My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 202

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"Mutual destruction would be the best outcome, but we should protect the beauty." Zhou Long said happily, but he paid more attention to the firearms and ammo than the woman. Of course, if the beauty could be saved, then it would be better. He gave a glance to his younger brother, so his SUV stopped and stayed concealed at the alley's end. And then he raised the binoculars, finding a comfortable angle to witness the battle's progress.

Every zombie nearby had been attracted by the sound of the minibus' engine, so Zhou Long was pleased…

In that building, next to the house where Zhou Long lived, there was a relatively narrow house. There were 30 or so individuals in that room, men, and women. They had their hearts in their boots 1 , living in that disgusting place with all kinds of odorous smells.

Zhou Long's character was twisted. Since some people opposed him and injured one of his eyes, he often beat those survivors, even those flattering him. During this time he was in a bad mood because of being trapped. As a result, those survivors suffered a lot from him. And after these people had been hit, they had no choice but to wait for death because there were no drugs available. After they died, Zhou Long would naturally throw them outside, and zombies would eat their bodies.

A perfect silence prevailed in that room. Although they knew Zhou Long and his minions went out to catch new prey, they were indifferent; they had already suffered from his torture. Some of them had been found like that, but they did not have any energy to sympathize with others…

"Om!" Jiang Liushi's minibus stopped not far away from that supermarket. Hearing the sound, Bo Zhengchong shouted, "Jiang Liushi! What do you want to do?" After hiding in the supermarket, Bo Zhengchong calmed down and became happy hearing the minibus stop. He estimated that Jiang Liushi's minibus was unable to proceed further, so at that moment, Bo Zhengchong's courage came back again. Moreover, Bo Zhengchong became angry, and he shouted, "Jiang Liushi, are you crazy!? You dared to attack me here, do you think the military will approve of your methods? I can promise you that if you really want to make your enemy, you will not return to the first district of Shenhai Island!"

Internal strife during a mission was a taboo matter to the military. Shi Ying Squad would undoubtedly be removed from the first district of Shenhai Island.

"What a fool, he actually doesn't know the rules!" Bo Zhengchong cursed. However, at that moment, Bo Zhengchong heard the engine's sound coming from outside.

"Is he going to leave?" A young subordinate next to Bo Zhengchong spat and said, "He is an*le. I'd like to deal with him in the future."

Those guys had been following Bo Zhengchong for many years, so they knew what to do without communicating, a single glance was enough. Moreover, they were all good at tormenting people. However, Bo Zhengchong had an ominous feeling while they were discussing.

'Om!' A deafening sound was impressively approaching the supermarket!

"F*ck!" Bo Zhengchong shouted loudly, and then he suddenly jumped backward.

[F*ck your mom! I didn't bear a deep grudge against you. Why do you want to perish here with me?] Bo Zhengchong thought, and he believed that he had met a crazy man.

Although they believed that the minibus couldn't rush in, they still were very nervous. Ran Xiyu sitting in the co-pilot seat, listening to the 'bangs' issued by the minibus, watched everything from the spiritual word; she could see a fast-approaching fire.

When the minibus was about to hit the supermarket's door, Ran Xiyu could not help but be very nervous.

"Close your eyes." Jiang Liushi said.

Ran Xiyu did not know why he told her that, but hearing his command, she suddenly closed her eyes.

At that second, Jiang Liushi ordered to switch over the minibus' second form.


The ground was caving in while the speeding minibus was transforming. In the blink of an eye, the minibus changed into a ma.s.sive mining truck! And then it directly rushed into the supermarket.

In the supermarket, Bo Zhengchong and his subordinates preparing to shoot were caught off guard and had no time to react as a gust filled with dust and shattered gla.s.s stormed in, and then the whole supermarket collapsed! They didn't even have the chance to see how they died before the supermarket swallowed them!

Jiang Liushi switched his minibus back to the first form; it took only a second.

Ran Xiyu just felt that the car had violently b.u.mped. When she opened her eyes, the whole scene shocked her. The supermarket…had collapsed? It was amazing! She knew the minibus was strong and powerful, but she never expected that it could demolish a building.

"Ah?" Bo Zhengchong barely breathing was filled with blood, and then he weakly lifted a piece of cement board from his chest, "J- Ji- Jiang-"

"Bang!" A single shot was enough to silence him forever...

What he wanted to say was, "I'll be waiting for you in h.e.l.l." Unfortunately, he didn't have the chance to utter those words.

Zhou Long was standing aghast inside the SUV. His whole body trembled as if he had met ghosts. He thought he saw a colossal monster inside the fog. But what's that?

He couldn't understand how that minibus had demolished the supermarket! Horrified by the whole scene, Zhou Long felt it was fortunate that he didn't fight against Jiang Liushi. Otherwise, he would be killed.

"Wait a minute, why is that minibus approaching?" Zhou Long was terrified. He stared through the binoculars with wide opened eyes, and he found that minibus was rapidly getting closer. He even saw two people sitting inside the car. At that moment, the young man raised his hand and waved at him with a wide grin on his face.

'Whoosh!' Zhou Long felt creeps running down his spine. That young man had seen him?

"Run!" Zhou Long shouted! Unfortunately, an engine sound came from the other end of the alley. A freezer car was driven to the alley, and Ying and Zhuying were sitting inside. Being attacked from two sides, Zhou Long suddenly had a feeling of despair.

"Ah!" Zhou Long suddenly took up his Type 81 gun; actually, he was an excellent shooter.

"Bang!" He aimed at Jiang Liushi and shot. To his surprise, not only Jiang Liushi didn't die, but he also kept smiling.

Through Ran Xiyu's spiritual vision, Jiang Liushi had found that a group of people was following them.

In fact, the sudden appearance of that group gave Jiang Liushi a unique chance. Bo Zhengchong had temporarily tucked his tail but had been looking for opportunities to bite him. Coupled with the attempt, Jiang Liushi clearly knew that the Fierce Wind Squad was terrible.

As for Zhou Long…

"Who'd fall into your trap…" Jiang Liushi opened the window to a gap, and then he stretched out his Type 81. Jiang Liushi didn't know who that man was but didn't care at all. After all, Zhou Long's crimes deserved more than death. 

to be depressed or down-hearted