My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Reaping What You Sow

[Is Yang Qingqing really dead? Were her intentions discovered?]
"No! No! I had nothing to do with it. I wanted to warn you, but Yang Qingqing was threatening me! I did not do anything!" The woman stunned, but she immediately frantically cried.
Jiang Liushi wanted nothing more than to kill her! However, she didn’t want to die!
At first, the other survivors felt thoroughly confused, but after those revelations they could imagine what had happened. Did Yang Qingqing want to kill Jiang Liushi and rob his car?
Actually, it was not strange at all…
At that moment, a survivor looked at the woman with a complex expression and said, "No wonder you were always talking about Yang Qingqing like that. You had already formed a plan!"
"You are truly despicable and shameless. You have a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions. Jiang brother saved her when we went to Satellite Town! If he hadn’t helped her she would have a miserable death, "Zhang Hai cursed.
He and Sun Kun just knew that Yang Qingqing disliked Jiang Liushi, but they didn’t know that she actually had such sinister thoughts.
They had guessed that Yang Qingqing was killed by Jiang Liushi but they had thought that he was easily provoked, but he wasn’t an unreasonable person. As the truth, finally, came out they realized that Yang Qingqing’s crime deserved more than death.
Jiang Liushi killing her was justified, if he let her live then he’d be the one without a complete body to bury...
All of a sudden, the survivors became angry. They were blindsided by Yang Qingqing’s suggestions, she didn’t care about their benefits, only for herself. Selfishness was hateful. If something had happened to Jiang Liushi, how would Jiang Zhuying react?
After all, Jiang Zhuying was their main hope for survival. Yang Qingqing’s vicious acts would implicate them. As a result, they could only cast all their anger to Yang Qingqing's subordinate.
"It’s not like that!" The woman looked at the enraged survivors, and then she was weeping toward Jiang Zhuying,"Zhuying! Zhuying! You have to listen to me! We are friends! We are like sisters!"
Jiang Zhuying was usually fairly calm and decisive, after all, she was a young girl with a relatively soft heart. However, this time, she was silently watching her with a cold look. Jiang Zhuying hadn’t used her electricity to kill her, which was already a good thing!
Jiang Zhuying’s heart was very kind, but it depended on the occasion and seriousness of the matter!
Having thoughts about killing her brother? They had touched her reverse scale!
Jiang ZhuYing's bottom line was her brother, nothing else mattered to her!
"Didn’t you want to go and find Yang Qingqing?" Jiang Liushi looked at the woman with a strange smile.
"No! No! I don’t want to find her anymore! She was a b*tch! It’s none of my business! Even if I said those words, I did not do anything!" The woman’s tears and mucus were flowing down rapidly.
As she was seeing Jiang Zhuying not reacting to her pleas she became desperate.
She had survived for so long from the zombies and mutant beast, but in the end she would die because of greed. What a joke!
"Zhang Hai, come over."
Jiang Liushi was planning to directly kill the woman on the spot, but as all of the survivors would witness it he changed his mind.
A few minutes later, outside of the district, the woman was dropped from a car on the road.
"Our camp cannot keep vile creatures like you, we will part ways here." That woman stood there, her face turning white.
She was ostracized… It would be much better if they had killed her on the spot!
"Do not, please, I ..."
Unfortunately, the car had already left her far behind.
She did not get the chance to be ‘sent’ by Jiang Liushi, Zhang Hai had transported her. Throwing her off, just like throwing garbage. There was not much of a difference. The woman stood on the street, trembling, and for the first time she felt what true despair was…
At that time, more than a dozen zombies could be seen in the distance and one of them slowly turned back.
Seeing that grim face, the woman could not help but cry…
Like a chain reaction, more zombies suddenly turned their heads.
Whenever there was no prey to hunt, the zombies would not move much in order to conserve energy, but a prey appeared, they would immediately burst out in extreme speeds; they were faster than a sprint champion, bursting with amazing power.
"Oh! Ah!" Ten seconds later, the woman's screams were heard far away by Zhang Hai. For them, the woman was not worthy of their sympathy…
Even though the survivors had not seen the scene with their own eyes, they could imagine what she was about to face.
As far as Jiang Liushi was concerned, they were in awe with him. Jiang Liushi’s strength had been confirmed. He had decisively killed Yang Qingqing and that woman, which earned more respect. That was also a warning for others who might have had similar ideas...
"Would Jiang brother like to join our team?"
"I don’t know, but I hope so."
"It would be quite great if Jiang brother would like to join us." The survivors privately discussed secretly.
They were eagerly looking forward to Jiang Liushi joining their camp.
Actually, the zombie-intensive area was downtown, which was the real living restricted area…
After resting for a night in the villa, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun quickly set off on the next morning.
They only drove a freezer, and did not carry any materials, then they went to Satellite Town to find buyers.
Zhang Hai had strengthened the freezer once, so their protection had been improved a little. If it was the minibus, there would be no need to add the word ‘should’!
Last time when they went to Satellite Town, they had accidentally met the mutant beast, but such a beast was pretty rare to find, so their chances of having an accidental encounter were very low.
Especially because there were only the two of them, without carrying mutant beast meat, the possibility of meeting a mutant beast was even lower.
So as long as they were careful, they would be fine.