My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 12

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Chapter 12
Chapter 12: The Day of Parting

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave

"Hurry up!" The soldiers said impatiently.


Obviously, the fire points along the side of the road couldn’t last for a long time, and soon the zombies would rush there. There was not much time left...

The survivors, were very clear about this, had anxious looks, and felt every pa.s.sing minute as if it were half an hour.


Finally it was Jiang Liushi’s turn to pa.s.s. The soldier came to his bus and was shocked. "You’re driving this to escape?" The soldier said with a puzzled look. Driving this luxury car, with its extravagant interior decoration, accompanied by two beautiful girls, Jiang Liushi was disdained, as a rich second generation, by the soldier.


"Hurry up!" The soldier said impatiently.


Jiang Liushi touched his nose but did not speak, it was extremely amazing to be regarded as the rich second generation. Pa.s.sing through the window of the toll station, Jiang Liushi noticed that the gla.s.s had been broken and was filled with blood. Traces of torn cloth could be seen hanging, but there was no body there. The virus had broken out around the world like crazy, and in the blink of an eye, the normal world had turned into h.e.l.l.


The freeway was full of heavily armed soldiers, guarding both sides of the road. From time to time, a few gunshots could be heard, and zombies were killed. Jiang Liushi was driving smoothly, reaching the traffic up front. The traffic moved forward for a while, but then suddenly stopped


"What’s wrong?" Shao Lili nervously asked.


Although they were under the protection of the army, they still felt nervous. Jiang Liushi noticed that some people in the front were abandoning their vehicles, while several soldiers were shouting at them. Soon those soldiers were moving between the stopped vehicles and helped people abandon them.


As soon as they left, two forklifts would push the cars to the roadside, and then directly push down from the highway. Jiang Liushi was shocked, he had a very bad feeling.


A soldier approached the minibus and shouted, "In front of the highway, a bus lost control and overturned. There are a lot of zombies gathered on the road. This problem is being addressed urgently, but the zombies will soon catch up. If you all drive the vehicle, the road will be blocked. It means we have no way to move forward. So, everyone must abandon their vehicles! "


"Women, children and the elderly can go and take shelter in the army trucks. Young men have to walk! Do not have any funny ideas. We are all the same!"


"From this point till Shenhai Island, we will escort you all the way. Anyone must immediately get off, hurry up! After we reach Shenhai Island you will have enough time to rest! There are water and food, even a secure environment! Everybody get off! "


Those who heard the news left their vehicles. Most of the survivors drove a car with one or two families and no luggage.


Hearing that Shenhai Island was doing well, those people could not wait but abandon their cars. Soon the surrounding vehicles were all empty, leaving Jiang Liushi’s minibus still parked there.


"We also should get off quickly," Shao Lili said.


Wen Xiaotian hesitated and looked at Jiang Liushi, who was still sitting in the driver's seat motionless, and said, "Mr. Jiang, hurry up."


Jiang shook his head and said, "I won’t leave the minibus

. You should hurry up!"


"Ah?" Wen Xiaotian exclaimed.


"You won’t?" Shao Lili found it strange. He wasn’t going to follow the army? That was impossible.


"Yes… The army will accompany you to a secure place, the Shenhai Island, but I want to go in the direction of Nanjing City," Jiang Liushi said.


He could not abandon the minibus. He knew that the MCV was his guarantee of survival and he would not give it up. Originally, he intended to bring those girls to the army and then move towards Nanjing City. But now the road was blocked, Jiang Liushi had to find another way to reach his destination.


"To Nanjing City... The highway cannot be used..." Shao Lili was astonished. The army was there; as long as they followed they would reach the safe environment. However, Jiang Liushi wanted to go to Nanjing City.


"I beg you, think it again. It will be very dangerous. You should follow the army to that safe island," Shao Lili hastily said…


"I can drive along the highway, or find other ways. There is always a way," Jiang Liushi said.




"It does not matter. You can follow the army to the island. You will be safe. Look after yourselves," Jiang said and shook his head. Seeing Jiang Liushi so determined, Shao Lili had other way to try and persuade him. The soldier was moving toward the minibus shouting loudly.


Shao Lili was embarra.s.sed to look Jiang Liushi and then said, "That...I will go then. Thank you Mr. Jiang for saving my life. Be careful and I hope we will meet again."


"I hope so too," Jiang said.


"Come on, Xiaotian," Shao Lili softly said.


But what she did not expect was that Wen Xiaotian shook her head and said, "I won’t go either".


"Xiaotian!" Shao Lili was shocked.


Wen Xiaotian looked at Shao Lili and said, "Lili, my home is on the way to Nanjing City. If there was no way to go, then I would go to the secure island, but since Mr. Jiang wants to head to Nanjing City, then I would like to go that way too".


Wen Xiaotian felt a little sad and said, "No matter, if my family is dead or alive, I want to know".


Wen Xiaotian then turned to Jiang Liushi and said, "Mr. Jiang, can you take me with you? Although I cannot be very helpful, I can provide some information about the road. My father used to run this line for transporting. I grew up following him a lot of times, and there are several roads. Mr. Jiang..."


Hearing the request of Wen Xiaotian, Jiang Liushi thought and nodded without any hesitation. He was not familiar with the road, it was good that there was someone who could help.


"Mr. Jiang, thank you!" Wen Xiaotian gratefully said. Then she hugged Shao Lili and said, "Lili, you can go alone… Take care of yourself."


Tears started flowing from Shao Lili’s eyes; she did not know the situation of her parents. But her hometown was far, so she could not go. And to make things worse, she had no choice but to escape without her good friend...


"Get off quickly!" The soldier urged loudly while heavily knocking the window.