My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 201

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Zhou Long taking the binoculars went to the window and looked. Indeed! It was a convoy of 50 people, and they had several military vehicles and modified SUVs, and each person was loaded with weapons. Zhou Long even looked at an armored infantry car's interior!

They had heard the sound of gunfire far away, but they didn't expect that the convoy would pa.s.s through that town. He guessed that they killed that mutant zombie.

"Excellent!" Zhou Long's face beamed with delight.

They had been hiding in that building for several days because of that terrible mutant zombie. The military killed the zombie, which was a happy surprise for them. Really unexpected!

Zhou Long looked toward that farmhouse's direction, and he stared at that armored infantry car, which was a 92-wheeled infantry armored vehicle!

Before doomsday, Zhou Long was an army officer, that why he could tell what type of vehicle it was. After the virus outbreak, he had been transferred to the toll station not far away.

Zhou Long had watched many apocalypse-related movies, so he was aware of doomsday's rules. Strength was the only significant factor. Moreover, he was mighty, so at that critical time, Zhou Long made a decision quickly. He killed the company Commander and escaped. After that, Zhou Long regretted this incident. When he ran away, he just took a few guns and ammunition. He did not expect that the army would sell ammo to survivor squads.

But even so, with the help of several guns, many bullets and grenades he brought out, he quickly established his own force. He was the town's absolute leader.

"Infantry armored vehicles! They have so many machine guns and ammunition!" Zhou Long was staring at that direction with his shiny eyes.

That guy holding the binoculars just then asked, "Captain Long, do you want to attack them?"

"What!? Are you a fool?" Zhou Long glanced at him angrily. Although he had many members, all of whom he had chosen and trained, they couldn't stand against well-trained soldiers.

"Qiangzi, did you see those SUVs? They belong to survivors. I bet they'll get rich after completing the mission." Zhou Long held on his binoculars, and he looked toward those survivors' teams. "How can they live better than me?" Zhou Long decided to fight with those survivors. He noticed some people, dressed clean, getting off an SUV, holding one gun each in hand. Although Zhou Long had no shortage of food, he was trapped during those days without water, so only he could take a bath.

Zhou Long's vision swept away in that minibus, and compared with those SUVs, that minibus was too humble. But he suddenly looked back because three beautiful women with different styles were getting off! One was a s.e.xy beauty, looking very delicate with elegant temperament; her looks could light anyone's fire of desire. The other two girls were young and beautiful, with slender legs. The taller girl, more than 1.70cm, was carrying a longsword. And as for the last one... f*ck! She was pretty as a fairy.

Zhou Long's team also had some women, but those women hadn't taken a bath for a long time. They were filled with germs and had greasy hair. Comparing them with those three, he felt disgusted. Then, Zhou Long saw another young man walking down from the minibus, around 20 years old, who was even younger than him.

"What? Those three belong to that young man?"

"F*ck!" Zhou Long's eyes would spew fire out of jealousness. That young man accomplished what he had been dreaming for a long time. The reason why he ran away was that he wanted to lead such a debauchery life. He wanted to be an exceptional man with many women.

"The minibus is ready to leave." Qiangzi said suddenly. Zhou Long looked toward, and he saw the three beauties and that young man returning to that minibus. After a while the minibus moved toward the town center, leaving only the soldiers at the farmhouse. Zhou Long's eyes moved back and forth between the farmhouse and those teams.

"Let's follow them."

"Zhang Jing told us to scout, but I think that both teams want to search for supplies." Zhang Hai said to Jiang Liushi from his freezer car.

"I think that's what Zhang Jing really meant." Jiang Zhuying leaning on the window said. Although Zhang Jing was strict, he was a sensible person. It would be a win-win situation if those survivors could find some goods along the way. Both sides would be happy.

"Yep." Zhang Hai and Sun Kun nodded. Jiang Liushi looked at them being so happy but didn't say anything.

Although Jiang Liushi was rich, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were short of materials. Anyway, it would also be an excellent opportunity for them. However, when they just drove on the main road, Bo Zhengchong ordered his member to turn to another street because he did not want to deal with Jiang Liushi.

Apparently, he didn't want to cooperate with Jiang Liushi. "Let's stop here for a moment." Bo Zhengchong felt annoyed, so he'd like to calm down by smoking.

[Chu Songming is just a coward.] Bo Zhengchong thought, but he wanted to ask for his help once more.

However, as he was smoking, a burst of car engines sounded suddenly. "Who is it again?" Bo Zhengchong did not mind too much, so he sent a subordinate to check. When his aide got off, he suddenly screamed like he had seen a ghost and jumped back.

Bo Zhengchong saw the minibus!

In that relatively narrow street, the minibus was madly rushing toward them; it crashed any abandoned vehicle blocking its way. Hearing the minibus' deafening engine sound, Bo Zhengchong's subordinates were in total loss, not knowing what to do.

Bo Zhengchong's eyes were widely opened, and he shouted, "F*ck!"

Watching the minibus rushing over, Bo Zhengchong was in a panicked state. At the same time, he cursed Chu Songming in his heart!

"Drive back fast! Quickly! Quickly!" That driver, who was shocked to death, was actually in a daze. Bo Zhengchong cursed loudly and slapped him. That driver had been scared silly, and then he quickly stepped on the gas, like his life was relying on it.

"Bang!" The minibus. .h.i.t the SUV's rear, and the whole car suddenly trembled. Even though that car was modified and heavily fortified, the collision almost destroyed it. 

"Ah, ah, ah, ah!" That driver was crazily stepping on the gas. After witnessing how the minibus dealt with that mutant zombie, the driver was terrified.

"Stop!" Bo Zhengchong shouted, "We'll have to abandon this car, and sprint toward that supermarket!"

Bo Zhengchong believed that his decision was correct because, in that way, they could force Jiang Liushi to a close combat quarters fight. That supermarket was a bungalow, so the SUV accelerated crashing into it and killing all zombies inside. The driver suddenly stepped on the brakes, with his heart beating crazily. Bo Zhengchong picked up a gun and then jumped out of his car, "Everyone! Let's avenge our comrades!"

Not far away, two off-road vehicles were sneakily following. Zhou Long was following that minibus, but he didn't expect it would rush out like a raging bull. But he didn't understand why that SUV was driven into that supermarket. Moreover, it was terrific that the minibus was a refitted one with a high speed. It was evident that there were some conflicts between those survivors, so Zhou Long decided to observe first. He believed that luck was smiling at him.

It was like the story of the mantis stalking the cicada.