My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 209

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Chapter 208
Chapter 208: Last Warning

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave

Hearing the voice of Ran Xiyu, Zhang Jing and Chu Songming were stunned for a moment. They were soldiers, and they had always ordered others put down their weapons. However, it was their turn now. Moreover, they had offered that AMR-2 sniper rifle to Jiang Liushi. Zhang Jing believed that Jiang Liushi would shoot immediately if they didn’t stop at once.

Chu Songming suddenly turned around and looked at Zhang Jing with his red eyes. After Jiang Liushi giving such a warning, Chu Songming was just like a beast at a dead end. He refused to stop and drop his weapon! Jiang Liushi never let off a single bad one!

"Chu Songming!" Zhang Jing immediately touched his waist. He wanted to pull out his gun, but Chu Songming had quietly lifted a grenade out. He looked at Zhang Jing coldly, and his other hand raised his pistol aiming at Zhang Jing. And then he whispered word by word, "Continue driving." Zhang Jing incredulously looked at Chu Songming, who actually threatened with a grenade! Several people in that car had become his bargaining chip! Then Chu Songming responded in his mind, "We can discuss in a civilized manner. I can give you weapons. Are you interested?" Chu Songming thought since Ran Xiyu could transmit her thought, she could also hear what he was thinking. 

Weapons were vital to survivors. Chu Songming believed that Jiang Liushi would be moved with that condition. As long as Jiang Liushi was tempted, he would hesitate! At the same time, Chu Songming said to Zhang Jing, "Commander Zhang, please order the military vehicles behind us to attack and intercept them." Actually, Chu Songming would not entrust his on that transaction. He just wanted to stall them and do whatever he could to survive!

Zhang Jing was furious. After all, he had witnessed Shi Ying Squad’s strength. If he issued such an order, who would bear the military’s huge losses?

"Commander Zhang!" Chu Songming placed his finger on the pistol’s trigger, while he held the grenade with his other hand. If more time pa.s.sed, the danger would increase.

"I will give you five seconds to consider. Five!" Chu Songming said quietly.

At this time, in mining the truck, Ran Xiyu conveyed Chu Songming’s words to Jiang Liushi. After hearing that, Jiang Liushi sneered. No matter whether Chu Songming was sincere or not, he wasn't interested in his words. Moreover, what Chu Songming said meant that he rejected his warning.

[Since they don’t want to stop, then…] Jiang Liushi said to himself while looking through the sniper scope.

Everyone’s actions in that armored car had been slowed down. But Jiang Liushi concentrated all of his attention to the armored vehicle’s tire. It had six tires in total. However, it was useless to just shot one of the rear tires, so Jiang Liushi decided to hit one of its front tires. Of course, it was challenging for anyone to shoot a running tire at 85 kilometers per hour just through a small gap. Jiang Liushi suddenly pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

"Bang!" The tire suddenly burst into black smoke, and then the entire car trembled.

"Four..." In that armored vehicle, Chu Songming's body followed to shake heavily.

"What happened?"

"Our tires were hit!" Soldiers in the driving cab shouted.

Finally, Chu Songming was unable to maintain his calm facade! He didn’t expect that Jiang Liushi would shoot without a second thought.

"Bang!" Jiang Liushi made another shoot. Two consecutive shots made by the AMR-2 completely tore that tire. Although the 92-type infantry armored vehicle’s tires were b

ullet-proof, it couldn’t endure after AMR-2 sniper rifle’s two bullets in a row in the same spot!

The whole tire was exuding thick smoke, and their vision was obscured by billowing black smoke in front. That armored infantry vehicle could no longer maintain its balance; the tire was making harsh friction sounds on, leaving two deep black marks.

‘Squeak!’ That armored infantry vehicle stopped!

"That’s my last warning! Have Chu Songming get out in two seconds. Otherwise the next shot... is not going to land on the tires!" Jiang Liushi said.

Ran Xiyu nodded, and then she immediately transmitted Jiang Liushi’s words. This time, she sent the content to everyone’s minds on that vehicle. They were totally shocked, and cold sweat covered their foreheads.

Chu Songming’s brain momentarily stopped working. He was sure that Jiang Liushi would shoot him, but he was unwilling to die!

Zhang Jing intuitively felt that Jiang Liushi would force the armored vehicle to stop! He determined that they couldn’t fight against Jiang Liushi. Otherwise, the army would undoubtedly suffer heavy losses! And those soldiers had complicated expressions because Chu Songming was the reason Jiang Liushi attacked them.

After hearing Ran Xiyu’s words, two soldiers exchanged glances, and then they immediately opened the door.

"How do you dare!?!" Chu Songming was very frightened, but at this moment, Zhang Jing had roared loudly, putting Chu Songming's muzzle suddenly to the side.

"Bang!" A shot was fired and landed in a backseat.

Zhang Jing and the soldiers jumped out of the armored vehicle. Jiang Liushi had given them two seconds, and in one second, everyone had abandoned the car, discarding Chu Songming! In that armored vehicle, only Chu Songming was left.

Chu Songming was deathly pale and no longer calm. The tire and weapons on the car were all damaged. He held a pistol and a grenade, only to feel sweat dripping from his forehead. He did not expect that just in an instant only he was waiting for the G.o.d of Death.

Myriad ideas flashed in Chu Songming’s mind, but in the end, he had no way to escape.

[I surrender!] Chu Songming said in his mind. Even as the sound of his voice died away, he stood up from the car holding a notebook, while still holding the grenade.