My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 129

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Chapter 128: Moving Fortress
However, Jiang Liushi’s first choice, the minibus was excellent! Anyway, the energy Sta.r.s.eed had at that time was only that. It could be used to transform a small car for ensuring energy density. If it was used to transform a larger one, the internal s.p.a.ce would be big, but the energy density would be insufficient. If Jiang Liushi wanted to use an alloy instead of the original body, the prices would be extremely expensive.

Jiang Liushi thought carefully, he chose two places that he wanted to be transformed. These two transformations were of vital importance to Jiang Liushi. At the first stage, Jiang Liushi had made a working drawing. Later, all the transformation would rely on Jiang Liushi’s imagination.

The first one was a gunner room on the roof! This was the most critical transformation! Actually, it was a bunker built in the upper part of the minibus! Jiang Liushi picked up a pen and the Sta.r.s.eed revealed a touch screen in front of him. As long as he drew the outline of the main structure, the details would be filled through his mind. After the evolution of his brain, Jiang Liushi could draw straight lines and perfect circles.

For the shape of the gunner room, Jiang Liushi chose a flat round shape. It was probably a meter high gunner room with three square meters internal area. In the middle part of it there was a battle seat, which could make a rapid rotation in accordance with the Jiang Liushi’s thoughts. It had a three hundred and sixty degrees observation window, which could shoot at all directions. As long as Jiang Liushi took a gun, he could cover any angle. He finalized the drawings, and a three-dimensional map of the gunner chamber occurred in Jiang Liushi’s mind. In the three-dimensional map, the top of the minibus was like a UFO. The gunner room was saucer shaped.

The gunner room would be made with level 1 alloy, which was a very solid material. Naturally, if he did not need to use it, the gunner room could be directly retracted inside the minibus. That is, it couldn’t be seen from the outside. Its thick armor was enough to resist sniper guns, and in the armor, there was a layer of soft cushioning material, which could nullify vibrations.

[That’s it!] Jiang Liushi finalized his choice. Jiang Liushi had also been longing for another thing for a long time. He finally had the opportunity to add it. That was the ram! In front of ancient warships, long press rams were used to hit the enemy's warships.

After adding the ram, his MCV’s power would be far more than before. However, it would confront many difficulties. It was quite difficult for Jiang Liushi to weld a ram, which needed the help of technology. Moreover, it also needed to be supported from the MCV's skeleton. For ancient warships, rams were fixed on the keel, the most robust place. Otherwise, once a collision happened, maybe the enemy's boat would not be the one to break...

So in order to add a collision ram, he needed a strong skeleton to support it, so that once the collision occurred, it could bear the terrorist impact and protect the car’s front from caving in. At the same time, in front of the base car he added a "V" shaped steel plate. Using 200 kg of alloy he would make a metal square as its ‘spine’! The square spine was not long, but very thick, so that it could withstand the impact.

Next to the main ram there was the auxiliary rams, with a little bit of the metal square ‘spine’. There was a row of four, from the middle to both sides, also forming a "V" shape. All those rams together looked very powerful. It used more than three hundred kilograms of alloy, and for the rest nearly two hundred kilograms were used to support the skeleton.

In the transformation of the entire MCV, a mutant nucleus was used to open the transformation, the second one was used for the gunner room, and the third one for the collision ram. At the same time, the metals spent were about four or five tons. He still had more than 100 tons of metal, but after, if he wanted to transform that mining truck, he would have to use an amazing amount of metals.

Thinking about it, Jiang Liushi sighed. The MCV was becoming more and more powerful, but the consumption of resources also became larger and larger.

[The transformation function is available, remaining progress 60%..." Sta.r.s.eed transmitted to Jiang Liushi’s mind.

It needed about two hours. Jiang Liushi was not anxious, and he said, "Ying, you don’t need to drive so fast. They won’t be able to follow us. We will have to go back, so driving faster won’t accomplish anything." In fact, his MCV was too fast.

Although they would not catch up, Jiang Liushi was not prepared to give up that easily. Bai Zhanshan wanted to kill him, so how could he let him go so easily? But his MCV was in the transformation process, so he was willing to let Bai Zhanshan live for a little longer.

As Jiang Liushi finished with the drawings, he lazily stretched and stood up. Looking toward the small living room, he saw Zhang Hai and Sun Kun gazing out from the back window in full alert.

Jiang Zhuying was holding her longsword like a female warrior and Ran Xiyu was sitting on the sofa, wearing a white dress, slim, pale, with her hands on her knees. She was still cautious as she was suddenly in a clean, bright, comfortable but somewhat strange environment. Although she was in charge of a business group with two thousand employees, Ran Xiyu had not a strong professional temperament.