My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
Chapter 11: The Freeway Entrance

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave

Shao Lili did not want to see any zombies, so she went to the living room and sat on the sofa. The soft sofa made her feel very comfortable. She touched the surface of the sofa and thought it should be expensive because of the cashmere fabrics.

There was also a small screen opposite the sofa. Next to the screen was a fixed clothes closet, above which was the delicate tray with clean mineral water, cups, and some healthy snacks.

The carpet made people feel relaxed, it was like stepping on cotton. The curtains were closed, so she could not see the situation outside. She felt secure. They faced death countless times but they still survived. Death was lurking around every corner, but she was sitting in such a safe and comfortable environment… Shao Lili felt the previous terrible experience was like a dream, or more precisely a nightmare.

She looked around for a moment and was dazed at the luxury internal facilities of the minibus. She was not sure how much that must have cost. Shao Lili was extremely curious about Jiang Liushi.

She picked up the mineral water, in order to drink some, but she put it back to its original place. This was not her car. She felt embarra.s.sed drinking water without permission. Like Wen Xiaotian, Shao Lili was also a college student, they were good friends. When the disaster happened, they were together and fled together.

Fortunately, they met Jiang Liushi, or else they would already be in the mouth of some zombie. Wen Xiaotian hesitated for a moment, and then walked into the cab sitting on the right side. Once she sat on that seat, she felt extremely comfortable, it was like soft cotton. This surprised Wen Xiaotian once again. But the situation in front was not comfortable at all.

Before the hundreds of zombies surrounded them, there were some zombies across them. Looking out of the minibus, a car that had been stopped by zombies could be seen. The unlucky driver was being dragged out of the window by several zombies, waving his hands crazily, screaming, and then drowned in the sea of zombies.

This scene left Wen Xiaotian pale in fright. Jiang Liushi did not stop and kept moving forward. A few zombies gazed at the minibus and tried to catch up with it, but they didn’t succeed

Meanwhile, the freeway entrance could be seen. The original toll station had been completely turned into a military post. Military trucks blocked the front, only exposing three channels, and trucks covered with machine guns, aiming the approaching cars. Heavily armed soldiers were holding guns in front of the entrance.

There was a big amount of muzzles in the buildings on both sides of the road as well as on the docked trucks. Driving here was temporarily safe. Whenever zombies were spotted they were killed as soon as they approached the vicinity. Many people had been waiting and looking in the soldier’s direction nervously.

Jiang Liushi could see the whole process. As vehicles were approaching the entrance, the soldiers would immediately check, so that the vehicles could proceed. Each car check lasted about ten seconds and within those ten seconds only three cars could pa.s.s. Jiang Liushi roughly calculated the time they had to wait. It was nothing serious...

Jiang Liushi and Wen Xiaotian breathed a sigh of relief. The idea of being sheltered by the army made him relax a bit.

[Speed: 20 km/h. The auto-test...No damage...] Sta.r.s.eed reported the MCV’s current status. Jiang Liushi slowly released the accelerator and slowed down.

"Bang bang!"

Occasionally gunshots could be heard. Jiang Liushi had been slowly moving to the entrance. There were only few cars in front of them. However, th

e number of zombies was slowly increasing, and gunshots had become more frequent. Hearing the fierce fighting, Shao Lili left the living room and sat with Wen Xiaotian.

The army's fire was very fierce. Although the zombies fighting together had almost filled the street, they still could not advance further. Looking at the countless army trucks, which could frighten them even at peaceful times, they felt a great sense of security. Jiang Liushi had been calmly waiting, when a sudden gunfire was shot not far away from their position; it was so close and shocked them. He saw the car, which was being checked, and two soldiers pulling the corpse of the man they had just killed. The body had a b.l.o.o.d.y wound between its brows and his arm, and the crying of a woman could be heard; she was probably his girlfriend or wife.

"I will repeat again. Every car carrying bitten pa.s.sengers has two options: Do not approach or simply turn back! Once found, they’ll be executed the spot! This type of virus is highly infectious. Once someone is bitten, he or she turn into a monster and harm other people!" An officer holding a microphone solemnly said.

Seeing this, most people were frightened, but what had happened to the man was nothing, considering the safety of everyone else. There were many people that had witnessed their loved ones or friends changing into a zombie, some were even eaten by the loved ones. That incident did not affect the moving cars, but not long after, a dense burst of gunfire was released. The soldiers had solemn expressions on their faces.

Jiang Liushi looked back through the rearview system, he witnessed a soldier,who had just fired two shots, being pulled down from the truck. Two other trucks had almost been covered by endless zombies. Screams could be hear from the buildings on both sides. To make things worse, not too far away, tens of thousands and even more zombies had been gathering from all over the city.

These zombies had bloodthirsty crazy eyes looking at the freeway entrance....