My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 124

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"What a loser! He doesn’t know his place! Crazy! He wants to fight a hopeless battle!" Someone from the crowd disdainfully said. In reality, most of them were quite happy with Jiang Liushi’s misfortune.

"Haa-Hahaaaa!" Bai Zhanshan suddenly laughed, "I, Bai Zhanshan, have already set my sights on the girl. You dare having vile ideas for my property? No way! Tell me why? "

"No reason. It’s just a trade. I do not think that your ambitions are only limited to the small black market, right? Acc.u.mulating wealth and goods must be very important to you. It is not worth it giving up benefits for a woman!" Jiang Liushi clearly knew about Bai Zhanshan’s character. He was greedy, vicious, and eager for rights and wealth. Actually, he had audacious ambitions.

"Benefits?" Bai Zhanshan smiled, "Oh, I seem to understand…let me think, you did not bid before, but now you want to take this girl away from my hands… Why? Ran Xiyu must have communicated with you, right? She must have said something that picked your interest!" Bai Zhanshan said, and his eyes suddenly shot on Ran Xiyu’s body! His eyes were super aggressive, as if they could shoot people. Bai Zhanshan had noticed that Jiang Liushi and Ran Xiyu were staring at each other a few moments ago.

Jiang Liushi had suddenly changed his mind, he was willing to pay a high price and he wasn’t afraid at all of offending him. Bai Zhanshan had the nagging feeling that there was something wrong with that sudden change. So how could he let Ran Xiyu fall in Jiang Liushi’s hands so easily?

Bai Zhanshan and Jiang Liushi stared at each other for a long time. Then he suddenly stretched out four fingers, "Four mutant nuclei. Didn’t you say that you’d agree to every price I gave you? Well, I can give you this girl! But you have to give me four mutant crystal nuclei!" Before he had hardly finished speaking, everyone was shocked.

Four mutant nuclei! Jiang Liushi had just gotten four mutant nuclei from selling so many weapons. Bai Zhanshan demanded an exorbitant price. He would spare no none! Jiang Liushi was about to jump up from rage. He couldn’t bear with his actions anymore, "It seems that you aren’t willing to cooperate with me at all!" Jiang Liushi said very slowly.

"Haa-Ha, I don’t want to cooperate? You have four mutant nuclei, right? But you are the one who’s unwilling to part with them! The guilty party files the suit first," Bai Zhanshan said happily.

He was disdainfully looking at Jiang Liushi, he was a boss not someone Jiang Liushi could try to trick. Naturally, he was much more interested for his reputation than benefits. The road of gaining power was paved with blood and bones. Gains and losses couldn’t be measured just by benefits. Most importantly, he didn’t like people who weren’t under his control, especially in his territory.

"You are right. My ambitions are not limited to this black market, but first of all, I’m the king of this land!" Bai Zhanshan said and then he stood up. Although his cheeks were thin, he still gave off an oppressive aura.

Jiang Liushi was still sitting where he was, but the atmosphere was really tense.

Many people looked at Jiang Liushi, revealing a schadenfreude smile. They thought that Jiang Liushi was about to taste the bitter medicine. There were only two options in front of him; giving up or death.

"Haha-, fame portends trouble for men just as fattening does for pigs. I think he has to give the four mutant nuclei to remove ill fortune. Otherwise, he is doomed to die." Someone whispered.

The higher the tree, the stronger the wind. Jiang Liushi had already prepared himself for the worst case scenario. Most of the people there were glad with Jiang Liushi facing difficulties. Yuan boss was the most excited one. In his mind, Jiang Liushi had hit a wall. However, as opinions varied, no unanimous conclusion could be drawn. Most of them kept a wait-and-see att.i.tude.

As people were whispering, Jiang Liushi was still sitting on the steel chair, as if simply he had not realized the grave situation of his actions. Jiang Liushi clearly knew that with or without Ran Xiyu’s involvement, there would be a bad ending. The four mutant nuclei were just an excuse for killing him. Even without that excuse, Bai Zhanshan would find other excuses, if he couldn’t find other excuses, then he would kill his team members halfway!

Jiang Liushi wasn’t fazed by the tense situation and remained calm, but Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were extremely nervous. They were afraid of death. It was Bai Zhanshan’s territory!

"Good! Very good!" Jiang Liushi suddenly said. At that moment, beside Jiang Liushi, Ying suddenly moved. She was holding her triangular army thorn, like a shot of black light, and attacked Bai Zhanshan! The whole process was as fast as lightning!