My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 140

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"Bai Zhanshan, get out! It’s your turn to die."

"... It’s your turn to die!"

"... turn to die!"


The black market’s trading room was originally Lan County’s warehouse before doomsday. When Jiang Liushi shouted, it made an echo. Hearing the sound, Bai Zhanshan and Bai Pinghai stared at each other. If they couldn’t kill Jiang Liushi, all their acc.u.mulated prestige would be ruined.

"This guy is overbearing!" Bai Pinghai took the bag with all the grenades and tied all the grenade pins with an iron wire.

At that time…"Om!" The MCV’s roaring sounded. Jiang Liushi’s thoughts could be transmitted to Ying without speaking, so the roaring MCV rushed toward to the bunker straightly. It would be a brutal collision; the MCV was like a missile.

"What the f*ck!" Bai Pinghai cursed. In fact, they didn’t dare to stretch their heads out.

"Scatter!" Bai Zhanshan roared loudly, while the terrible collision ram was destroying the bunker. Most of the remaining members were just ordinary people, so it could be described as a disaster facing the monstrous MCV. 

Someone took an automatic rifle and started firing crazily against the MCV, but it was useless no matter where the bullets landed.

"Bang! Bang!" Jiang Liushi pulled the trigger two times. The one with the automatic rifle met a horrible death, as the machine gun’s bullet shattered his skull. Another unlucky fellow was. .h.i.t in the stomach; the bullet pulverized his organs and left a huge hole. Two people perished just like that!

At first, seven hundred meters were separating them, so after the machine gun’s bullet was shot, its speed was cut down four or five hundred meters per second; as a result a body could remain intact. However, from such close range the scene was too terrible.

Seeing someone losing their skull with a single bullet, they were shocked to death.

"Om-om-", the MCV’s roaring was like a Grim Reaper’s lullaby before harvesting a life. Jiang Liushi clashed in every direction. Wherever he pa.s.sed, rivers of blood would follow.

Everyone began running away one after the other. They didn’t have the energy to pay attention to that so-called plan. They were cursing because they hadn't extra legs.

Noticing all the members from the armed police escaping, Bai Pinghai was unable to contain his anger. He knew that once they successfully ran away, they wouldn’t return to the base because they were afraid of being punished.

If he couldn’t control the situation as soon as possible, even if he could kill Jiang Liushi, the black market would be totally ruined. That meant he had to start everything from scratch.

"Stop. Friend, I believe that we can clear this misunderstanding. Please, hear me out." Bai Pinghai shouted behind the concrete wall he was hiding.

"Uh?" Jiang Liushi was curious about what he wanted. He didn’t expect that, why would Bai Pinghai talk to him at that moment!? What could he say? Try and negotiate? It was a naive idea!

"Friends, I know your vehicle is very powerful! But does that mean you are powerful? What about your personal strength? Are you any good when it comes to close combat quarters? Can your skin and muscles stand against a sharp knife and bullets?"

Bai Pinghai saw Jiang Liushi’s MCV slowing down, so he immediately took the opportunity to speak because he needed to attract Jiang’s attention as long as possible. Jiang Liushi was sitting in the gunner room with a cunning smile. He'd like to know what Bai Pinghai would suggest…

"Friends, I think you don’t have any information about Chang Ming Island, right? Over there, the military is about to set up a research base. They want to research a special mutant nucleus, which was found in an energy crystal. It has been named as ‘Evolutionary Crystal’. This small thing can enhance human beings’ evolution. If you can get one Evolutionary Crystal, it will be beneficial to you!"

Bai Pinghai said quickly. What he said confused Jiang Liushi, [Evolutionary Crystal? What’s that?]

Although he was clear of the saying, "when the fox preaches, look to the geese." Jiang Liushi still believed that what he said about the Evolutionary Crystal was true. Feeling that he had piqued Jiang Liushi’s interest, Bai Pinghai was delighted.

"If you can get one, you will become really powerful. Now, the mutant meat can only be stored in a refrigerator for a month, but what about a month later, how will it turn? It’s still meat, it will rot and… eating mutant meat will help you evolve a little bit, but after a while it will be of no use. Two or three pounds of mutant meat will be enough to replenish your energy!

"It can’t even replenish the energy consumed in a battle, you’ll have to wait to digest it first. How can it even help the body evolve? How can it enhance your own strength? This is like raising a tiger and feeding it chives, how can it grow up? But if you get one Evolutionary Crystal, everything will be different. Just one Evolutionary Crystal can change an ordinary person into a superman. It is also possible to…" Bai Pinghai was giving so much information in order to gain time. Jiang Liushi was a.n.a.lyzing everything he said in his mind.

The mutant nuclei had indeed experienced a surge, which directly proved that was true. It seemed that the military was paying more and more attention to mutant nuclei, even their prices could change in a short time.

Of course, regardless of the mutant nucleus or mutant meat, the Evolutionary Crystal would be the most expensive. In contrast, diamonds were the same as coal, worthless!

At that moment, Ying shook her head, and her voice directly sounded in Jiang Liushi’s mind.

"Jiang brother, that Evolutionary Crystal is nothing special. If you can find a level 2 mutant nucleus, the MCV can also make an energy crystal which will naturally be better than the ones created by humans. And… even though the biological laboratory’s gene fluid can only be used by Jiang brother, the energy crystal can be used by everyone!"