My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 185

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Jiang Liushi originally thought that the Fierce Wind Squad would retaliate soon, but he did not expect that in the next two days everything went very smoothly. He caused trouble to their casino and won a large number of supplies, did they forget? Jiang Liushi shook his head because it was impossible.

During that period, the military also sent the diesel he purchased. The diesel barrels were all loaded into the MCV's tank. In addition to the storing s.p.a.ce, the second form's fuel tank capacity was more than 4,000L, which could store dozen tons of diesel. Jiang Liushi suddenly felt at ease. He felt during this period of time he had a good rest, and it was the time for him to go to the trading hall for missions.

Actually, Jiang Liushi wasn't interested in the missions the military offered. However, it would be a good chance for Jiang Zhuying to practice and improve. As a paranormal, Jiang Zhuying had to gain battle experience to evolve and improve. Otherwise, she would cease to advance. After witnessing Jinling Port's horrible monster, all of them were more vigilant. Before doomsday, content was better than riches. However, in doomsday, they had to practice and develop themselves. However, Jiang Liushi wasn't able to go that trading hall in time. Somebody knocked on his door.

When he opened the door, he saw two soldiers. Jiang Liushi quietly touched his waist...

"Jiang little brother!" Hearing the familiar voice, Jiang Liushi put his hands down.

"Shen Captain, welcome." Jiang Liushi smiled.

Shen Tao walked behind the two soldiers with a hearty smile on his dark face. "Yesterday I asked about your residence and they gave me your address today. This efficiency…almost delaying things." He shook his head. "As soon as I got the address, I quickly came." Shen Tao said, taking out a small bag from his pocket, and then handed it to Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi took a look. It contained three level-1 mutant nuclei like three crystal clear marbles were wrapped inside. Jiang Liushi smiled and collected them carefully.

"It's okay. Take it easy." Jiang Liushi had a very good impression of Shen Tao.

"To be honest, I did not come here only for that matter." Shen Tao said and hesitatingly asked, "I do not know whether Jiang brother is free for the next few days?" In fact, Shen Tao would like to ask Jiang Liushi for a favor.

"What's the matter? Shen Captain, you can ask me directly." Jiang Liushi said.

"It is…" Shen Tao said but he quickly looked down.

Jiang Liushi noticed that, so he opened the door and said, "Come in."

The two soldiers did not enter but quietly kept guard at the door. "Thank you." Entering the door, Shen Tao got on the topic, "A survivor team returned, but only with two people. They had some important information that they wanted to exchange for resources."

The military would exchange resources for crucial information, such as, on some important materials, or personnel, especially scientists. However, this type of information had to be confirmed. Jiang Liushi guessed the most important thing was related to their information.

"They claimed that they encountered a monster, and it killed their comrades. According to their description, it was a mutant zombie." Shen Tao said.

Mutant zombie! Although Jiang Liushi was surprised, he had already guessed this would sooner or later happen.

Shen Tao continued, "In fact, the so-called mutant zombie is rare. Of course, it may be because the zombies are countless." Jiang Liushi nodded because what Shen Tao said made sense. It appeared that mutant zombies were rare in small zombie groups.

Jiang Liushi had a great interest in mutant zombies. Killing mutant beasts would give him nuclei, which were crucial to the MCV's evolution. So Jiang Liushi was filled with antic.i.p.ation about the gain a mutant zombie would give him.

"We'd like to hunt this terrible mutant zombie. Do you want to join us? Of course, the military will compensate you according to the task's difficulty. Trust me!" Shen Tao said. "You can take it easy. You just need to cooperate with us."

Jiang Liushi nodded, but actually, compared to that mutant zombie, the military's compensation was nothing in his eyes. He agreed to go with them because he was interested in that mutant zombie. He had his own plans and methods. As a result, Jiang Liushi nodded, "Yes, I'd like to join you."

"Jiang little brother, you are a real man." Shen Tao was very happy. "Then we should return to my team and inform my Captain of the good news."

"Captain?" Jiang Liushi was confused.

Shen Tao embarra.s.sedly smiled and said, "The mission very important, so I cannot lead. Plus, the Captain is a powerful person. Please, don't call me captain anymore. You can call me Shen Tao. Moreover, Jiang brother, you should get ready now. We will leave immediately."

"You're in such a hurry?" Jiang Liushi was surprised for a moment, then he agreed. All the members of Jiang Liushi's team were ready, so they drove their cars following Shen Tao's jeep.

In the first district of Shenhai Island, when survivor squads went out of the city, they needed to pa.s.s through a special route. Only military vehicles were allowed to move in the streets. The scope of the military region, across the first district and Shenhai Island, was the largest one. At that moment, they drove to a supply station in the military region. However, this supply station was already a huge camp. As soon as they entered the gate, a large number of military vehicles and soldiers coming and going were seen.