My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Air Cannon
The roar of the explosion sounded like a thunderbolt, deafening! 810 m/s air was faster than sound velocity, triggering a sonic boom. From the outbreak of enormous energy, the MCV was suddenly bounced off. The back windows had severely vibrated, large tracts of bulletproof gla.s.s fell off, and scattered like a shotgun bullet! The air around turned in a vacuum, pressure lifted suddenly and then quickly reduced almost disappearing, the water vapor in the air instantly liquefied, forming a conical spray, and the conical spray pushed by airflow, with incredible speed, rushed to the front.
At the same time, the houses and trees were pushed away directly by the air. Some houses collapsed while their roofs were blown away, and a thick tree snapped, with all its leaves disappearing! This was just the aftershock of the airflow. Most of the airflow had borne by the mutated boar's mouth!
The mutated wild boar’s body weighed more than ten tons and it was still badly tossed. The wanton air was swelling in its organs. Its huge body expanded instantly becoming a balloon! And then --
The near ten MPa's horrendous high-pressure airflow found a cathartic point behind the mutated boar.
With a thud, blood, broken meat, and debris from the mutated wild boar were squirted out of the wild boar's *ss, and had been shot dozens of meters away, forming a bright blood stream in the air.
The impact of the blood stream on a panel room was strong like a hammer, and directly collapsed the flat!
"Awesome power!" Jiang Liushi couldn’t help but say out loud.
The MCV was still on automatic cruise. After the wheels has landed, it was still automatic, so Jiang Liushi Liushi hurriedly terminated the cruise and stepped on the brake.
The MCV’s four tires had been battered, and especially the rear wheels, because of the intense friction they had become so hot that smoke emanated, giving off a burnt smell. Compared with ordinary vehicle's’ tires, the MCV’s tires were naturally much stronger. Its internal s.p.a.ce scattered small air sacs, which protected it from being punctured by bullets. But even so, after this ordeal, it was severely damaged.
Jiang Liushi was in a state of prostration, when he opened the door. Although the battle was mainly between the MCV and the mutated wild boar, it also made Jiang Liushi feel deeply tired. The energy consumption was too big!
Jiang Liushi looked at the front, and sighed with emotion, "The air cannon was really amazing!" Before launching the air cannon, Jiang Liushi did not think that the initial speed of 810m/s would be so powerful. Although the air was highly compressed, against the bulletproof boar flesh, its power was greatly reduced. If he had not shot in boar’s mouth, it would be very difficult to kill it.
Jiang Liushi picked the wrench up, and moved staggeringly to the variable wild boar. Seeing the blood, meat, intestines and the wild boar with its last breath, Jiang Liushi was shocked.
[Good boy, this pig got f*cked!]
Jiang Liushi stopped about a dozen meters away from the mutated wild boar, just to make sure it did not have a convulsive twitch or something that could hurt him. Also, he was afraid to get too far from the MCV, or else he could not get on it in time.
"Wen Xiaotian!" Jiang Liushi called Wen Xiaotian, however, there was no answer.
"Huh?" Jiang Liushi became nervous and immediately returned to the MCV. Wen Xiaotian was strapped tightly with her eyes closed and her forehead covered in blood.
"This..." Jiang Liushi rushed to check Wen Xiaotian's breath. Fortunately, she had just fainted.

Looking at Wen Xiaotian's wound, Jiang Liushi shook his head, and felt that she was really unlucky. She must have been hurt by the pot, bowl and so on. Although Wen Xiaotian was

tied on the sofa with the seat belt, the pots and pans were not fixed. If the collision had been stronger, it would not be impossible for her to be killed by these bottles and cans.
[That's really dangerous.] Jiang Liushi breathed a sigh of relief. If the battle with the mutated wild boar had killed Wen Xiaotian, he would feel very sad.
Jiang Liushi went to the storage room to pick up a gauze, as he was trying to bandage Wen Xiaotian a message came to his mind.
[The MCV is damaged. The damage degree is 3.5. It needs 200 kg of steel, 100 kg of copper, 30 kilograms of organic polymer plastic, 1200 liters of gasoline, 200 KWH of electricity and 24 hours to be repaired.]
Hearing the message, Jiang Liushi was shocked and bitterly smiled. The MCV had been damaged. It's lucky that it could be repaired by itself, but the repair materials needed were hard to find. Steel, copper, organic plastics, especially electricity and gasoline! It was not easy to collect these. 1200 liters of gasoline was almost a ton. The MCV was a gas guzzler.
And now the gas reserves...
Jiang Liushi looked at the oil table with a face of bitterness. The continuous impact function, and launching the air cannon, the gasoline consumption left less than 20L just about 100 km!
If there were zombies in this hundred kilometers, the consequences couldn’t be imagined. He was worried about it, until another message made him raise his ears.
[Successfully killed a first-level variable animal, and found a first-level mutant nucleus, located at the heart of the mutant animal. Taking it out, you can use it to finish the initial evolution of the MCV. The mutant animal meat can be eaten directly, invigorating health effectively and supplying raw materials to biological laboratories. It will help you to start the function of biological evolution.]
"Huh? What?" Jiang Liushi was shocked. He wanted to know what the mutant nucleus and biological laboratories were.
The killed mutant animal was the mutant boar. Was the first-level mutant nucleus in the mutant boar? As for biological laboratories? What's that? No biological laboratory was found by him when he completed the MCV’s renovation.
Just then a sound came. Jiang Liushi turned his head, seeing that the MCV had popped up a groove from the navigation bridge. Only something in the shape of a ping-pong ball could fit into it. He looked at the groove for a while and wondered about its materials, which seemed to be extremely delicate, and this was the first time he had seen it.
A few conjectures had been generated in his mind. The mutant nucleus was at the heart...
He took the dagger had bought before, jumped off and went to the mutated boar. The mutated boar had been turned over, and he was able to see the mutated boar's heart.
Jiang Liushi waved the dagger and stabbed it.