My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 159

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Car carrier was actually a new type of ship, it looked a bit like an aircraft carrier. Vehicles could enter the interior of the ship directly by two watertight doors on the stern and on the right. Jiang Liushi and the others entered from one of the watertight doors, which was larger than any ordinary door.

When they walked in, Shen Tao felt that he was entering into a monster's dark mouth. It was deathly silent, so the slightest sound would echo; their footsteps stamped on the steel deck were exceptionally loud. The transport ship's interior was very open and dark but parked with lots of cars. In addition to carrying Ranke's mining truck, the ship also carried many other cars.

"Whooh, they are all luxury cars." Sun Kun whispered. Before doomsday, only rich people could afford those cars. However, after doomsday, they could only be regarded as a pile of sc.r.a.p iron.

"Be careful," Shen Tao reminded as they were slowly walking further in the ship's interior.

Jiang Liushi looked around and thought that the mining truck should be easily spotted. However, this ship was too large with nine layers. He didn't know where that mining truck was parked. Actually, they had to be highly centralized due to the threat of zombies. After a while, Jiang Zhuying suddenly said, "Are there no zombies?"

In fact, she was not the only one who found it strange. Logically speaking, they were a piece of meat for zombies, but why hadn't they met any?

"There seems to be a body over there." Shen Tao saw a piece of a sleeve near a car at once. "I will go and see." Shen Tao took his gun and walked over. After a moment, he frowned and looked up, "This is a zombie's body, which is abruptly ripped off, but it is strange... Jiang little brother, I think you should take a look."

In fact, Shen Tao felt strange not because of that body but because there was a luxury car, which was totally squashed. Was it possible for a zombie to have done it? It was highly impossible.

Jiang Liushi couldn't know what's wrong, so he reminded, "We should be careful."

However, as they continued moving forward the second floor, Jiang Liushi slowly felt abnormal.

More and more incomplete bodies were found and zombies had yet to appear.

"Did they pit against each other because of hunger?" Sun Kun guessed. However, even he did not believe those words. How odd! What happened?

"We should find that mining truck quickly," Jiang Liushi said. He walked and then spotted that huge mining truck immediately. "I found it!" However, at that time, Jiang Liushi suddenly found Shen Tao not moving at all. "What's wrong?" Jiang Liushi asked urgently.

He saw Shen Tao reaching out his hand and touching his forehead.

"Water?" Shen Tao glanced at the liquid on his finger. He found the liquid was a kind of light yellow sticky with a hint of stench; it was definitely not water!

Shen Tao suddenly raised the gun's muzzle aiming upwards and was suddenly shocked to death! A giant snake was crawling over his head!

"Da, da-!" Shen Tao almost instinctively shot. As a soldier, even though his heart almost jumped out, he did not shoot indiscriminately. At such a close distance, he shot the huge monster.

That huge snake had been moving slowly, but after being shot, it suddenly crazily climbed. Jiang Zhuying quickly rushed toward it, holding the longsword's chain as she threw it, enveloped by a blue and white current, cutting directly to that serpent. It disappeared into the darkness in the blink of an eye. However, Jiang Liushi had seen everything clearly.

Jiang Liushi originally thought it was also a mutant boa just like the one before. However, he was shocked because he couldn't see its whole body; he could only see a huge mouth filled with fine teeth and pink meat, disgusting and scary.

"It is injured," said Shen Tao, but still, all of them were scared suddenly with the strange turn of events.

The weakest Sun Kun covered his chest because he felt being suppressed by some strange power. He felt nausea and like vomiting, and his sight started blurring. "What's wrong? Why do I feel uncomfortable?"

Jiang Liushi also felt a burst of blood surging. "What's going on?" He found that the thick steel deck was trembling slightly.

Not only the ground but also those pipes and columns were also constantly trembling. This was a 130-meter-long ship, why? Just then, the giant snake suddenly climbed far away, fast. "It is not a snake!" Jiang Liushi said to Shen Tao and stopped him from shooting. He completely identified it was not a snake!

There was only one situation that could cause this. Jiang Liushi had heard about some high-tech weapons, which were known as infrasound weapons. Infrasonic weapons could emit infrasound waves with frequencies below 20 Hz, causing them to resonate with the human body and causing the organs or parts of the resonance to shift, deform, and even rupture. In other words, it could cause damage and death to human!

Below 20 Hz, the sound of this band could not be heard by mankind. However, a human body's pulsation frequency was usually 2 ~ 16Hz, such as the internal organs of 4 ~ 6Hz, the head of 8 ~ 12Hz and so on. The natural frequency of the human body was just in the frequency of infrasound. Once the high-power infrasound came in touch with the human body, it would cause strong resonance!

In nineteenth-century, in Europe, there had been many soldiers walking on a bridge with the same pace, causing the bridge resonance, resulting in the collapse of the bridge. Rugged bridges could be destroyed by resonance, not to mention human's flesh and blood! Actually, the situation had just happened, let Jiang Liushi suddenly thought of the infrasound!

Some animals were able to send infrasound, such as crocodiles, elephants, and even tigers. Tiger roars were a kind of infrasound, at 18 hertz, causing visceral resonance. It was obvious that the monster had mastered infrasound attacks!

