Once that guard shouted so, there were ten people pouring out from the side of the gate. They were all holding a wooden stick in their hands as they stared at Chen Ninghua with unfriendly gazes. It was obvious that they were prepared beforehand.

Qing Que, take out some evidences, let them know. I've never heard any legal young miss being hit by the servants." Chen Ninghua frowned and ordered coldly.

Qing Que respectfully nodded and swept her gaze to the surrounding with a shred of indifference. From when she was rescued back from the death door, the first thing she saw was Chen Ninghua and she would repay this benevolence with her own life. That was why, towards Chen Ninghua's orders, she had never execute them carelessly.

The guard in front of her swung the wooden plank in his hand and Qing Que swiftly jumped. Her feet borrowed the momentum of the wooden plank and fiercely kicked at the guard's chest, causing him to fall down onto the ground. Not waiting for his counter, a foot stomped on his shoulder. There was 'kacha' sound and the shoulder of that guard changed.


"Aaa……. My hand….."

Daring to act against mistress, this hand was better off gone! Qing Que coldly smiled and following suit, one kick one person, kicking all the servants that rushed at them. After a moment, she moved her wrist and glanced at the corner of the door. A foot kicked up a servant from the ground and slammed the servant onto the door with a 'peng'.

Zhou mama who was hiding behind the huge door was startled as she brows jumped, almost sitting down on the ground. Where did Chen Ninghua got this big of a gut? She dared to get into fight in front of the gate of the residence? She panicked and raised her head, realizing that Chen Ninghua was donning a smile that did not reach her eyes as she looked at Zhou mama. The smile on her face made people got cold all over.

"You bunch of bold servants, daring to halt the young miss at the gate. Quickly stop." Zhou mama ran outside quickly and her face carried apology. "This old servant greets the young miss. Young miss had been out for half a year, you must have suffered hardships. These servants not able to recognize young miss is a big offence. This servant will report to the madam and she will definitely punish them. Why are you still not opening the gates so the young miss can enter? Young miss; the madam had arranged people to sweep the courtyard early on. Young miss can live at ease."


This Chen Ninghua actually became this beautiful, moving people's heart. She truly cured the poison?

Chen Ninghua looked at the mama who walked out from the half opened gate and her eyes faintly moved. The coming person was Zhou mama, one of the underlings of her step-mother, Zhao Yunxiang. This mama was obedient and flattering the masters, but her heart was poisonous. Just like before, the words she spoke had no mistake, but in the ears of other people who did not know what happened, they would think that how could a young miss suffer hardship?


Moreover, until when would she have to wait for Zhao Yunxiang to punish these servants? Did that woman truly think that she was a little kid? Sweeping her gaze across the guards who had different gazes, Chen Ninghua told Qing Que: "Then I will be troubling mother to arrange things. Qing Que, put the baggage in." Coming for the first time, she was not worried. All the debts could be paid back one by one.

"Yes, young miss." Qing Que crisply agreed and walked to the carriage, taking out two big wooden boxes and walked towards the gate with large strides.

"The side entrance has been opened. The main entrance is to welcome distinguished guests…." The guard who received Chen Xuanlin's orders wanted to say more. Qing Que squinted her eyes and lifted the box she was carrying then acted as if she unintentionally brushed it against the guard's chest. "Young miss is Chen family's legal daughter and there has been no statement that let her enter the side door. Move away!"

The face of the guard became ghastly white instantly. He did not think that only using a box to fleetingly him would cause his bones to felt as if it had been crushed. He then covered his chest and staggered backwards.

Qing Que smiled with contempt and did not do anything big, only using the box to push forward. The heavy big gate opened with squeaks.

There were two auspicious Qilin stone figures on both sides and yuci plates hanging overhead. The thick and heavy vermillion gate was opened widely, revealing the beautiful and exquisite view behind the doors. But Chen Ninghua felt blood rain and shady winds.

Bai Nuo and Bi Zhu came forward and respectfully greeted on their knees: "Young miss, please."

Chen Ninghua's gaze swept through Zhou mama's ugly facial expression and slowly stepped in, carrying four maidservants into the Chen Residence.


On the floor of a pavilion not far away, Chu Junyi's lips were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with smile: "This black little girl actually casted off her old self……. Things in the Chen Family will be much more interesting from now on."

Chen Ninghua who only took a few steps slowly knitted her brows and turned her head to look towards where Chu Junyi was, her pupils were deep and dark. Pulling the sachet inside her sleeve, she slightly smiled. When she walked, she revealed a cl.u.s.ter of sea blue ta.s.sel.

The smile of Chu Junyi on the pavilion floor froze. That ta.s.sel was the one he used to fasten the jade keepsake. She had discovered him?

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