My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 190

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Bullets landed on those steel plates, issuing a dense sound and splashing numerous sparks!

Everyone was shocked and couldn't believe what they were seeing.

In ordinary people's eyes, zombies were horrible monsters with monstrous power and extraordinary speed. But in paranormals' eyes, the zombies greatest advantage was their numbers. Although they had extremely strong physiques, they didn't know how to cooperate with each other. If hundreds of millions of zombies gathered together in one place, no team would dare to fight with them. However, when the number of zombies was relatively small, as long as the survivor squad's strength was strong, they would kill zombies. But now, what did they see? Those zombies, not only knew how to use "weapons", but they also knew how to defend!

They were sure that those zombies had obtained intelligence and could cooperate with each other; it seemed like they had formed a squad! The scene before their eyes completely overturned their knowledge about zombies.

At that moment, the zombies issued some terrible roars behind steel plates. Suddenly, they accelerated!


Their heavy footsteps made the ground shake lightly as they were gradually approaching! Zhang Jing was totally shocked but snapped out of it and ordered, "Machine guns ready! Everyone get ready to fight!"

Zhang Jing issued a roaring command. Although the situation was grim, Zhang Jing was in control of his feelings and kept calm! Following his order, the soldiers formed a dense network of fire. Fierce Wind Squad's members were all running back to their vehicles. In such a situation, protecting themselves was the most important task. Jiang Liushi guessed that among that zombie group there should be a few mutant zombies, which he would target. If his team killed those mutant zombies, he could get lots of rewards.

If they hunted alone, it would quite difficult to accomplish it. But since they would start shooting anytime soon, decreasing the numbers, Jiang Liushi decided to give it a try. He noticed everyone at the ready to fight, but he decided to observe the situation carefully first. So his team was still waiting for the right moment to take action. He found that although the military's firepower was fierce, most of the bullets were wasted because they would stick or ricochet on those steel plates. As a result, those zombies were shortening the distance between them.

[The steel plates…]Jiang Liushi frowned. Generally speaking, the bullets Type 81 guns used could penetrate 0.6cm steel plate within 100 meters easily. He estimated that the zombies' steel plates were at least thicker than 0.6cm.

An ordinary person couldn't hold such thick steel plates while running all the way, but those zombies could effortlessly do it. It was obvious that those zombies were quite good at defending.

Suddenly, the machine gun on the infantry armored vehicle issued horrible roaring sounds. As flames of light flashed through, the powerful machine gun poured countless bullets. Although the steel plates could block bullets, they couldn't block a machine gun's, so most of them were filled with bullet holes and blood dyed the ground.

Zhang Jing's face was still ugly because those zombies had scattered, so they didn't have great losses. However, the number of weapons the convoy had was limited! Moreover, the machine gun couldn't stop those zombies at all. If they didn't kill those zombies, they would suffer in the end. One hundred meters was nothing to those zombies. It was quite terrible!

The first batch of zombies took the lead rushing out from the trees, and one zombie rushed out throwing the steel plate in its hand.

The steel plate crossed a 100 meters in less than two seconds before crashing against a military vehicle's side, but-


Something stopped and changed the iron plate's trajectory, leaving a terrible dent on it.

In fact, that steel plate was filled with dense bullet holes, and its thickness was more than one centimeter! Everyone's hearts sank. It was horrible! How could it be possible? The plate had even turned some zombies, in its trajectory, in a b.l.o.o.d.y mist!

"That weapon is really powerful!" Suddenly, someone from the squads happily exclaimed.

However, Shen Tao knew that the type 89 80mm solo rocket launcher, could only be used once. Only a dozen of soldiers was equipped with that weapon. It was obvious that their strength was weak. However, the military's fire suppression let some survivors regain their confidence.

Two vehicles started moving from one side. Long Yue Squad's members were ready to counterattack! One of them threw a long chain with shining iron claws, and crashed a zombie's head!

That man was Long Yue Squad's Captain, and the speed of his attack was extremely fast. They killed dozens of zombies in less than a minute. It was amazing. Zhang Jing also regained his confidence.

Seeing Long Yue Squad's actions, Fierce Wind Squad's Captain also shouted, "Listen! All my members, get ready to attack! If anyone kills that mutant zombie, I'll give them a big reward!"

As he shouted, all the cars of Fierce Wind Squad suddenly issued a roar, rushing out at once. They also cooperated with each other. While driving, they were throwing three-p.r.o.nged spears 1 nailing the zombies on the ground. Fierce Wind Squad's Captain impaled a zombie with a three-p.r.o.nged spear and pounded it heavily on an approaching small zombie group.  

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