My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 197

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At that moment, Hawkeye could not help but swallow. That mutant zombie was killed…

Zhang Jing was also shocked, but as a Commander, he quickly recovered and shouted, "Shi Ying Squad killed that terrible mutant zombie! Victory is in front of us! Everyone, press forward. We should kill the remaining zombies with all our power!" 

After that mutant zombie's death, all the zombies were in a turmoil, and then they dropped the rebar in their hands. Without the rebar's protection, they could be regarded as ordinary zombies again. So they were not a threat to the army anymore. It was obvious that all those zombies were commanded by that mutant zombie.

During the fight, Jiang Liushi noticed that the army's fighting quality was indeed stronger than the survivors' squads, even among the chaos, their attacks were synchronized without losing control.

A lot of zombies were attracted by Jiang's minibus, and then they returned back to the woods. So the soldiers concentrated their fires on them immediately. And Long Yue Squad's Captain made a decision at once. He led his team rushing out once again. They quickly killed those zombies with the army's help.

Bo Zhengchong hesitated, and then shouted, "All the members of Fierce Wind Squad listen. We will rush out to kill the zombies together!" He turned around and saw that fatty next to him staring at the forest's direction; he still couldn't believe what took place. Bo Zhengchong was annoyed by his expression.

Bo Zhengchong was terrified at the moment, and he thought it was fortunate he didn't have any direct conflict with Jiang Liushi. After all, Jiang Liushi's strength and ability couldn't be underestimated. He estimated that Zhang Jing had already changed his opinion about Shi Ying Squad, so he should work extra hard and change his plans for dealing with Jiang Liushi.

Actually, the Fierce Wind Squad's striking performance had been disgraced by Zhang Jing.

In the woods…

Seeing Jiang Liushi killing that terrible mutant zombie, Ran Xiyu's face was pace, and her breathing quickened. She was almost scared to death when that mutant zombie was rushing toward them with the rebar, but at the next minute, it was killed. Ran Xiyu felt she was in a dream until Jiang Liushi holding a sniper rifle walked down from the gunner room.

"This gun is really excellent!" Jiang Liushi was quite satisfied with this sniper rifle. Compared to the Type 81 guns, this AMR-2's performance was perfect. Of course, those two kinds of guns were suitable for different battle purposes.

Jiang Liushi put the sniper rifle on the ground and then picked up his Type 81 gun.

"Get off!" Jiang Liushi shouted. And at this time, Zhang Hai also drove his freezer car coming here along with the route of this minibus.

Actually, the fighting capacity of the freezer car was weak, so they consciously drove very slowly to increase the distance between Jiang Liushi and avoid being more of a hindrance than a help. At that time, it would be their turn to kill the surrounding zombies. Jiang Liushi holding his 81-type gun went off with his sister, and then Ying followed. And then minibus's door was closed. Ran Xiyu was too weak, so she stayed in the minibus. But she went to the side of the window to help to observe the situation. After killing a few zombies, Jiang Liushi quickly reached that mutant zombie's corpse.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi frowned noticing was that one of the mutant zombie's ears was totally different than the other. That ear had two different colors, its base was deathly pale but its upper half was pink. In the middle, there was an uneven line separating the two colors, like a bite mark.

"Did its ear regenerate?" Jiang Liushi was shocked by this phenomenon. Although he had already guessed that mutant zombies would have a strong recovery ability, he didn't expect that amputated parts could regenerate. Actually, some animals had such an ability before doomsday, such as geckos and octopus.

After an octopus loses its tentacle, the blood vessels will shrink tightly, and close the wound. Six hours later, the blood vessels will begin to circulate, and in the next day, the wound will be completely healed. Finally, a new tentacle will start growing slowly.

However, human beings didn't have such abilities. Jiang Liushi didn't expect that a mutant zombie had such an amazing ability.

[A level-1 mutant zombie has been killed successfully. A blood nucleus was detected, which is located in the zombie's heart.] Sta.r.s.eed transmitted.

[Blood nucleus? Not a mutant nucleus?] Jiang Liushi felt confused and then he frowned… Although it was a mutant zombie, it was originally a human. Jiang Liushi didn't want to dissect a human's body, but he couldn't turn a blind eye to a blood nucleus.

He pulled out a military bayonet, taking a deep breath, and picked up the zombie's tattered clothes.

"Brother, what are you doing?" Jiang Zhuying shouted beside him. Jiang Liushi stared at her angrily, and Jiang Zhuying turned around innocently, before throwing her longsword covered with electricity at an approaching zombie.

Jiang Liushi focused all of his attention on that mutant zombie. He noticed many other regenerated parts all over its body. It seemed that the process of evolution was quite cruel, but when he saw the position of its heart, Jiang Liushi smiled.

The blood nucleus was not inside its body. It was a black gem-like blood nucleus with irregular shape, surrounded by many bulging blood vessels, and each blood vessel seemed to be as strong as the thickness of a little finger. The blood nucleus seemed the mutant zombie's, second heart. Even after its host's death, it was still beating.

Jiang Liushi had a weird feeling, and he was under the impression that the nucleus was alive. He used the military bayonet to extract the blood nucleus. Jiang Liushi picked it up at once. As soon as the blood nucleus was taken away, those blood vessels immediately deflated.

Jiang Liushi was extremely curious about the blood nucleus in his hands.