My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 210

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Chu Songming looked at the mining truck not far away from him, but because of the direction, he couldn't see Jiang Liushi. "I can understand your anger completely, but can you let me leave a few parting words to my father? My father has only one son, so I just want to leave him a note that you can check its content. My father will investigate what happened if he doesn't get my note. He is an officer of the Central Military Commission, so it is not difficult to investigate this matter." At the last moment, he hoped his father could save him.

Chu Songming's father was very influential in the military. As a result, if Jiang Liushi wanted to return to the first district of Shenhai Island, he had to take what Chu Songming just said into consideration.

The mining truck quieted down.

Chu Songming took a light breath. Fortunately, his father played a significant role. As long as Jiang Liushi dreaded his father's status, then he would survive. He believed that he could turn his hopes into reality.

Zhang Jing silently listened to these words. And if he were Jiang Liushi, he would hesitate. The Central Military Commission was the most important department of Shenhai Island. Undoubtedly, Chu Songming's father was paramount and powerful. In comparison, although Jiang Liushi was powerful, actually he was just an ordinary person.

By convention, the little fish could not eat the big fish. After doomsday, although strength was the most critical thing for respecting, the top leaders were top leaders. In fact, Shenhai Island was indeed a special place, where people could live safely and steadily gain resources.

"Jiang Liushi, I know you were hurt by my foolish actions, but you are fine. So as long as you forgive me, I will compensate you for everything I've done. I can give you anything you want. However, if you shoot me, you'll be unable to take a single step in the first district of Shenhai Island…"

Chu Songming continued, but suddenly-

"Bang!" A gunshot came.

Chu Songming's ears stopped hearing the slightest sound after that shot, and a touch of bright red color appeared in his field of vision, while a gigantic, terrible force subsequently threw him back. It was his warm blood that splashed on his face!

For a second, he felt numb all over his body, and then a tidal wave of pain struck him!

"Ah!" Chu Songming screamed uncontrollably. His eyes were filled with red blood, but he still noticed that his right arm was missing. It was a nightmare! His whole arm turned into meat paste.

"Ah!" Chu Songming constantly screamed due to intense pain, while his body was spasming. Moreover, he could not control it! As a soldier, Chu Songming was very clear that on the battlefield, being hit at any part of the body by a sniper rifle, the soldier would immediately lose combat effectiveness. And then he would be doomed to die!

An arm was no exception! A human body would have about 4000 milliliters of blood. In the next few seconds, he would lose 1000 milliliters' blood and lose consciousness, and finally, die in despair. Then, those zombies would rush over, eating him entirely.

"No! No!" In despair and pain, Chu Songming's mind collapsed. He thought there was still hope, but in the blink of an eye, he plunged into a deeper h.e.l.l.

Zhang Jing glanced at Jiang Liushi, and then he looked at Chu Songming on the ground. It was the first time that great battle-hardened soldier felt spine-chilling coldness,

Chu Songming tried to rely on his status, but Jiang Liushi shot at once without any hesitation…

Zhang Jing dropped his gun showing he wasn't an enemy.

"This is a personal grudge. Chu Songming disobeyed orders first so as a Commander, I will not intervene in your affairs." Zhang Jing said patiently. After he made clear where he stands, he went straight to a military vehicle. That armored infantry vehicle had been sc.r.a.pped, and he could only continue to retreat with that army vehicle. Zhang Jing had utterly given up Chu Songming, and he wouldn't oppose Shi Ying Squad.

"Zhang Jing! Jiang…Jiang Liushi! You…have to die…My father…father…" Chu Songming bit his teeth and gashed out those words. However, he was at his last breath.

"F*cker. You are pathetic!" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun jumped from the car. They jumped out and then they saw the giant truck's exterior. It was amazing! But they had to do some more important things.

"Bang!" Zhang Hai walked in front of Chu Songming, and then kicked in Chu Songming's face and cursed, "F*ck you. You stabbed us in the back. Who is your daddy? I am your daddy!"

Chu Songming only groaned with a pale face without any energy to say anything. He could just feel that Zhang Hai and Sun Kun kicked him in turns.

That scene was dreadful to everyone's mind. As a result, they all understood that they couldn't offend Jiang Liushi anymore.