My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 104

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Chapter 103: Practice
In the villa, Jiang Liushi had a good night’s rest. He woke up pretty early, as he wanted to establish a daily schedule, and wanted to train his body. He clearly knew that after his brain’s evolution, his nerves’ response time was extremely fast, but his body’s reaction could not keep up.
For professional athletes, their bodies were naturally strong and well-trained, not to mention their bodies’ coordination and response time. For example, football players, basketball players, fencing athletes, etc., their body reaction was very fast, and their nerve response speed was much faster than average people.
Of course, this kind of response time had been attained by practicing countless hours a day. Even if Jiang Liushi was superior to normal people he was still in need of immediate exercise.
Practice leads to perfection. Of course, Jiang Liushi was not delusional, he knew that there was no way to build an athletic body with a short period of exercising, but still he decided to focus on some specific exercises.
Pulling the trigger needed to become a second nature to him, like an instantaneous reaction. Jiang Liushi had made a plan in order to adapt to changing conditions, every little preparation could come in handy.

Jiang Liushi chose two pistols. He already had a Type 54 pistol, which had been taken from Blood Wolf, but he selected a Type 54 pistol again because of its formidable force. The Type 54 pistol was kind of a military pistol, its nickname was Black Star with strong penetrative power. Using it could kill two people simultaneously at close range, and it could also penetrate bulletproof vests, and even a certain thickness of a brick wall.
Jiang Liushi naturally would like to choose such powerful guns. So he decided to use the Type 81 Automatic Rifle in the MCV, and a pistol when he got off. Holding the two pistols, taking enough bullets, Jiang Liushi went out. The number of zombies around the villa area was not much, so he parked the MCV not far from the villa.
Observing his surroundings Jiang Liushi checked his weapons again, he made sure that all the bullets had been loaded, and then he got off the front door.
It was the first time he took the initiative to leave the MCV and go find zombies in such a dangerous place. He took a long breath and then gave the Sta.r.s.eed a command, "Open the door."
"Kaaa-." With a very slight sound, the door immediately opened.
The outside air blew past him and he suddenly had a slightly tense feeling. The street was filled with a faint smell of blood as well as the smell of bodies decomposing.
After getting off, only Jiang Liushi was standing on the street. The original bustling eastern central city, now, had become a death zone.
Vehicles were discarded along the roadside with opened doors. The shops on both sides of the road were dark, most of the windows had been broken, covered with blood.
Seeing something like that, it was enough to let people feel their scalp going numb.
Jiang Liushi ordered the Sta.r.s.eed to close the door and then holding the gun, he carefully walked forward taking two steps. All this time, he was relying on his MCV, and now, he was taking his first steps to become stronger.
Of course, he knew that he would get on the MCV immediately if he met a grim situation. Although his footsteps were very light, Jiang Liushi was still able to clearly hear his footsteps.
Jiang Liushi observed those shops around him, and he vaguely felt a few gazes locked on his body.
"Piip--" Jiang Liushi suddenly heard a sound from the side, and he immediately turned around.

"Hiss!" At this point, Jiang Liushi suddenly felt a strong sense of danger, and a b.l.o.o.d.y rush from his back! Jiang Liushi had caught a glimpse of a zombie.
It was a female zombie, wearing a dress, filled with blood. There was only a boot on her foot while the other was bare, but even so, her runn

ing speed was still extremely terrible!
It was too late to make a complete turn, so Jiang Liushi stretched his right hand out his left armpit. The female zombie’s speed suddenly slowed down!
"Bang!" A gunshot came. A b.l.o.o.d.y hole immediately appeared on the female zombie’s left chest. She fell down with her hands stretching toward Jiang almost less than five meters. Right after the first shot, Jiang Liushi pulled the trigger again and gave an end to the zombie!
The two shoots had almost occurred at the same time, but still a seven-year-old child zombie had rushed out from the same direction. For those zombies, it was just like someone holding a bell while shouting twice "Your meal is here". The zombies as long as heard the faintest sound, they could immediately determine the direction of the sound source.
"Hiss!" Almost at the time it took for the eyes to blink, more than a dozen zombies appeared not far from the crossroad, the upstairs’ floors, as well as the surrounding shops and alleys. All those zombies frantically rushed toward Jiang Liushi!
Jiang Liushi was too conspicuous, for the zombies, he was simply a huge prey. More than a dozen zombies at the same time rushed toward him, which was very scary.
It was difficult for everybody to restrain that kind of fear; just the visual and psychological impact could influence the bravest person.
[It’s time to get serious.] Jiang Liushi used his special ability. At that moment, everything had become extremely slow. Jiang Liushi felt like he was in an action movie, which used slow motion scenes to make it more intense.
Some things could not accurately be determined with naked eyes, but they sure became clearer; the zombies didn’t appear in his field of vision at the same time.
Of course, this difference could only last a few seconds. For ordinary people, it was nothing. But for Jiang Liushi that was his chance to kill so many zombies! Wooh…In the slow motion, Jiang Liushi felt that even his own breathing had slowed down, his fear had vanished and in his eyes there were only the ugly zombies.
His first priority was to shoot! Jiang Liushi’s brain processed fast everything and he acted with sharp eyes and agile hands.
Jiang Liushi’s body couldn’t keep up, but if he narrowed his range of actions it was still possible to keep up with his eyes!
Fast, and then faster, and then a little bit more!
From the zombies’ perspective, Jiang Liushi was constantly turning slightly and constantly changing the angle of his gun. There was no aiming process, but still the bullets always found their targets.
Jiang Liushi’s was constantly releasing the trigger, without faltering at all. If other people were in a similar situation they would have collapsed from fear and helpless long ago.
Only the calm could survive!
At first, Jiang Liushi always aimed at the left chest. But as the zombies were getting closer and closer, he had no time to deliberately aim at the left chest.
Heads and eyes were all his goals! For every zombie, he had only one chance to shoot. Otherwise, the rhythm would immediately be disrupted. If that happened, he would have no other choice other than to immediately go back to the car. But at this time, Jiang Liushi didn’t intend to get on his MCV. The last four zombies were less than three meters away!
"Bang! Bang!"
After those zombies fell down, the last two zombies were only one meter away…
For the last two zombies, one’s eye was. .h.i.t, and the other was precisely hit between the eyebrows. When they fell, their palms covered with plasma had reached Jiang Liushi’s feet.
Only a few seconds had pa.s.sed but Jiang Liushi felt like he had finished a two thousand meters of long-distance running. His forehead and hands were filled with sweat.
He stood up and retreated to the side of the MCV, but his eyes were still staring at the surroundings, while heavily breathing.
Jiang Liushi found that he had a high fever. While he was fighting, the starting speed was not enough, but after a while his speed had a slight improvement. This was not something that someone discern from seeing but he could feel it.
[Mutant meat…] Jiang Liushi thought of the mutant meat’s abilities. If ordinary people ate mutant meat for a long time they could also gain enhanced physical fitness.
Skill derived from practice. His physical quality could be improved with the use of mutant meat, as well as some exercises.