My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 172

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Refugees that had reached Shenhai Island urgently needed to find a job. However, they could only find some manual labor jobs at the trading hall. In other words, they couldn't find decent work at all. In fact, it was quite easy for Song Feng to help Jiang Liushi find a decent job, it could be regarded as a gift to Li Yuxin.

After the evolution of his brain, Jiang Liushi became quite brisk to subtle expression changes on human faces. He had noticed all the changes on Song Feng's face after hearing he had just arrived in Shenhai, so Jiang Liushi felt it was hilarious he had asked that question.

"Haven't decided yet," Jiang said.

There was nothing wrong with that remark. Jiang Liushi indeed didn't intend to find a job; he didn't even know Shenhai overall situation.

Song Feng smiled, feeling very satisfied with Jiang's response, and then said, "Originally I came to see a friend today, he is a team captain and I remember him saying his team needed some people. How about it?"

"Survivors' team? It is very dangerous." Li Yuxin said.

"Yuxin sister, let them make their own decisions. It's a rare occasion seeing Song Feng helping someone find a job."w.a.n.g Shiqi said. Originally, she was quite curious about Li Yuxin's cla.s.smate, but after observing him, she found he was just an ordinary man

However, he looked handsome. After finishing the evolution of his blood vessels and brain domain, Jiang Liushi obtained fair skin and his muscles became firmer and more appealing. As a result, he was enticing to female's eyes. Unfortunately, after doomsday, being handsome was meaningless if it wasn't accompanied by power.

"Haha. Sister Yuxin, don't worry. How could I recommend a dangerous job to my buddies? There are two posts. One is more tiring, but the wage is good. You all know about mutant beasts, right?" Song Feng said, "The job is to clean mutant meat, mainly cleaning internal organs. Actually, this job is very popular among many survivors."

"b.l.o.o.d.y." w.a.n.g Shiqi in the side said with an expression of disdain; to her, it felt very disgusting!

When girls heard about 'internal organs', the picture would naturally be bad. 

Li Yuxin did not speak, but she slightly frowned. In fact, she felt that kind of work was not very suitable for Jiang Liushi. Obviously, it was a dirty and tiring job.

"How about the other one?" Li Yuxin asked.

"Haha, I also think that job is not very suitable for him." Song Feng then said, "The other job has to do with helping them clean their dwelling, washing clothes or something. The job is easy and the wage is average, so I think Jiang brother is perfectly qualified."

Jiang Liushi just smiled and said, "No, thank you. But I will try to find something on my own."

Hearing his words, Song Feng was quite unhappy. He felt that Jiang Liushi didn't know how to appreciate favors. In fact, he had met many guys like Jiang Liushi. 

Li Qinghui also felt somewhat anxious. He stared at Jiang Liushi making some eye contact, however, Jiang Liushi looked at him with a smile full of confidence.

"Good luck, my fraternal friend!" Song Feng smiled and said.

He didn't like talking with Jiang Liushi anymore, so he turned to Li Yuxin and w.a.n.g Shiqi saying, "I will have a party in two days in Jiangnan Garden's swimming pool. Would you like to join?"

Li Yuxin opened her mouth to refuse, but w.a.n.g Shiqi cheered loudly, "Of course! I heard it is really difficult to reserve the pool."

"Yes, I had been begging my dad for a long time until he finally helped me." Song Feng said proudly.

In addition to villas in the mountain area, there were a total of two swimming pools in Shenhai Island. There was basically no form of entertainment after doomsday. It would be an excellent opportunity for most young men and women to vent some pent-up energy.

Song Feng betted a lot on that party, he believed that if Li Yuxin and w.a.n.g Shiqi were to join, it would add to his reputation.

"Yuxin, my dear sister…"w.a.n.g Shiqi was shaking her arm and said, "Let's go! It will be fun!" Li Yuxin had no way to answer w.a.n.g Shiqi.

She glanced at Jiang Liushi and Li Qinghui. Song Feng noticed her eyes at once, so he guessed that Li Yuxin was too shy to accept his invitation before them and she couldn't invite her friends.

Song Feng was unhappy about Li Yuxin's kindness and originally did not want to invite the two refugees to his own party, but unfortunately, Li Yuxin's popularity was high, so he forced a smile and said, "You two can come too! It's going to be fun!

Jiang Liushi was clear that this person did not want to invite them at all, so he decided to refuse.

"You can come with us, please. In addition to Shiqi, I may not know other people, so it will be very embarra.s.sing." Li Yuxin said. Actually, she didn't have any interest in such occasions. w.a.n.g Shiqi would inevitably drive her crazy if she refused to go. Moreover, she would like to ask Jiang Liushi some questions alone.

"This…" Jiang Liushi hesitated for a moment. He saw Li Yuxin was also incompatible with that kind of occasion, so he nodded his head, "All right."

"I'm afraid that I have to refuse since my team is very busy." Li Qinghui said.

"That's a pity." Song Feng sipped some coffee and said without any sincerity. He glanced at Jiang Liushi and sneered inside.

"In two days, at three o'clock in the afternoon, you can enter Shenhai Island by telling my communication code." Song Feng told his communication code to Jiang Liushi.

After finishing their coffee, it was already late. Song Feng pulled out a food stamp and then left. He was busy socializing with other people.

"We'll go back first," said Li Yuxin. They had to return walking a long distance.

"I'll accompany you," Jiang Liushi said.

"No, you arrived today! Your journey should have been very hard, you have to rest." Li Yuxin said and waved before leaving.

w.a.n.g Shiqi looked back after some time, she immediately said, "Yuxin, did your cla.s.smate like you?"

"What?" Li Yuxin looked at her in surprise. 

"Do you like him?" w.a.n.g Shiqi asked again.

"You really…" Li Yuxin did not even have the strength to speak. "If you don't like him, why did you call him to the party? Even if that's not the case, do not get too close to such people!" w.a.n.g Shiqi said, "I do not despise your cla.s.smates but you are far too different. If you give him the wrong idea, he will only be disappointed. Finally won't you feel embarra.s.sed?

"You..." Li Yuxin pressed her eyebrows and said.

Jiang Liushi stood still, touching his chin. After activating his blood vessel, unless experiencing a fierce battle, he would not feel exhausted at all.

"Alas, you shouldn't have promised to go to that party." Li Qinghui sighed.

"People in Shenhai Island live in a totally different word. You could tell just from the conversation they had and the coffee's extravagant price." Li Qinghui said shaking his head.

"This is my communication code. I have to go, please contact me!" Watching his heavy steps, Jiang Liushi holding Li Qinghui's note had a complicated expression. 

"A different world?" Jiang Liushi turned around and looked at Shenhai Island's direction, filled with tall buildings from afar.

It was indeed different…