My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 187

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Zhang Jing's tone was very serious, giving an irrefutable feeling. As a leader, Jiang Liushi could understand Zhang Jing's meaning, but Jiang Liushi's team members were not soldiers. The military had asked for their help, so Jiang Liushi felt angry and Shen Tao was embarra.s.sed. Shen Tao didn't expect Zhang Jiang being so impolite.

"What are your special abilities?" Zhang Jing asked because he should make battle tactics according to their abilities. "You, tell me!" he pointed at Sun Kun and said.

Uh… He had ignored Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi thought that it was normal because n.o.body could feel energy fluctuations coming from him, so he still kept his calm.

Jiang Liushi turned around looking at Shen Tao, who had an apologetic look.

"My special ability is climbing the same way as a gecko." Sun Kun lazily reply to Zhang Jing. As a matter of fact, he looked down on Zhang Jing. Naturally, Zhang Jing could read his body language, but he just frowned without getting angry. He was used to the military's way of speech, like 'Sir, Private Jones reports.' It was a hard thing for him to tolerate such kind of behavior. Originally, he didn't intend to cooperate with any survivor squads, but his superior asked him to do.

"My fingers are powerful, and I can repair vehicles." Zhang Hai answered.

[What? Repair vehicles? What are these strange special abilities?] Zhang Jing was speechless. He wondered why Shen Tao would invite them to help.

"My mental strength is stronger than others." Ran Xiyu's answer was very simple. Ying refused to answer because she only cared about her master, Jiang Liushi. As for Jiang Zhuying, she felt angry with Zhang Jing's att.i.tude, so she only answered with one word, "Electricity." She was too lazy to give more details. Later, Zhang Jing got angry.

At that time, Jiang Liushi said, "Captain Zhang, we are not your soldiers. And the relationship between you and us should be one of cooperation, so we only listen to some of your reasonable suggestions. Otherwise, we refuse to cooperate with you anymore." Jiang Liushi's voice was calm.

"Reasonable suggestions? Are you questioning me? You are not even aware of the mutant zombies' danger and the situation on the road. How will you judge whether my order is correct or not?" Zhang Jing glared at Jiang Liushi and his voice was suddenly increased a lot. Jiang Liushi's courage was admirable but many others were shocked and looked toward Jiang Liushi.

When Fierce Wind Squad's members noticed the scene, they began smirking. However, at that moment, Chu Songming said, "Although we'll just cooperate, the command must be unified, or if everyone acts unrestrained, the outcome will be terrible... that situation, I think you don't want something like that to happen, right?" Chu Songming said, pushing the with a smile.

Zhang Jing stared at Shen Tao, actually, he was confused with Shen Tao's decision.

Shen Tao felt wronged in his heart so he explained at once, "Captain, I have witnessed Shi Ying Squad's strength. Jiang Liushi is the most powerful one and he also has a special ability."

"What?" Zhang Jing didn't believe what Shen said at all. It was obvious that Jiang Liushi's energy fluctuation was weak.

"His special ability has to do with mechanical transformation, and in my opinion, it can modify vehicles. That minibus is his work." Shen Tao continued explaining.

"Modified car?" Zhang Jing was too lazy to look at that minibus, "How about armored cars?" Zhang Jing asked rhetorically, but Shen Tao just opened his mouth without speaking. It was estimated that Jiang Liushi indeed didn't know how to modify an armored car.

"Captain, it's about time." Chu Songming looked at his watch and said. Zhang Jing went straight away. The mission was about to begin, and he didn't want to waste any more time with Jiang's team.

"Don't mind him." Shen Tao said to Jiang Liushi regrettably.

Jiang Liushi smiled indifferently and said, "All right, but I still insist on my previous statement that we will only follow the orders I deem right." Jiang Liushi was clear. He had his own principles.

At that time, Zhang Jing had walked to his armored car. His majestic eyes swept across all the faces, and then loudly said, "Now that everyone is here, it's time for us to depart!" As Zhang Jing waved vigorously, his armored vehicle rushed out. As a Commander, his car should lead the whole team. Although Zhang Jing's words were annoying, what he did was right. In doomsday, strength was the only standard. The armored vehicle was followed by three military cars. Survivors' cars were in the middle, and another two military cars at the end.

Many teams were approaching or leaving the first district of Shenhai Island. Some of them had yielded good results, but others would never appear again. As they went out the gate, Jiang Zhuying looked back, and she felt that the steel gate behind her, as well as that city wall, were forming a huge wall, which separated them from the inside world.