My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 122

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Before White boss’s voice had died away, all eyes had focused on Jiang Liushi. Jiang Liushi was too special in that crowd. His team didn’t look very strong, only coming with five people, but it was incredible that they had so many weapons. Everyone was very curious about what Jiang Liushi wanted to buy. In fact, white boss threw a stone to clear the road by asking that question.

However, white boss did not expect Jiang Liushi’s answer, "I do want to buy something, but unfortunately…you do not have it." White boss was exasperated with Jiang Liushi. As the owner of the black market, he certainly did not want to hear such words.

All of them slightly frowned, feeling Jiang Liushi’s tone was crazy. "What do you possibly want to buy that you don’t think we have?" White boss asked staring at Jiang Liushi.

"What I want is kind of a special car, to be exact, I need an extra-heavy truck. Its net tonnage should be more than one hundred and twenty tons. Do you have one like that?" Jiang Liushi answered. Hearing his answer, white boss stunned.

[What the f*ck?] He had thought that Jiang Liushi just needed some weapons.

"Why do you want to buy something like that?"

"It’s none of your business!" Jiang Liushi was sitting in his seat, gently playing with a few bullets.

A few days ago, the Sta.r.s.eed had completed the second upgrade. In addition to the a.s.sistant, his MCV had been upgraded with an important function, which could make a second scan. It could scan a car, getting all the information of that car. Before doomsday, due to conditions coupled with the shortage of time, Jiang Liushi could only choose a minibus to be refitted. But now, he could search for a better one. However, he still needed to look before he could make his decision. After all, once the scan was initiated, it could not be canceled.

If possible, Jiang Liushi would like to choose many things, such as aircraft carriers, a nuclear submarine, fighter, battle tank and so on. But these fighting weapons were completely rejected by Sta.r.s.eed. After beginning the second-level evolution, Jiang Liushi could only choose some common cars. As for other weapons thought by Jiang Liushi, especially the aircraft carrier, in the second stage of evolution it was impossible. It needed to burn heavy oil, which belonged to the country's fuel reserves in the era of peace. So after doomsday, where could he find it? In short, it was just a dream and nothing more.

The road ahead would be long and his climb would be steep. Jiang Liushi placed his hopes in the future. He daydreamed about a wonderful future! Like many paranormals, because they had the power to fight, they had started taking steps to their emperor dream. Jiang Liushi also had his own ambitions, but he was only interested in a dreamed future. Of course, he would like to be down to earth firstly. He wanted to get a steel monster-- an extra-heavy truck.

On that point, Ying had also given Jiang Liushi the modified upper limit. Sta.r.s.eed’s function of modifying vehicles was relying its own unique energy. So if the tonnage was too large, then the energy would be diluted, and its strength would become weak. Although it made Jiang Liushi feel somewhat unhappy, he smiled after knowing the calculated tonnage. It was 120 tons to 160 tons! Actually, it was amazing! The delivery of this thing needed a specialized transport overweight goods company to deliver it.

That car had to go through special bridges because a general bridge would collapse. Jiang Liushi wanted to find a very large truck to ensure his MCV’s second form and improve the impact force! However, where could he find such exaggerated large vehicles?

It was impossible for him to buy one from the black market, but Jiang Liushi thought he could gain some information from there.

"An extra-heavy truck? That is, a big truck? It’s an easy thing. I have a Dongfeng heavy truck, its trailer, loaded, can reach a house high. It’s enough for you!" Yuan boss disdainfully looked at Jiang Liushi and said.

A Dongfeng heavy truck, for example, reaching its net weight, would be around forty or fifty tons. It was almost the largest truck people could see on the road. Other people didn’t speak at all. In the end, n.o.body really knew where to find such a car.

At that time, the 7 G.o.ds’ third boss said, "Friends, what you want is really impossible to find here. Only large scale construction companies would have that kind of car, such as large wheeled cranes, mining trucks and mining excavators. But as far as I know, there are no mines at all around a few hundred kilometers of Jingling. I think you have to forget that dream of yours."