My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 13

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Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Leaving the Freeway

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave

Shao Lili reluctantly got off the minibus. The soldiers focused their attention on Jiang Liushi and Wen Xiaotian, who were still in the minibus. Jiang Liushi had been firmly sitting in the driver's seat, so a soldier suddenly roared, "Get off immediately! You can’t stop on the road. You’re blocking it!"


"I am sorry… I will drive away immediately," Jiang Liushi apologetically said.


The soldier stopped because Jiang Liushi had shown a good att.i.tude. But then he said, "Well, you should drive to the side of the road. It will be convenient for us to push it."


Then the soldier went to the side, while staring at the minibus, and whispered, "Such a big car! Who knows whether it can be pushed down or not?"


They may have had to remove the fence...


Those armored vehicles, trucks, and a large number of soldiers, at the freeway entrance, were ready to evacuate if they could not hold anymore, so they had to clean up the road. The army just wanted to take away the survivors, not fight with countless monsters. Suddenly, an air-defense warning came from the freeway entrance and that soldier looked back. Those who had left their cars were moving forward, but stopped to see what had happened. Some people were startled and accelerated their pace while others panicked and started running like crazy here and there; it looked like a riot was going to break out.


"Do not panic!" the soldier said, "This was the last warning, which reminded to any survivors from the city to come here."


Bang! Bang!


The gunfire sounds were extremely close and very dense. From afar, a crowd could be vaguely seen; they were zombies. In that case, even if the survivors had heard the alarm, it was impossible to pa.s.s through the sea of corpses and come to the freeway...


Then the soldier looked at the minibus casually urging, "There is not much time left. Quickly! ..."


Woo -!


The soldier was dumbfounded as he heard the thunderous engine sound. He thought that the minibus was like a sports car, it had turned a curvature, moving toward the edge of the freeway. This scene was also seen by many survivors who were originally looking at the freeway entrance, but now they had been attracted by the minibus. Seeing the minibus run as a sports car, everyone was surprised.


"The driver is really good at driving... my G.o.d!" The soldier immediately shouted.

The minibus was at the edge of the freeway, but it still had not stopped. Its front was about to hit the fence!



The minibus. .h.i.t the fence directly rushing out of the freeway! It rushed down along the three meters steep slope until it reached the bottom.

"What did he do..."The soldier quickly ran over to see the situation, many survivors did the same and stretched their necks to look.

That person's car was too old, but nonetheless he had actually left the freeway. No one knew if he was injured or not. But as long as there was no injury it was still a good thing, because it solved the problem of pushing the car. However, the minibus suddenly shook and staggered like drunkards, but after that it continued moving and was driven to a narrow rural road.


"What's wrong?"

"What is he doing?"

The minibus had left following the county road, being stared by the survivors. That soldier was also shocked. This minibus actually drove away..



Not far behind the soldier, Shao Lili was facing at the direction of the minibus while waving desperately. She could never imagine that Jian Liushi would leave the freeway in this fashion.

[Xiaotian, and Mr. Jiang, take care of yourselves!] Shao Lili desperately waved. She couldn’t watch them drive away as tears were covering her eyes.

[The crash did not cause any damages... The MCV functions normally...] The Sta.r.s.eed was reporting to Jiang Liushi.


This rural road was next to the freeway. Jiang Liushi drove all the way seeing the abandoned cars and the crowd which was slowly moving.

The survivors were temporarily safe, but once they had started slightly relaxing from the tension they began realizing what had actually happened in this short period of time. Many people were crying, but most looked helpless. Those who had lost loved ones, and those who felt confused about the future, had been immersed in all kinds of feelings. Jiang Liushi looked at these people, and Wen Xiaotian also looked through the window with a hint of sadness in her eyes.


Soon, the country road reached a corner away from the freeway. However, Jiang Liushi couldn’t see the forefront of the army, Li Yuxin or any other familiar people. He finally looked at the survivors on the freeway, and then turned the steering wheel, changing direction. The minibus was running at a steady speed, and soon the freeway was left behind, which meant that they were away from the protection of the army and Shenhai Island.


"Miss Wen!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

Wen Xiaotian suddenly snapped out of it and said, "What’s wrong?"

Then she added, "You don’t need to call me Miss Wen. You can call me Wen Xiaotian. And if you do not mind, you can even call me Xiaotian. That’s how my friends call me".

"Well then, you do not need to call me Mr. Jiang either".

"Jiang...Jiang brother..." Wen Xiaotian was still embarra.s.sed to call him by his name.


"You said you knew a few routes, can you tell me about them?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Although Jiang Liushi had downloaded the road map in advance, he still needed someone’s help. Leaving the freeway, was equivalent to moving towards unknown risk, which had to be avoided. If Wen Xiaotian was really familiar with the road, she would definitely know a relatively safe road.