My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 116

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"Wow, lots of good things." All the people spoke in each other’s ears. Basically, in that trade fair, people used mutant meat to exchange for weapons, so the price of other goods was nothing compared to weapons.

While they were talking, the door of the room was opened. Zhang Hai and Ying came back. Zhang Hai was carrying two big bags, and Ying held one. Black lacquered bags with zippers on them. "Oh, bring it!" The bald man was playing with the grenades he had taken out, looking at those bags.

Some people were full of interest. In the end, they would all like to see what kind of stuff the b.u.mpkin had brought. "What? Did they bring some native products from the countryside! If they have brought pork and eggs or something, we could immediately cook and eat them." Yuan boss ridiculed.

Jiang Liushi did not care at all. He let Zhang Hai put the bags on the table and then said, "There are some things that we don’t need, but first let me say we do not want to exchange mutant meat, only mutant nucleus."

Mutant nucleus could be used directly by his MCV, but it would be a difficult thing for them to transport mutant meat.

"What? An idiot’s daydream" Yuan boss was almost speechless with rage. In Lan County, the nuclei were not as valuable as in Satellite Town. In Satellite Town, the military had a steady price, five tons of mutant meat for one nucleus. But in the Lan County, the armed police asked four tons for one.

In Lan County, if a team had one nucleus, the team was definitely wealthy. Usually, crystal nuclei would be used to exchange equipment. Jiang Liushi would only exchange for crystal nuclei, which meant that the goods they had brought were particularly valuable.

"I'd like to see what you’ve brought in the end! …"Yuan boss didn’t have the chance to finish his words, as Zhang Hai has pulled the zipper. With a series of crisp sounds, a row of dark things slipped out from the black bag. Everyone stared at them, and they were struck dumb with surprise. The dark barrel, exquisite workmanship trigger, obediently…that was…automatic rifle!?

The bag was filled with a slightly shorter trendy Type 95 Automatic Rifle, which was lighter and more accurate than a Type 81 Automatic Rifle.

"Three automatic rifles? There are…"Yuan boss opened his mouth, he was dumbfounded. Two micro-submachine guns and a semi-automatic Type 56 shocked him again. Actually, Yuan boss couldn’t distinguish the submachine gun from the automatic rifles. Beside Yuan boss, the bald middle-aged guy, white boss all had their jaws dropping to the floor. That kind of expression as just like before doomsday when they watched the World Cup. What kind of situation was that? How could they have so many guns?

The 7 G.o.ds’ team had sold a few guns before, but it was nothing compared with Jiang’s team. At that time, Zhang Hai opened the second black bag. A black gun with a long muzzle, suddenly appeared in front of everyone. There was an exaggerated large capacity drums. It turned out to be a machine gun! The Type 95 light machine gun was the standard weapon of the Hua Xia army. The initial speed of the bullet was at nearly 1000m/s, and the effective range was 800 meters. If one met some zombies, that weapon couldn’t be used, but if one met some beast, that weapon would be extremely useful.

"Machine…machine guns are also going to be sold?" Yuan boss swallowed his saliva. The machine gun was the rage at the market. Under this Type 95 light machine gun, there were six pistols, of Type 54 and Type 64. What’s worse they hadn’t finished, then Zhang Hai opened the third bag. "Ka-cha!" A series of yellow orange bullets rolled out from the bag. A lot of bullets, as well as installed automatic rifle magazines, and two heavy drums!

Moreover, there were seven grenades! That bald man almost rolled down from the chair. His eight grenades were his treasure. But Jiang Liushi just put them to the corner of the bag, like putting hot eggs. In fact, the black market was not long established and the total number on rifles was few. But Jiang Liushi wanted to sell them on wholesale!

"These all are my weapons. I just told you that only mutant nuclei could be exchanged for them. "Jiang Liushi felt gratified at the results.

Zhang Hai had put those three bags on the table. Everybody was taken completely by surprise at Jiang’s weapons. Even other bosses on the four around small tables had gathered to see.

At first, many people had laughed at Jiang Liushi. But now they understood the reason why Jiang Liushi would only accept the mutant crystal nucleus.

"Little brother, how did you get so many guns?" The 30-year-old glamorous young woman asked, looking at Jiang Liushi with an astonished look.

Zhang Hua’s expression was like swallowing a mouse…

"You…you have so many guns…told me to buy a gun, you did not have…" Zhang Hua originally wanted to say "sick", but then he did not dare to say it. He couldn’t throw an egg against a rock.