My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 192

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Zhang Jing's face became ghastly pale. In addition to the threat of the zombies throwing rebars, he found that the number of zombies with steel plates reduced very slowly. Although the machine gun's power was fierce, it still couldn't handle all zombies as they were rushing from every direction. In that way, their disadvantage would gradually increase.

"It seems that they have a leader giving them orders!" Zhang Jing suddenly said. If there really was something like a mutant zombie, that summoned the ordinary zombies with weapons to attack, then it was indeed terrible. That mutant zombie could command hundreds of zombies! If it commanded all the zombies in the city, the consequences would be, at least, catastrophic!

All the members in Fierce Wind Squad and Long Yue Squad also realized it, especially Long Yue Squad, after losing a car, and the idea of temporary withdrawal sprouted.

"That won't do, our losses this time are devastating. Our vision is limited! Our vision was limited! We should think about other methods! "Long Yue Squad's Captain shouted.

Zhang Jing looked at these survivors, and a hint of hesitation flashed in his mind. In this case, retreating would also be dangerous, but it was also the right choice to withdraw in time without completely getting into the quagmire. However, their previous efforts would be wasted. After they returned with reinforces, the zombies' group may be bigger than it was now.

Every survivor was looking at Zhang Jing. What they should do completely depended on his decision. Zhang Jing took a deep breath, and he also planned to withdraw because although the machine gun's firepower was fierce, not many bullets were left. It was impossible for them to kill those zombies. Their withdrawal would stain their honor, but after doomsday, being alive was the most important thing. Moreover, he needed to inform the military, so they could make plans and adjust. If all the areas around the Shenhai Island had mutant zombies, it would be a hard task for the military to advance.

When Zhang Jing ordered the retreat, suddenly a loud noise came from behind. Surprised, everyone turned around and looked at the scene. The entire welded metal frame of that highway toll station actually collapsed, blocking the highway!

"Oh! It's terrible!" Zhang Jing didn't have the time to think about how it could have collapsed because he saw some zombies gathering at the highway toll station. It meant that they would be surrounded by zombies soon enough. That was definitely a dead end! They must rush out before they were surrounded. Losing time meant losing their lives.

"Everyone, follow my order, we will rush out together!" Zhang Jing held the heavy machine gun, standing up on the armored car while yelling and shooting! Retreating was impossible, so they had to temporarily throw off the siege, rushing forward!

As the Commander, even knowing that it was dangerous, Zhang Jing had to open the hatch standing up. It was the only way to have have a broader field of vision instead of using periscopes and small windows to observe the zombie groups.

At the same time, another officer also stood up, and his pupils contracted like a needle's head, observing their surroundings.

Zhang Jing knew that going forward also meant more unknown variables. They were likely to fall into a bigger crisis and their convoy would be completely annihilated. However, among the convoy, a car swerved and rushed down the roadbed directly.

"Om!" Its engine issued a horrifying roar. It circled around and accelerated toward the zombies!

That car was the minibus!

Zhang Jing was annoyed. He believed that team was crazy because rushing out at that time meant committing suicide! Those zombies holding steel plates were abnormally strong. Even if they could crash four or five layers of the zombies' defense, they would soon lose momentum and get stuck; it was a dead end! They did not know and couldn't possibly understand Jiang Liushi's thoughts.

Unexpectedly, weird sounds came from the minibus and its roof split open, lifting a semicircular metal cover slowly. It looked like a flying saucer.

What was this thing? Everyone was surprised. After doomsday, modified cars were too common. But n.o.body had ever seen such a modified car like that one. They could only see something like that in a science fiction movie!

"Is that a barrel!?" Zhang Jing had an excellent eyesight, so he suddenly saw a barrel stretching out of the UFO-shaped cover. It was actually a bunker!

[AMR-2 sniper rifle?] Zhang Jing was extremely familiar with all kinds of guns, and he could distinguish different types of guns by using his nose.

In Zhang Jing's mind, the bunker was used mainly for providing fire suppression. It was strange to use a heavy machine gun in a bunker. Moreover, how could Jiang Liushi know how to use that sniper rifle? A good sniper would be very valuable to any army. And a sniper needed not only several years of training but also required exceptional talent.

Zhang Jing was sure that the only guns Jiang Liushi could have ever used were air-guns provided in parks to hit balloons because it was illegal owning a gun before doomsday.

How could he have ever used a sniper rifle?

"This idiot, suppressive fire!" Zhang Jing shouted. Although he couldn't understand Jiang Liushi's thoughts, he could not see him die. Furthermore, they could gain some time for a large portion of their force to retreat. However, Zhang Jing felt a stabbing pain in his heart considering the ammunition consumption. Once they were out of bullets, they could only wait for their imminent death!

"Whooooh!" At that moment, a sharp whistling sound came.

Zhang Jing saw a shadow flying his way. It was a rebar seventy or eighty centimeters thick, crossing through the twigs, rushing toward him.