My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 107

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Chapter 106: Final Form

According to the information Sta.r.s.eed had transmitted, the a.s.sistant would be absolutely loyal to the host and follow every command.

Jiang Liushi was still dazed with the second choice, which had to do with gender. There was no difference if the gender chosen was male or female, as far as battle prowess was concerned. However, a female appearance would be better to the eye…

As for the a.s.sistant’s appearance, it was quite easy to use a famous person as reference, but in doomsday, be it an ordinary person or a famous person, anyone was powerless if they were not a paranormal or a part of a group.

However, for Jiang Liushi it was not important if the a.s.sistant would be based on a famous person… Any cute girl would do the job… His imagination was running wild… Stockings, long legs, soft girls, silly sweet…

[Oh G.o.d! I have to pull myself together! I can’t let my imagination run wild!]

[But, just imagining… A delicate and quiet beauty, with long and straight legs, wearing a skirt and stockings, following me around all the time. She’d always listen to my orders and act accordingly. If we encounter an enemy, and she suddenly took out a big axe, that could even demolish a wall, how would they react?]

Jiang Liushi did not know why he had so many strange thoughts; more and more ideas kept popping up in his mind.

[Disguise! The a.s.sistant has to travel in disguise.] Jiang Liushi thought

In doomsday, doing something beyond others’ range of expectation was very important; it might even be the deciding factor of life or death situation. Jiang Liushi decided to hide the a.s.sistant’s capabilities and use them when it was necessary.

So, his final decision was a frail looking but rather beautiful appearance, not for evil, as a part of her disguise. Jiang Liushi had already made up his mind, but his only dilemma was how to picture her in his mind.

A lot of images, of beautiful girl, appeared in his mind… Having a really young girl following him around would certainly be misunderstood… A way too s.e.xy woman would cause him a lot of trouble…

Jiang Liushi thought a lot about it and finally he had come to a conclusion. His decision was a 17 year old girl, with long black hair, like a black waterfall reaching her shoulders. She had a tall nose, thin willow eyebrows, eyes that were limpid pools of midnight inkiness, slender lips forming a perfect smile, but yet containing a hint of coldness.

She was wearing a black shiny shirt hiding a white short T-shirt inside, which outlined her perfect and tall chest, while exposing her slender waist.

Although her waist was fine, its toughness was amazing. On her lower body there was a black skirt, revealing a pair of thrilling long legs, accompanied by dark red boots.


Seeing his own ‘masterpiece’ Jiang Liushi touched his chin, he felt that he had achieved perfection. To his standards, girls with long legs and good looks were his ideal match.

[Morphological selection has been completed. Initiating next phase, yes or no?"


[Please name her!]

"Name? Uh… call her Ying!"

Even among countless beauties, Ying was the most beautiful. She brought together all the beauty oriental girls could show.

Jiang Liushi had pondered over it. He chose "Ying" as her name, because he thought the girl should be like his shadow, always moving with him and secretly protecting him.

[Morphological selection and naming have been completed. 25% till completion" The Sta.r.s.eed transmitted.

[25%, it seems it’ll take some time.] Jiang Liushi was eager to see Ying’s fighting capabilities.

Along the way, from their base to the black market, it was a stumbling trip, they had met a lot of zombie groups, which would instantly attack them. At the beginning, the freezer was in front of them, but only a dozen kilometers away, the freezer could not be used for attacks anymore because its tires had been seriously bitten.

Jiang Liushi’s MCV was forced to replace the freezer. All the way they were constantly killing zombies, the 9 km seemed much longer than they actually were, until they arrived near the Lan County.

Jiang Liushi’s MCV was unstoppable, it had paved a b.l.o.o.d.y road, leaving behind corpses. Even an elite team could not accomplish that. They would have to pay a considerable price, do not say casualties, just the consumption of bullets would be terrifying.

Shooting was an efficient way to kill mutant beasts, but against a horde of zombies it would not make much of a difference. As long as the head or heart were not hit, the zombies would keep moving, even with severed limbs...

[These zombies’ bodies seemed stronger than the ones we had fought before.]

Near the Lan County, Jiang Liushi looked at the zombie corpses and thought about them carefully. After doomsday, the humanity’s evolution was slow without the a.s.sistance of mutant meat. What about the zombies, what if they could evolve…

Thinking of that, Jiang Liushi took a deep breath. Who knew what would happen in the future?

"Jiang brother, the black market is that way!" Zhang Hai accelerated in order reach Jiang Liushi, and he shouted.

At the end of the distant road, there was a gray town. In that town, they could vaguely see some vehicles and tents gathered together.

At that point, it was almost time for sunset. The sun was shining with a bright red glow, and the clouds of the West looked like they were on fire.

Jiang Liushi looked at the black market town, and nodded his head, "Good!"