My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 165

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Shenhai was the largest city in the country, in which the permanent resident population had reached 25 million. It was speculated that if the 25 million people held hands together, they could circle Earth; one could imagine the city's terrible circ.u.mstances after doomsday.

It was regarded as a forbidden zone.

As a result, Jiang Liushi would never want to bring along his team to Shenhai's downtown. As they reached the outskirts, they could feel their scalps tingling by the scene before them; blood had dyed streets, walls, cars, etc. and human bones were scattered all over the ground.

"We have to bypa.s.s the downtown area! We will circle around the city's outskirts to arrive at Shenhai Island." Shen Tao approached the minibus, with his military truck, and said.

The so-called Shenhai Island, located north of the downtown area, was a new area. It was under planning and construction, before doomsday, as they planned to build a city, like Satellite Town but bigger, integrating commercial, residential, education, and employment aspects.

As a result, after doomsday, the government had chosen it to be a safety island. Truth be told since the government learned about the approaching catastrophe, they had only a few days to prepare the safety island, so Shenhai Island was born with many defects.

As for the first district of Shenhai Island, originally it was simply a village town called Xiaxiang. It was set up just because the carrying capacity of Shenhai Island was limited. Thus, basic domestic installations were worse than Shenhai Island's.

Shen Tao gave Jiang Liushi all information he knew about Shenhai Island, and the latter a.n.a.lyzed it in his mind. At the same time, he knew that more than one Safety Island, all over the country, was under construction.

It made sense, after all, it was a great country. It would be an impossible task to gather all elites on the same island. In fact, those so-called elites, who could find shelter on the safety island, included politicians and some technical personnel. Other people allowed on the island were university professors, IT elite, engineers, and even skilled workers, carpenters, masons and farmers who knew soilless cultivation techniques and so on.

Fortunately, after doomsday, ordinary people were allowed to enter Shenhai Island. After all, manpower resource could play an important role in the construction.

[What's the occupation of Li Yuxin's parents? Uh…] Jiang Liushi was thinking, however, suddenly…

"Boom-" An explosion sounded.

Jiang Liushi looked up and saw a hundred meters away that a tall building had suddenly exploded and several bodies were dropping from the tall building like struggling ants. They struggled in vain and finally fell down the ground. Although they were far away from them, Jiang Liushi could hear their horrifying screams. They were doomed to die!

"Are they survivors?" Jiang Liushi felt confused but didn't intend to approach and put themselves in danger.

"Among them, only two are still humans, the rest are zombies." At that moment, beside Jiang Liushi, Ran Xiyu suddenly exclaimed.

For ordinary people, one or two hundred meters away, was an impossible distance to distinguish a human from a zombie. Ran Xiyu was an exception, as her strong spiritual ability enhanced her vision.

"Can you see the situation in the building clearly?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Ran Xiyu shook her head negatively and said, "Sorry. If we drive closer, I will be able to see inside. Concrete walls weaken my spirit fluctuations."

"It's okay." Jiang Liushi shook his head. In that terrible environment, Jiang Liushi was willing to help but unable to do so. After all, his ability and energy were limited.

However, before Jiang Liushi stepped on the gas, Ran Xiyu said again, "Someone is coming."

"Uh?" Jiang Liushi saw that not far away from them, a small group was running toward them quickly to find shelter. Although they all had guns, they were still poorly equipped. But there was a paranormal in that team…

Jiang Liushi noticed that the leader was a fat middle-aged man. He was semi-bald, but he deliberately placed the right side's hair to the center. It was indeed something rare and praiseworthy for a man taking care of his image in such a way in doomsday.

"His strength is limited." Jiang Liushi thought he couldn't believe that this fat could have a special ability.

The fat man cautiously moved toward Jiang Liushi's team, blinking his little eyes. When he saw the military emblem on that military car, he was finally relieved and patted his clothes, walking smoothly.

Jiang Liushi's minibus was parked in the forefront, so he stopped in front of the windshield, with a look full of smiles and said, "You are affiliated with the military, right? I'm a local official in this area. I thought you must have come here to save us. Thank you. I always believed in the Central Government and always led the people carrying forward with strict discipline…"

The middle-aged man was extremely excited, but his words annoyed Jiang Liushi, as he disdained such people, bootlickers.

Jiang Zhuying laughed wildly, "Uncle. What did you say?" Jiang Zhuying was carelessly leaning on the minibus' windshield and said happily. In fact, she didn't care about the guy at all.

However, the middle-aged man was shocked because before doomsday n.o.body dared to speak to him in such an uncourteous way.

Who was the little girl? Before doomsday, he never treated soldiers with much respect…

"Who is your leader, and I'd like to see him." The middle-aged man said angrily.

"What happened?" Jiang Liushi looked at the middle-aged man impatiently because the guy spoke in a bureaucratic tone at the beginning of their conversation.

Actually, in the middle-aged man's eyes, Jiang Liushi was just a driver or a new soldier, so he coughed again and said, "I am the leader of this area, and I'd like to see your leader." He said word by word.

Jiang Liushi was totally annoyed by this guy and Jiang Zhuying was about to drive him away…

"What's wrong?" Shen Tao approached and asked.

The middle-aged man immediately looked at Shen Tao's broad shoulder and noticed that Shen Tao was a vice officer, so he immediately turned and said to him, "Comrade, the rescue work was really hard, I am the local official-"

Before the middle-aged man finished talking, Shen Tao interrupted him, "I'm sorry, you are wrong. We indeed have a rescue mission, but not to save you. If you don't have something important to add, please let us go immediately." Shen Tao impatiently waved his hands, the military would only rescue scientists.

In order to save professor Zhang, plenty of Shen Tao's brothers in arms were sacrificed, so Shen Tao didn't want to create side issues at such a crucial moment. He thought this guy had bad intentions, so he wanted to leave at once.

The middle-aged man was stunned, he fixed his and said coldly, "You should save us. Comrade, you should speak to me in a polite way… There are several leaders in that building. If you save us, we can help you promote rapidly. I think it's a good chance for you. I rarely stoop to such pettiness over past wrongs."