My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 158

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The road selected by Shen Tao was un.o.bstructed. Although they still met some zombies, they made a clean sweep of all obstacles wherever they went because the MCV was like a steamroller. Shen Tao and his brothers were all shocked by the power of Jiang Liushi's MCV. At the beginning, Shen Tao's team were really alert with their fingers on their guns' triggers, ready to fight at any time. However, they discovered that following behind Jiang Liushi's MCV was really safe.

Firstly, they were unaccustomed to such a situation, but gradually, Shen Tao's team had to accept reality. It was difficult to adapt such fast as they had continuously been fighting for several days, under the constant threat of death; it was really uncomfortable to them feeling relaxed. Jiang Liushi's team was really powerful leaving behind a trail of blood...

At noon, they arrived at Jinling Port, which was the largest river port in the country; its cargo handling capacity was considerably large. From afar, they could see countless containers, the open river was full of freighters, but that tall cranes had long been stopped. The entire port was quiet, that deathly silence gave people gooseb.u.mps.

"Do you know the exact location of that cargo ship?" Jiang Liushi asked Ran Xiyu.

"Well, I know." Ran Xiyu nodded.

A batch of cone drilling machine was not an insignificant purchase. As a successor to Ranke Group, she was actually responsible for that program at that time. Although other people handled the specific process, she had a very good memory. She could remember all the detail of the relevant reports.

"There are totally 8 harbor districts in Jinling Port. Different cargoes are loaded and unloaded in different districts according to their cla.s.sification. At that time, according to the report I read, the cargo ship should be docked at Longwan district which is one of the two port areas specializing in containers." Ran Xi Yu said.

"Good." Jiang Liushi nodded. Following the signage, they soon found the Longwan district. The number of zombies there was not particularly large. On a container's surface, lots of bodies were scattered; the scene was terrible.

As they were driving in the harbor area, Ran Xiyu was looking out the window carefully. She quickly pointed at a huge cargo ship and said, "That one!"

"It's so huge!" Jiang Zhuying exclaimed.

Jiang Liushi was also shocked by the ship. He had seen a lot of cargo ships in Jiangbei, but that one was the largest one; it extended out of the water, even its shadow was covering a part of the pier.

"This is a car carrier with a total length of about 130 meters and a height of 9 stories. It has 9 decks, its loading deck extends over 4 standard football fields and about 4,000 cars can be loaded at a time. The mining truck you want is on it." Ran Xiyu said she was actually worried if the ship was still there or not. Although she was anxious and fearful, she knew that Jiang Liushi wouldn't blame her.

Jiang Liushi was her savior. As a result, Ran Xiyu decided to help him to the best of her abilities and with all her might. However, she was totally confused and had some questions. How could that truck move on the road, or pa.s.s through a bridge? Of course, she kept those questions to herself, she believed that Jiang Liushi had his own plans.

After killing a dozen zombies, the minibus stopped not far away from that cargo ship; the military truck following immediately stopped too.

Shen Tao jumped out of the car and approached to ask: "Jiang little brother, you are…?"

"I want to go up to the cargo ship." Jiang Liushi answered. Shen Tao was stunned for a moment, looking up at the cargo ship. That freighter… what a huge monster!

He was as tiny as an ant in front of the cargo ship. Shen Tao did not know what Jiang Liushi wanted to look for, but he didn't ask out of respect.

"The cargo ship is huge and we don't know the situation on it. It may be still dangerous, so if you need my help, I'd like to go with you." Shen Tao said. He was always loyal to his friends and he would like to help Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi thought for a moment and nodded, "Okay, let's go together." Although he activated his blood vessel, he hadn't familiarized with it in a real fight with his life on the line. So it's better for him to be careful. Shen Tao was a soldier, tempered in carefully observing his surroundings, so he was suitable for that strange and complex environment. Ying, Jiang Zhuying, Zhang Hai as well as Sun Kun all got off the car. Shen Tao immediately noticed that Jiang Zhuying's weapon was military-created.

As a soldier, Shen Tao recognized it with a glance as only the military had that special alloy. He admired that team even more.

"Zhang Hai, you will stay here with two soldiers." Jiang Liushi said, he had to make sure they were secure first.

"Okay." Zhang Hai answered and then carrying a gun walked to the military truck. Jiang Liushi's MCV had a strong defense, Zhang Hai protecting it was unnecessary. Ying stayed behind with Ran Xiyu in the MCV, because the latter one was too weak to follow them. 

"Let's get on the boat!" Jiang Liushi said. They had already seen an iron gate leaning on the bank. That gate was closed tightly and separated the ship from the sh.o.r.e.

'Squeak-!' After the gate opened, Sun Kun suddenly felt a wave of cool air lingering from behind.

After doomsday, it was the first time the door had opened.