My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 105

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Chapter 104: Black Market

Dozens of zombies had been attracted by the gunfire, they were rushing toward Jiang Liushi’s position. In the end, all the nearby zombies had gathered where he was.

After that a ma.s.sacre began, Jiang Liushi was constantly pulling the trigger, avoiding zombies’ attacks and reloading. After the last gunfire, Jiang Liushi stood in place for three minutes trying to catch his breath and waiting to see if any other zombies would appear. But that never happened, so he took a deep breath, wiped the sweat off his face and put the muzzle down, looking around.

In the center of the street one could see Jiang Liushi and his MCV and around them, in a range of 30 meters, there were plenty of zombie corpses lying on the street.

Between him and the zombie corpses, there was almost a square meter full with bullet and empty magazines.

The Type 54 pistol’s magazine capacity was 8 bullets. Jiang Liushi was holding two guns, that is, 16 rounds of ammunition. While he was shooting he kept in mind the number of bullets he had fired and the remaining ones in the magazines. That way he could instantly switch magazines and adding the pressure from the zombies’ attacks he could temper his concentration.

As he was staring at the corpses, and the foul blood that was flowing from them, he gave the Sta.r.s.eed a command, "Open the door."


The MCV’s door instantly opened, Jiang Liushi got in, then ignited the engine and left toward the villa, leaving behind a scene from h.e.l.l...

In the MCV, Jiang Liushi was holding the steering wheel while there was a trace of excitement on his face. He was thinking about his battle, how the number of zombies kept increasing and how he dealt with them, killing them as soon as he set his eyes on them.

Thanks to his enhanced nerves he could quickly adjust the muzzle’s position. The next steps of his training would focus on his coordination ability.

Of course, today’s practice was to let Jiang Liushi to familiarize with his abilities and adjust his fighting style. He needed much more practice in order to temper his body and make his ability feel more natural.

Moreover, the fighting that had taken place was relatively simple. If he had entered a building, the zombies would not be running from a few meters away, but they would suddenly appear from behind or in front of him. In that scenario, his reaction time would amount to only 0.1 seconds.

[The mutant meat is really useful. After such a high-intensity practice, my muscles should feel sore and I should be in pain every time I move. However, thanks to the meat I feel like my body is in top condition. I have to go back and eat some more cooked meat.] Jiang Liushi thought and moved his fingers without the slightest discomfort.

Other than the pain that had disappeared he only felt hunger… He felt like he could eat a whole cow. Jiang Liushi was still driving, but he could not wait to reach the villa and eat more meat, so he took a few pieces of chocolate from the fridge, tearing the cover with his teeth and put them into his mouth.

[It’s terrible! I must eat meat, eat mutant meat!] At this point ordinary food, simply, could not alleviate his hunger!

Jiang Liushi finally understood what the mutant meat meant to Paranormals. After an intense battle, they could eat a lot of mutant meat. Although Jiang’s body was ordinary, his brain had evolved. The energy consumption for using the brain’s high-speed was not less than the energy a paranormal’s muscles needed. He had such a feeling!

After he returned to the villa he went straight to the kitchen. Jiang Zhuying, holding her face sitting on the side, was staring at Jiang Liushi eating nearly six pounds of mutant meat; there were more than a dozen empty plates.

Finally, after the last

piece of fragrant and delicate mutant meat was devoured, Jiang Liushi finally revealed a satisfying face and put down the chopsticks.

"Excellent! I don’t feel like starving to death now," Jiang Liushi said.
The feeling of hunger was really uncomfortable.

With so many pieces of meat being devoured a warm current of energy came from his abdomen spreading throughout his whole body

Jiang Liushi felt very comfortable, it felt as if something was moving under his skin. After that feeling, his consumed physical strength was also quickly restored.

"Brother, was it delicious?" Jiang Zhuying asked with a smiling face.

"Of course! You did a good job," Jiang Liushi also smiled. Mutant meat was a necessity to Paranormals. Without mutant meat, Paranormals simply could not use their abilities; extraordinary powers always needed a power source.

Suddenly, a loud conversation could be heard outside of the door. Sun Kun and Zhang Hai opened the door while they were laughing and discussing.

"Jiang brother! We inquired about the thing you asked!"

After killing Blood Wolf, they had gotten a lot of weapons. Jiang Zhuying’s team didn’t need so many weapons. So Jiang Liushi decided to exchange them for mutant nuclei, and he let Sun Kun and Zhang Hai to inquire about selling the weapons.

"Jiang brother, a single team cannot buy so many weapons. As a result, we have to sell them at different places. There are two places ideal places for such transactions. One is in Jinling, Satellite Town, where the military is temporarily stationed. It is rather easy to sell weapons in Satellite Town, but the military has already set the prices, so we won’t earn that much." Sun Kun introduced.

Jiang Liushi nodded. The military always sold new weapons, but they would prefer selling second-hand weapons.
"How about the other place?"

"The second place… it is far away. It is a black market located in the suburbs of Jinling, close to Lan County. It is much further than Satellite Town. As a result, there is no way for the people there to get to Satellite Town. The transactions there happen spontaneously and weapons are scarce, so the price of a single pistol would be higher by five or six percent. As for a rifle, it would not be exaggerated to say that the price could reach two or three times the original!"

"Oh?" Jiang Liushi’s eyes brightened as he heard that.