My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 155

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After cutting all the meat of that mutant boa, the team immediately moved to a relatively open place; they intended to have a night off here. After a while, Shen Tao personally sent them three Type 95 Automatic Rifles, all of which were collected from the fallen soldiers.

Shen Tao scrubbed the blood off and gave them to Jiang Liushi at once in order to show his sincerity. Jiang Liushi should accept them because in his mind although Jiang’s team was powerful, their consumption would not be small.

Especially for Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying, who were powerful and had enormous potential, they needed a great deal of mutant meat to sustain themselves. Moreover, Jiang Liushi refused to take weapons as his reward. So in Shen Tao’s mind, these three rifles would become a good supplement for them. Of course, Jiang Liushi finally accepted them happily.

"Ying, take these guns carefully." Jiang Liushi said. Ying responded briefly to his request and then dragged a big bag, which was the most common kind of woven bag.

Why? Looking at the awkward bulge in that woven bag, Shen Tao did some hard thinking. He originally thought that they would take out some well-knit bag to take the three rifles. However, when Ying opened the zipper, Shen Tao was stricken dumb with amazement. So many guns! It was rather hard to swallow.

Before in that black market, it was Jiang Liushi’s most rewarding battle and all the weapons they found were collected in that woven bag. However, Jiang Liushi wasn’t secretive about these weapons to those soldiers, because to those soldiers weapons were common. However, Jiang Liushi didn’t know that all the weapons they had also shocked Shen Tao.

In that bag, there were also a lot of grenades, bullets, and light machine guns! No wonder Jiang Liushi didn’t have any interest in weapons… Thinking about his original thought, Shen Tao felt embarra.s.sed. He didn’t withdraw his gaze until Ying put all the weapons in it and zipped again.


"Jiang little brother, if you want to reach Jinling Port, I can show you a better way." Shen Tao said. Actually, he also had another task for this trip, so they had cleaned up a road toward Jinling Port.

"Is this road to Jinling Port? Sun Kun has marked it." Jiang Liushi asked.

"Yes, it is indeed a road near Jinling Port, but when we came, we deliberately cleaned up another road. There are no obstacles. "Shen Tao said. In fact, it would be better because they didn’t need to cross a part of the city town, so Jiang Liushi accepted it with pleasure.

"That’s good! Thank you and I’m sorry for troubling you." Jiang Liushi nodded.

"Haha, no trouble at all. You’re welcome. I’ll go back to wait for you." Shen Tao answered. They took some dry meat and were ready to have a meal. However, just then Shen Tao heard a girl’s voice, "It’s time for dinner." Then he saw a beautiful girl holding some delicious mutant meat open the door and stand there. To his surprise, it was indeed a motorhome! They indeed could prepare a meal on it!

Moreover, the girl was really beautiful with a pair of special gray eyes. Shen Tao had met three girls in Jiang Liushi’s team. They were all beautiful. He knew that one of them was Jiang Liushi’s sister, but how about the other two?

Shen Tao idolized Jiang little brother from the bottom of his heart.

"Well, I have another question. However, I don’t know how to ask… Jiang little brother, you want to get mutant nuclei, just because you know that the Inst.i.tute on Shenhai Island is researching them? Am I right?" Shen Tao was ready to go but he suddenly asked that question.

Jiang Liushi glanced at him, and then nodded, "Yes."

"No wonder." Shen Tao nodded, and then he turned around and shouted, "Professor Zhang!" So professor Zhang and his granddaughter Zhang Jiaying came soon.

Zhang Jiaying had long wanted to come and see, but she felt embarra.s.sed. So when she came,she opened her eyes exploring the amazing car. Seeing it was a motorhome, she cried in surprise. After all, she was just a little girl and her mind was pure and simple. So it was normal that her emotion swelled and subsided. But professor Zhang was calm, so he just smiled and nodded.

"Professor Zhang was invited by the military to specifically study mutant nuclei." Shen Tao introduced. Jiang Liushi was surprised for a moment, looking at professor Zhang. He naturally knew that professor Zhang was an important person.

Although doomsday had come, it didn’t mean the world would not move on. All the efforts needed for post-disaster reconstruction should be offered by everyone in every field.

"Professor Zhang is a former academician of the Inst.i.tute of Microbiology CAS. He is of n.o.ble character and high prestige. And in the field of virus research, he is very authoritative." Shen Tao explained.

"I’m flattered." Professor Zhang waved his hand and said, "I talked to some professors in Shenhai Island via radio. I’d like to explain it to you all as simple as I can. As we all know, the evolution of any paranormal needs lots of energy and the mutant nucleus is the essence of a mutant beast’s energy. There is a special material contained in a mutant nucleus but not in its meat. However, the mutant nucleus can’t be eaten directly so it is useless for us to eat one. As a result, we need to research how to recover this special material from a mutant nucleus. It will help to improve the speed of evolution."

What professor Zhang said was clear and easy to understand. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun also understood it. Jiang Liushi nodded and he realized that the mutant nucleus’ price would rise soon. So he had to go to Shenhai Island and sell all his weapons to obtain mutant nuclei. In fact, an oppressive feeling struck him because he was badly in need of mutant nuclei. Rising in price was just a disaster for Jiang Liushi.

They talked for a while, and then Shen Tao went back to rest. Jiang Liushi returned back to the cab, taking out that level-2 mutant nucleus again.

In the terrible doomsday, they may encounter unimaginable dangers at any time. So if he had the opportunity to enhance his strength, he would choose to do so without any hesitation. Jiang Liushi had known clearly about how to use this level-2 mutant nucleus.