My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 198

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Chapter 197
Chapter 197: Blood Nucleus

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave


Jiang Liushi held the cold blood nucleus in his hands, which was still in slightly beating. It was quite easy to distinguish its difference from regular mutant nuclei, just by its shape and color. However, Jiang Liushi couldn’t tell what its function was…

"Captain Jiang!" As the sound of the approaching vehicle came, a man's voice followed. Jiang Liushi directly gave the blood nucleus to Ying, and then he turned around looking at that approaching vehicle.

Bo Zhengchong stopped his car far away. Actually, he felt that Jiang Liushi’s group was still on high alert. However, he thought it was funny at the same time. To be frank, he should be the one taking precautions against Shi Ying Squad. Jiang Liushi’s excellent sharpshooting skills would frighten almost everyone. 

As for Jiang Zhuying, as well as that glamorous beauty, they were also fierce obviously. Bo Zhengchong was shocked by Jiang Zhuying’s electric ability and her discharge’s range. In fact, Jiang Zhuying could build up a strong team in the first district of Shenhai Island by herself. But in Shi Ying Squad, she was mainly responsible for helping Jiang Liushi, so her strength couldn’t be noticed at all. As for Jiang Liushi… Bo Zhengchong stared at him with a complicated and confused expression. In Bo Zhengchong’s eyes, Jiang Liushi was quite strange and a mysterious person.

"Captain Jiang! You worked hard, but the result is amazing! You are powerful!" Bo Zhengchong's face showed a frank smile, and then he jumped down. He knew that if Jiang Liushi wanted to kill him, he would have already died. It would be a wise choice befriending Jiang Liushi than making him an enemy.

Seeing Bo Zhengchong’s ostensible smile, Jiang Liushi felt very awkward. He indifferently looked at him, and then, Bo Zhengchong’s expression also became awkward.

Before doomsday, he was accustomed to being a leader. Although he was ordinary, he had never felt humiliated like that before…

Bo Zhengchong was infuriated but hid it well, and he quickly restored his smile. No matter what he thought, currently, he dared not provoke Jiang Liushi.

"I know there was a slight conflict between us, but we should work together. I hope that Captain Jiang can be broad-minded and generous. If you need my help in the future, please let me know." Bo Zhengchong said with a sincere tone.

Jiang Liushi wondered if Bo Zhengchong that broad-minded and could write off such a loss so quickly. However, his expression didn’t change at all.

At that moment, Ran Xiyu’s voice came to his mind, [He is a smiling tiger. He wants nothing more than to rip you apart.]

Jiang Liushi stayed quiet, but a trace of sneer was apparent on his face.

"Got it." He said, and then walked to his minibus.

Bo Zhengchong was standing like a statue because of the surprise.

Got it? What did he mean?

They returned to his minibus quickly and then the minibus was launched at once, sweeping lots of branches after a sudden turn. Bo Zhengchong dodged those branches rapidly.

Bo Zhengchong was speechless, but another branch flew his way! The freezer car was deliberately moving around him.

Bo Zhengchong’s face turned deathly pale. "F*ck! Boss, that group of people don’t appreciate what’s good for them…" The fatty began to scold.

Bo Zhengchong stared at him and shouted, "Shut up!"

Jiang Liushi gave a glance at them through the rearview camera and then focused on that blood nucleus.

"Brother Jiang, you did a good job!" Seeing the minibus return, Shen Tao immediately drove over and said from the window. That officer next to him was staring at Jiang Liushi as if Jiang Liushi was a monster.

"Haha, little brother Jiang, don’t mind him. You shocked him." Shen Tao was pleased. Shi Ying Squad’s performance was excellent.

Then that officer couldn’t help but ask, "This… brother, where did you learn to shoot like that"

Jiang Liushi answered, "After doomsday, I learned from those two." Jiang Liushi looked over that freezer car and pointed at Zhang Hai and Sun Kun.

Jiang Liushi knew that it was hard to answer, so he decided to use Zhang Hai and Sun Kun.

That officer was shocked, and then he looked at Zhang and Sun and asked, "Did you receive training from the army?"

"Uh, I was a mechanic…"

"I, I was a postman…but I learned how to shoot when I was in school." Sun Kun said in confusion, "We just helped a little…’

"Did you learn how to shoot after doomsday?" That officer looked at Jiang Liushi in surprise.

"Captain Jiang." Zhang Jing had come.

[The MCV’s new function was launched.] Simultaneously, Sta.r.s.eed’s transmission came.