My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 135

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Bai Pinghai didn’t know what was happening either, but he suddenly had an ominous feeling!

"Be careful! Everyone, hide!" Some people shouted.

Bai Pinghai could care less about his image as a leader. He immediately fell on the ground and tried to take cover.

"Pa-paa-paaa-!" The cement stalls were directly broken by a row of bullets. Lots of cement slags splashed, and two more subordinates were killed again. The scene was miserable. Everyone was very upset.

Yuan boss was so scared that he was sweating like a pig. He hid himself behind a concrete wall, and he didn’t dare to stretch his head out, to see what was happening.

Hong sister had turned pale from fear; she was like a frightened rabbit.

The deterrent force was too strong from such a long distance. They could just hear a gunshot and then they could only see where the attack had landed. It was terrible!

"This ... this bullet was shot by that guy. His marksmanship is very accurate!" Hong sister suddenly shouted.

"D*mn, how could this guy be such a good sharpshooter? Was he trained with the Special Forces?" Bai Pinghai said, with his back against a bunker, with his ugly face. His confidence had disappeared in a flash.

"Machine guns, where are our machine guns?" Bai Zhanshan had just bought one from Jiang Liushi. Its effective range was 800 meters.

"Here, Boss Bai Zhanshan." A subordinate carried that Type 95 machine gun carefully.

"Big Brother, let Liangzi shoot. He is a sharpshooter." Bai Pinghai pointed to a man behind the concrete wall and said.

Bai Zhanshan directly throw the Type 95 machine gun to him and said, "Good! Liangzi, it’s your turn. We believe in you!"

"Good gun!" He took the light machine gun and licked his lips, "It is an excellent gun." Liangzi said, while he turned its scale with professionalism.

"You don’t need to save bullets, use as many as you want. It would be better if you shot his car until it’s ruined. But it would be much better if you could shoot the saucer-shaped room. As long as he loses it, he won’t be able to fight anymore."

"Okay, I got it. It is indeed impossible aiming at someone from a 700 meters distance. But it was quite easy for me to shoot a bus." Liangzi said and he rolled his body.

That piece of wall had a palm-wide gap, through which he could observe the minibus. Liangzi stretched out the barrel from the crack quietly.

Seeing this scene, Bai Pinghai nodded his head and said, "As a qualified machine gunner, the first thing needed it to pay attention from where one will a.s.sume their shooting position. It should not only be hidden, but it should also be defensive. "

Bai Zhanshan also nodded and thought that the army’s faction was great. There was a huge difference between them and their wild team.

"Hit it for me! Destroy his bunker. F*cking guys, you have reached the end of your life. I will let you know what an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth really means!" Bai Zhanshan said angrily. However, as the sound of his voice died away, a bullet was shot, it pa.s.sed through that gap and landed in the middle of Liangzi’s eyebrows!

"Bang!" His head felt like it was. .h.i.t by a sledgehammer. He flew out, and then heavily fell to the ground. That Type 95 light machine gun was directly thrown out. Actually, he couldn’t even blink before he died.

He was dead! Bai Zhanshan and his little brother were just three or four meters away from Liangzi. Actually, the whole process had lasted less than two or three seconds. Seven hundred meters away, how could he found him and aimed? What exactly was it? An excellent sharpshooter from their team, had been killed by Jiang Liushi!

The situation was too desperate for them. They were scorched by the flames. Gradually they lost the courage to fight with Jiang Liushi. Moreover, in fact, it was none of their business.

"He must have awakened a shooting ability!" At that time, Bai Pinghai said. All the people felt it was very likely.

"This guy is too horrible, we should create a bunker in the middle, and then return to the trading room. The gla.s.s is opaque, so his marksmanship will be useless.

"Well! Let’s do that!" Bai Pinghai’s team had eight surface bulletproof shields, so people all hid behind the bulletproof shields, and put the stalls’ shelves made from cement in front, blocking Jiang Liushi’s aim. As a result, they could move back to the trading room.

"Walk together! Be careful!" Some people shouted. There was something wrong with their machine gun. But even if it’s okay, it would be useless, after all, they were separated by 700 meters. The bullets could not pa.s.s through the bulletproof shield and cement wall.

No one would dare to reach out to see what was happening in the distance.

However, they suddenly heard the roar of the engine! "Oooooooom-..." It's like the roaring of a beast!