My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 114

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Only the stronger ones could be allowed to sit in the middle round table. The stronger ones included the structure of the black market as well as some honored guests such as Yuan Boss.

Generally speaking, other general teams were quite clear about their own position of strength. So they would consciously sit in the four tables in the corners. However, it was the first time for Jiang Liushi’s team visiting and they dared to… directly sit in the middle round table.

They should behave themselves! They were asking for death!

"Ah?" the man wearing the fur coat frowned. On Yuan boss’ face a black line formed, one could clearly see it on his shivering fat face. The girl in his arms was shocked and almost cried, her pupils were red. A short while ago, outside the door, Yuan boss had just heard a silly question coming from Jiang Liushi. However, they were getting more and more objectionable.

Yuan boss was a butcher before doomsday. In doomsday, he was lucky enough to become a paranormal, whose special ability was related to skill of butchering pigs. It was an easy thing for him to kill mutant beasts with his special ability. As a result, a sudden rise occurred in his life. He had made great fortune overnight, so he couldn’t tolerate any offence. He was offended by Jiang’s unreasonable att.i.tude, "Get out here! Who do you think you are? This is not a place you can sit!" Yuan boss slapped his fat hand heavily on the desk and said.

Jiang Liushi looked at Yuan boss but turned a blind eye to him. On the contrary, he turned to look the man wearing a fur coat. It was obvious that he was the real owner of the black market.

"Oh, dear friend, you aren’t a paranormal, right?" The man narrowed his eyes, staring at Jiang Liushi. It was only natural as Jiang Liushi was the leader of his team.

"Yes, you are right. But that’s none of your business. This is just a trade fair. I heard the minimum amount we could bring is a ton of mutant meat. I also have things to buy and sell, so why can’t we sit down here?" Even as the sound of his voice died away, Jiang Liushi sat on the steel chair opposite the fur coat man. There were a lot of masters in the house, especially in this middle round table. However, Jiang Liushi was only an ordinary person. Everyone was startled at Jiang Liushi’s behavior. He was a crazy guy.

Jiang Liushi sat down. However, Jiang Zhuying sat beside her brother, she seemed unconcerned, but nothing escaped her attention. The third one was Ying, who was just a frail looking beauty without the slightest fluctuations of energy. She unexpectedly sat beside Jiang Liushi in an imposing manner. Sun Kun and Zhang Hai, looking at the seat, in the end still did not sit down. They felt okay with Jiang brother sitting, so they preferred standing.

Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were holding two rifles, standing beside Jiang Liushi’s left and right. They were like bodyguards and seemed much stronger with their fierce-looking expressions.

Soon after, there were almost no empty seats. However, the sudden arrival of Jiang’s team and their exaggerated behaviors came as a great surprise to every present guest. They believed that Jiang’s team was arrogant and conceited.

"Just look at him with a false facade, looking down on everyone here. He is a frivolous guy. He’s conceited with just one tone of mutant meat, he must be braindead." A bald middle-aged man cursed.

"Does he think he has the ability to stand up against a mutant beast? A ton? He is such a simpleton" People began cursing because of their dissatisfaction.

A woman beside Jiang Liushi was who looked kind, laughed and said, "A ton of mutant meat is only a ticket, which is not enough for sitting here." The woman was about thirty years old, dressed pretty and coquettish.

At that moment, a man wearing a suit ran to the middle round table in an abrupt manner, he was Zhang Hua.

"Boss, white boss, this guy was..."Seeing Jiang Liushi not knowing the rules, and directly sitting opposite to his boss, Zhang Hua was in a cold sweat. Jiang Liushi was brought in by him. Just chatting in the trading market, he had the feeling that he was a brainless person, but he didn’t expect he was so foolish. What Jiang Liushi said had offended the white boss, who was bad-tempered and even violent. So Zhang Hua was afraid that he would certainly come to no good end.

"Boss, the guy met me in the market before, he…" Zhang Hua fearfully explained. Between his words, his eyes were staring at Jiang Liushi, as if he would like to kill him. Zhang Hua was seized with remorse. He was like a clay Buddha fording the river--hardly able to save himself.

"Uh? Do you want to buy automatic rifles in large quant.i.ties?"

The white boss in the fur coat laughed after listening Zhang Hua's explanation. Before the sound of his voice had died away, all the other people in the room roared in laughter, especially Yuan boss.

"What a bloke! You want to make a bulk purchase? What’s your meaning? Do you want to build an army and act as a warlord?" Yuan boss was laughing with his beer belly trembling like a pudding.

"This kid is really funny! I know he has well-developed limbs but his head is one of a moron’s."

Only the 30-year-old young woman seemed to be friendly, she smiled and said, "Little brother, you are really naïve. Do you know how much meat is needed to buy automatic rifles?"

"How much?" Jiang Liushi looked at this beautiful young woman. He turned a deaf ear to Zhang Hua’s words because he thought only important people had the right to speak with him.

The gorgeous young woman stretched out two fingers and said, "One automatic rifle needs at least two tons of mutant meat. One semi-automatic rifle also needs a ton and a half mutant meat!" The price offered by this glamorous young woman was lower a ton than Zhang Hua’s.

Zhang Hua had given high prices, but he wasn’t nervous at all because he believed that Jiang Liushi was a brainless guy.

"Oh? Two tons?" Jiang Liushi was happy. Although the price was lower than Zhang Hua’s, Jiang Liushi was sure that this was the real price. Compared to the price of Satellite Town, a gun only needed eight hundred or nine hundred kilograms of mutant meat to be exchanged. The price doubled. That is, if all their weapons were sold out, they could exchange a lot of mutant nuclei! Excellent!

"If I sell some excellent weapons at this price, do you want to buy?" Jiang Liushi dug a pit to the glamorous young woman to jump.

"Of course." The glamorous young woman slightly giggled.