All the zombies on the ship had become nutrition for that monster. It seemed that the monster was angered. The strange sound came from all the directions. It was quite difficult for them to imagine how big the monster was.

"You first withdraw, and I'll be out soon!" Jiang Liushi suddenly said.

Shen Tao did not react at all, but he saw Jiang Liushi and Ying running madly towards that mining truck. "Jiang little brother!" Shen Tao felt dizzy. However, when he noticed Jiang Liushi and Ying's, Shen Tao was dumbfounded.

Shen Tao had been a soldier for more than a decade, so he was very confident in his physical fitness, which was obtained through innumerable training sessions. But Jiang Liushi looked like an ordinary person who had never exercised before. How could he run so fast?

He originally planned to pull Jiang Liushi but he failed! Before he stretched his hand, Jiang Liushi had already run more than ten meters away! Even Jiang Zhuying was shocked! How had her brother suddenly become a sprinter?

"You quickly withdraw, I have to help my brother." She was not willing to leave her brother.

"No, it's dangerous…"Shen Tao even didn't have the chance to finish his words because he saw a strong current lightning immediately exuding from Jiang Zhuying.

"Excellent!" It was the second time for Shen Tao to witness Jiang Zhuying's ability. But this time was in a dark environment, so the visual impact was amazing! Jiang Zhuying was a G.o.ddess of lightning at that moment. They had to admit that Jiang Zhuying played an important role in her brother's safety.

"We should retreat." Shen Tao said with difficulty. He had thought his experience and fitness were advantageous, but facts speak louder than words. At last, he became an irrelevant side character…

At that moment, Jiang Liushi and Ying had arrived before that mining truck. Jiang Liushi was quite satisfied with his own energy and speed; after all, he was just an ordinary person. He obtained such an amazing enhancement by just activating his blood vessel. How could he be not satisfied? The strong blood circulation enhanced his body, and he wouldn't feel tired at all as his body had become as strong as the heart muscle!

"Speed up!" Jiang Liushi felt that monster was in the berserk mode. They only had a few seconds to scan the mining truck and get out of there!

[Sta.r.s.eed!] Jiang Liushi shouted in his mind. He had placed the level 1 mutant nucleus, in advance, in the groove, so he could communicate with Sta.r.s.eed at any time.

[A level 1 mutant nucleus has been detected, the following options can be activated…]

[Activate the second scan and scan the mining truck!] Jiang Liushi roared in his head.

[The second-level of scanning has been activated. The scanning object has been detected and it is in progress…] Jiang Liushi looked at the percentage of the panel scan, but he had never felt before the number changes being so slow, [Hurry up!]

"Kaka! Kaka!"

"Bang!" Jiang Liushi noticed that the side of the huge ship was destroyed!

[90% of progress... The scan has been completed and the base car obtained its second form, that of a mining truck …]

"Go!" Jiang Liushi didn't have any time to listen to the information. After the scanning, the mining truck had disappeared. If this scene was seen by Shen Tao et al., they would get shocked to death.

However, it was an urgent situation. So even Jiang Zhuying didn't notice it. Seeing her brother running back, Jiang Zhuying tried her best to release a current! She wanted to protect her brother.

The ship's deck was made of steel, which was conductive, so Jiang Zhuying's abilities had been amplified to the extreme. After the release of electricity, Jiang Zhuying turned to run at once because she knew that she couldn't run as fast as her brother, so naturally, she would have to run first.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Liushi suddenly wrapped his arm around Jiang Zhuying's waist and held her while running!

After the physical enhancements, Jiang Liushi's power improved a lot, so holding Jiang Zhuying while running was quite an easy thing for him.

"Run quickly!" Jiang Liushi shouted; he even ran faster than Shen Tan and Sun Kun.

They ran with all they got and after reaching outside, they found Zhang Hai and the others scared. Zhang Hai had returned early to the freezer car, looking at the watertight door anxiously. They looked back, but also suddenly felt an entire scare. Several long "serpents" hang down, wrapping the entire ship like an octopus. It was clearly a huge monster!

That monster had killed all the zombies in this ship and it probably had also swallowed a lot of things in the water; that's why it could evolve to a horrible monster in such a short period of time! The monster did not attack the cars on the sh.o.r.e because all its attention was drawn to this ship.

"Open the door!" Jiang Liushi ran fast along the whole way without stopping. As they rushed to the door, it just opened. Ying jumped to the driver's seat immediately.

Zhang Hai had already returned to his freezer car! Shen Tao also shouted, "Drive! Go!"

When the military truck started, he jerked forward and threw himself into the car.

"Om!" Jiang Liushi looked from the window, finding that huge cargo ship completely wrapped by the monster, but he still couldn't see the monster's true appearance… And then that huge ship was abruptly dragged into the water.

[Oh! Sta.r.s.eed scan this monster.] Jiang Liushi ordered.

"The scan level is beyond the host's permission level and cannot be scanned." The answer given by Sta.r.s.eed let Jiang Liushi feel astonished. It was the first time for him to realize that his authority was limited.

His authority was actually gradually being unlocked as the base car kept upgrading.

"What is that monster..."At that time, Ran Xiyu asked with a pale face.

Jiang Liushi said in a low voice, "I don't know…Fortunately, it didn't walk ash.o.r.e…" Before his voice had died away, he felt he was in a state of exhaustion.