My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 139

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Chapter 138: Get out!
In the trading room, no one dared uttering a word. What was taking place was simply a nightmare. They finally recovered and their first reaction was to escape! Otherwise, they would be doomed to die. They never could have expected that they would need to run in the end.

They were insufferably arrogant but now they were nothing. Without their vehicles, they could only use their two legs to escape. What an embarra.s.sing result! As for the question what they should do if they encountered zombies, they could only think that after they had successfully escaped. If they stayed there, they would simply die!

"Bang!" A team captain took the lead opening the back window. Then, he looked back and fiercely cursed: "7 G.o.ds, F*ck you!" Several of his team members were killed, naturally he would not even try find Jiang Liushi to take revenge, but he poured all his anger to the 7 G.o.ds’ team.

Although they were afraid of the 7 G.o.ds before, they had reached the end of their forbearance. The 7 G.o.ds were like a clay Buddha crossing the river—hardly able to save themselves.

Hong sister also secretly followed those people. A dog would leap over a wall in desperation. So they were prepared to die together!

Bai Zhanshan looked at the scene with an ugly expression. After Jiang Liushi destroyed their cars, his heart would explode from his anger. It meant that his black market was completely over.

"D*mn!" Bai Zhanshan’s eyes became red. The black market was just a starting point of realising his ambition. He never expected that it could be ruined in just a few minutes. This kind of pain let him want to rush out at once.

However, at that time he saw his third brother; he even wanted to secretly escape with several other people. "You want to run!?" Bai Zhanshan’s expression suddenly twisted.

The third boss was holding a gun, guarding against Bai Zhanshan and he said: "Bai Zhanshan, if we don’t withdraw, our brothers will die in vain!" Of course, he didn’t want to cut his own road off.

But another member from the 7 G.o.ds said directly, "Bai Zhanshan, you were the one who provoked them, we just want to live. You’re selfish. It is unrealistic to try and escape with you. Zhou Jing is a good example."

Moreover, if they really had the chance to escape, would the Bai brothers bring all of them together? When facing enemies, it was necessary to let someone stay and fight. Actually, they were all aware of the truth.

"F*ck!" Bai Zhanshan raised his gun.

He was ambitious, but those people were not weak. They would usually protect each other. But facing Jiang Liushi’s wrath they couldn’t join in with him to take such a risk.

As a result, Bai Pinghai became angry.

"I was the one who provoked them? You mean to tell me that you didn’t have such thoughts? It is too late for you to say that now." Bai Zhanshan said word by word.

The third brother answered, "Bai Zhanshan Brother, it is our own choice. Do you want to force us?" At the same time, they aimed at Bai Zhanshan immediately. Seeing these people being silent, Bai Zhanshan was tremble with anger. He really wanted to kill all these people!

"Brother!" At that moment, Bai Pinghai stopped him and said, "Let them go!"

His third brother looked at him, then said, "Let’s go."

Seeing those people, Bai Zhanshan was annoyed with his blue veins were about to pop. He hated the group of people! He also hated Jiang Liushi!

"Brother, while they are escaping, we should also look for the opportunity to withdraw!" Bai Pinghai said. The black market was over, but if they could live, everything was possible. But it was difficult for them to escape. Jiang Liushi wouldn’t let them go.

"Brother, it is obvious that that guy won’t let us go, so it will be quite difficult for

us to escape. But if we could somehow distract him, then we’ll have a chance to escape." Bai Pinghai said. He licked his dry lips with a strange glint in his eyes.

Bai Zhanshan was confused and asked at once, "Haizi, what do you mean?"

"That guy is very powerful, with an excellent car and several guns. But I believe he must be afraid of this!" Bai Pinghai, waved to the man next to him and said, "Bring them here!"

That man immediately opened a bag with six grenades! "Brother, I’m sure he will run away!" Bai Pinghai ferociously said.

Jiang Liushi was terrible, but in front of explosives, he was nothing! Bai Zhanshan got a brilliant idea: "Yes, that guy will hide in his turtle sh.e.l.l."

"With these grenades, we can actually kill him! You! You! Follow me." Bai Pinghai chose all the close combat experts. Only in that case, they had the courage to attack. As for the other teams, they had some ordinary people.

But his brother arranged almost all things. It was the only way! They immediately hid behind the bunker, aiming the guns at the door. Bai Pinghai and a few experts were secretly concealed. They were looking for opportunities to attack! Bai Zhanshan exposed a crazy smile, "F*cker, just you wait! You’re dead for sure!"

"That’s cool." In the minibus, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were looking at the overturned cars in front of them, it made their blood boil from excitement.

Ran Xiyu staring at the two strong men, was excited. Although she felt that Zhang Hai and Sun Kun's reaction was too barbaric, she had to admit that sitting in the car, watching the whole process, she took pleasure in it.

When she was locked in the cage, she could only feel despair. But now, she had regained her confidence. She looked at the trading room’s door, and she was eagerly waiting about what would happen next.

At this time, the engine’s roaring sounded once again! Jiang Liushi and Ying couldn’t give any chance to Bai Zhanshan to escape. They had returned with the purpose of killing him. So the minibus rushed to the trading room like a monster.

"Bai Zhanshan! Get out!"