My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 199

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Chapter 198
Chapter 198: Using ‘Borrow’ As a Pretext?

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave


Originally, Jiang Liushi wanted to know what the new function was, and why that function was launched at that moment. But Zhang Jing had arrived, so Jiang Liushi had to talk with him first.

Jiang Liushi noticed that although Zhang Jing still had a severe expression, he was kinder toward him. When Zhang Jing walked in front of his MCV, he said, "Captain Jiang, you worked hard." And then Zhang Jing gave a military salute out of respect.

Seeing his respectful salute, Jiang Liushi’s eyes lit, and then he got off along with Jiang Zhuying.

"Shi Ying Squad’s contribution to this mission is invaluable, so I will write a report describing everything and send it to my leader after we return. I’ll request form higher-ups to record your meritorious deeds." Zhang Jing said.

"Thank you." Jiang Liushi nodded; he was very kind.

"Captain Jiang, you can join the army, and I’m sure you will have a very bright future with your ability and sharpshooting skills." Zhang Jing said. In fact, Zhang Jing appreciated Jiang Liushi’s special ability more than his sharpshooting skills. Because if his special ability could be used to refit military cars, the whole army would benefit. After doomsday, only people with real strength could win others’ respect. Zhang Jing had an entirely different att.i.tude toward Jiang Liushi.

Shen Tao was surprised and glad because Zhang Jing began to solicit Jiang Liushi and if Jiang agreed, he could be ranked as the third leader in the army.

However, Jiang Liushi shook his head immediately and said, "I’m sorry. I’m used to my freedom, so I’ll have to refuse to join the army." The supervision in the army was too strict, so it was not a suitable environment for Jiang Liushi.

"No problem, you can reconsider if you want. I hope we can cooperate with you again in the future." Zhang Jing was a little disappointed, but he could understand Jiang Liushi’s reasoning. But Shen Tao felt sad because he’d like to keep fighting alongside Jiang Liushi. 

After all the members of Fierce Wind Squad returned, Bo Zhengchong ordered the drivers to keep away from Jiang Liushi’s team. And he didn’t look Jiang Liushi anymore.

Zhang Jing noticed that and knew the reason, but he didn’t want to pay any attention to that matter at this critical moment.

"The gun was excellent, right? The gun’s net quality is only 11 kilograms, and its b.u.t.t can also be folded." Zhang Jing looked at Jiang Liushi and said suddenly.

"Yes, it’s an excellent gun." Jiang Liushi nodded.

Seeing Jiang Liushi holding that gun and returning to his minibus, that soldier suddenly became annoyed and shouted, "My gun!"

"You can go back and ask for a new one from your leader." That soldier sitting next to Shen Tao said with a smile.

"How many magazines do you have? I’ve used up most of the bullets in the magazine." Jiang Liushi asked from the minibus’ window.

That soldier, "..." He was speechless. He wondered whether Jiang Liushi had used the word ‘borrow’ as a pretext!?

After a while, the last zombie was killed, and the gunfire stopped abruptly. The whole toll station was filled with bodies and blood. The smell of blood mixed with gunpowder gave people a headache.

"Count our ammunition and examine the battlefield!" Chu Songming shouted. Several soldiers holding guns ran into the woods at once. However, what they were shocked by what they saw. Then they put the mutant zombie’s corpse into a woven bag quickly a

nd took it back because they had to send it to Shenhai Island’s scientific research inst.i.tute.

After the soldiers returned, a soldier reported something to Zhang Jing, and then Zhang Jing looked the minibus’ direction.

That soldier told that there was a wound on the mutant zombie’s chest with a lot of shriveled blood vessels. It seemed that something was taken out. Zhang Jing thought about it and then shook his head. Jiang Liushi killed that mutant zombie, so it was no ground for blame that Jiang Liushi took out the spoils of war. However, Zhang Jing would like to write this detail in his report.

Returning to his minibus, Jiang Liushi placed the blood nucleus on Sta.r.s.eed’s panel. That new function launched by Sta.r.s.eed was related to that mutant zombie obviously. Jiang Liushi was exhilarated because he wanted to know what that function would be. He guessed it should be connected to the MCV’s biological laboratories.

The biological laboratory could produce a variety of evolutionary gene fluids. With his fingers crossed through, the panel opened. A few options appeared immediately, so Jiang Liushi glanced at them.

- MCV’s energy

- Robot construction

- Camouflage

- Transformation

Except for the option ‘MCV’s energy' the other choices were in gray. So he just had one opportunity.

Jiang Liushi didn’t have any idea about those options, but he wanted to know. And then his eyes locked directly on the latter two choices. In particular the so-called ‘Transformation’!

[Transformation? Transformers?] A variety of scenes from science fiction suddenly emerged in Jiang Liushi’s mind…

Could it be possible? Unfortunately, Jiang Liushi didn’t know whether his guess was correct or not.

"MCV’s energy; One blood nucleus is necessary for any level. But each nucleus will have a different effect. Blood nuclei can give some special abilities to the MCV. For example, increased impact lasting for a minute; increased defense lasting for a minute; increased speed…" 
All of the MCV’s essential functions could be enhanced!