My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 208

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Chapter 207
Chapter 207: Unconditional Surrender

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave


One could imagine the scene of a two-story mining truck about 160 tons driving on the road! It was amazing. After all, Dreadnoughtus 1 , the biggest of the dinosaurs, weighed about 40 tons. That is a mining truck was equal to four Dreadnoughtus running together!

Wherever the mining truck pa.s.sed by, the roadbed could not hold up!

If it were the original mining truck, its speed wouldn’t be that fast, but after Sta.r.s.eed’s scanning, the mining truck was no longer what it was. Not only its maximum speed of no-load nearly reached to 100 kilometers per hour, it but also had the "Acceleration" and "Collision" functions. Of course, once those functions were launched, its fuel consumption would turn out to be a dreadful figure. However, the mining truck had a10 cubic meters spare fuel tank, and adding its own 4000L fuel tank, it could contain a total of 12 tons of diesel. It was enough for Jiang Liushi to drive it at an extreme speed traveling to and fro between Tongnan City and the first district of Shenhai Island several times.

The mining truck’s engine thundered. One unfortunate mutant mouse was attracted into its tire, and then the mouse was twisted into meat paste.

"Brother Jiang, this car is…" Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were utterly shocked. They couldn’t know what the car was because they were in it. But just looking at the height and width of the vehicle, as well as the roar of its engine, they could imagine how scary that car was!

At that time, Ying grabbed the steering wheel, looking at the front with her beautiful eyes. The distance to that military car was shortened rapidly. Jiang Liushi had opened the cab door, coming to the side of the vehicle. Next, to the cab of the mining truck, there was a platform with a ladder, which was an excellent sniping spot!

"F*ck your mother, what is that monstrosity?" Chu Songming was totally shocked by that huge monster. Actually, the whole highway was filled up with that car! No matter mutant mice or zombies, they were inferior by comparison. How was it possible? Where did Jiang Liushi get that car from? Chu Songming’s brain became chaotic, and he did not witness the minibus transforming into a mining truck, so he instinctively thought that Jiang Liushi changed to another car. After all, the transformation of a vehicle was a challenge to his mentality. Moreover, he didn’t have the time at all. Even if he got a chance, but where to find that huge monster? Why didn’t he notice it? 

"Accelerate!" Chu Songming immediately turned to the soldier driving his armored vehicle. Behind, that giant truck was even faster than his armored car! The soldier could not help but sweat from his forehead.

After doomsday, the road condition was poor initially with lots of obstacles. Moreover, the maximum speed of the 92-type infantry armored vehicle was about 85 km/h.

"Shoot!" Chu Songming shouted, "Ruin that car!" Chu Songming issued an order, but no soldier was moving. After all, Chu Songming was not their Commander!

At first, the soldier also wanted to escape so he could drive quickly by instinct, which just conformed to Chu Songming's order. Now, however, all the soldiers hesitated.

"F*ck, do you want to be flattened by that big truck!?" Chu Songming pushed the soldier and personally controlled the machine gun on the armored car.

It had a 25 mm machine gun, which was able to penetrate a light tank so it could ruin that mining truck easily. Chu Songming was about to shoot, however, at that moment…

"Bang!" A gunshot came. It directly hit the machine gun on that ar

mored car. In front of AMR-2 sniper rifle, the equipment of that armored car was almost just like tools made of paper. It was directly shredded! Jiang Liushi’s accurate shot hit the barrel at once. But he did not stop, pulling the bolt, and then on a round of bullets.

"Bang!" Even other guns side-by-side that machine gun had been shot. To date, the 92-wheeled armored car was like a tiger without its claws without any threat. As a result, Jiang Liushi had put himself in an invincible position. And then, Jiang Liushi pushed the third round of ammunition, aiming at the rear of that armored vehicle. As long as Jiang Liushi pulled the trigger, the sniper rifle’s bullets would penetrate the rear part of that armored vehicle! Then, bullets that lost stability due to penetrating the steel plate would tumble, bounce, and ricochet in that armored vehicle, turning its cab into a killing field!

However, Jiang Liushi did not pull the trigger. After all, his enemy was just Chu Songming, while the others in that car were innocent. Jiang Liushi was determined to kill Chu Songming, but he wasn’t a sanguinary guy.

At that time, the mining truck had escaped from that zombies’ tide. Although they were fierce, they ran with their two legs. That group of mutant mice couldn’t catch up at all, so they were safe for the time being. 

"Ran Xiyu, can you transmit your voice into that armored car?" As Ran Xiyu's ability evolved further, she had significantly increased the distance of information transmission.

"I could try it." Ran Xiyu nodded.

"Tell them to stop! Otherwise, I will attack!" Jiang Liushi said in a cold voice. The post-apocalyptic environment had influenced Jiang Liushi gradually enabling him to kill his enemies without a second thought.

"Stop at once! Drop your weapons! Otherwise, you will be shot!" Ran Xiyu's voice transmitted into that armored car while echoing in Zhang Jing and Chu Songming’s ears!