My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 220

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Chapter 219
Chapter 219: Ready! Set! Go!

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave

w.a.n.g Jianlang's special ability was a sniper's wet dream. He had strong eyesight, which could not be affected by day or night. Using a large caliber sniper rifle, he could shoot enemies accurately. As a result, n.o.body could elude w.a.n.g Jianlang's shots.

As for that guy named Wolf brother, his special ability was related to close quarters combat. He made up for w.a.n.g Jianlang's shortcomings, so the two of them had each other's backs. 

But even so, Li Yuxin still had a strong feeling of uneasiness. She felt it would not go as smooth as planned. She was worried about that terrible monster. Would they be able to kill it with just a sniper rifle?

"Captain w.a.n.g, I...I..." Li Yuxin seeing w.a.n.g Jianlang, wanted to say something but she hesitated, "Could I follow you on the mission?" 

Li Yuxin's question shocked everyone. And then w.a.n.g Shiqi asked in confusion, "Yuxin, you're not a fighter, so how can you go with the army? Moreover, you will experience all kinds of hardships. Can you accept..."

Li Yuxin just bit her lips, but she didn't say anything. She also knew that her demand was strange and unrealistic. However, she didn't expect w.a.n.g Jianlang question, "Li Yuxin, you were Shiqi's cla.s.smate, so your Major must have been in medicine, right?"

Li Yuxin was stunned for a moment, and then she answered, "Yes."

w.a.n.g Jianlang said, "In this mission, a majority of the military will be sent. Amongst them, there'll be four ambulances carrying medical staff and nurses." He continued, " The ambulances will follow because of two reasons. One is that lots of soldiers will probably get wounded, and the other is that many of the scientists are old and weak. They've been trapped in the nuclear power plant for many days., so we want to provide them a better environment…"

Listening what w.a.n.g said, Li Yuxin was greatly excited, and she said hastily, "Captain w.a.n.g, I've been on a field trip to a hospital. Although I couldn't keep up with the experienced doctors, I could operate all the basic medical equipment. I will try my best. Please give me a chance." It was indeed an excellent opportunity for Li Yuxin.

"Hm...As long as you can pa.s.s the doctor's a.s.sessment, you can follow with the army. How about you Shiqi?" w.a.n.g Jianlang asked his sister.

Actually, w.a.n.g Shiqi lacked in self-confidence. Although she was Li Yuxin's cla.s.smate, her academic performance was poor. Moreover, that mission was difficult, so she was afraid of it. However, she believed that her outstanding brother would protect her, so she nodded and said, "I'll only accept if you protect me."

"No problem, take it easy." w.a.n.g Jianlang said calmly. And then he took out a pen and paper to write the doctor's address for Li Yuxin. Li Yuxin carefully folded the paper and put it in her pocket…

[Mom, grandfather, you must stay safe…]

That old General was true to his word. He had someone deliver the 15 mutant nuclei and 1,000 sniper rifle bullets he promised on time.

Jiang Liushi decided to refit his MCV at once. If he used 18 mutant nuclei, his MCV would acquire an entirely new outlook. Its tires and bullet-proof gla.s.s would undergo a qualitative upgrade, while its armor would be replaced with the special alloy!

Jiang Liushi almost used up everything he got to refit his MCV. This refitting lasted for one day and one night. In the next morning, when Jiang Liushi saw the new MCV, he became thrilled. Although the MCV's exterior didn't look different, his MCV was entirely different; th

e newly upgraded tires could even withstand a machine gun's bullets.

With those precautionary measures, Jiang Liushi felt much safer.

"How about Xiyu? Did she wake up?" Jiang Liushi asked his sister. Last night, following the old General's instructions, Ran Xiyu consumed five evolutionary crystals. As a result, she ran a high fever and talked deliriously. Jiang Zhuying and Ying took care of her all night. They placed Ran Xiyu in a bathtub, filled with warm water, and they kept wiping her sweat. At two o'clock in the morning, her body temperature returned to normal.

"Yes, she is awake."

"Okay, we should proceed." Jiang Liushi had arranged their food provisions and weapons, so he got in the MCV.

At this moment, he saw Ran Xiyu. 

He didn't know the reason, but he noticed that Ran Xiyu's skin had reached perfection. She became even more beautiful just like a top model.

Noticing Jiang Liushi's gaze, Ran Xiyu lowered her head. She said with her reddish cheeks, "Thank you, Brother Jiang." Her thanks carried lots of emotions in it. Ran Xiyu was deeply grateful to Jiang Liushi. In Ran Xiyu's heart, Jiang Liushi was her benefactor.

Ran Xiyu's special ability had reached its peak, and she was the top paranormal in Senhai Island. It was all thanks to Jiang Liushi's strength that her ability could reach such heights, so she decided to do her best!

"Get on." Jiang Liushi said calmly. And then Ran Xiyu and Jiang Zhuying got on his MCV. Sun Kun and Zhang Hai had acquired a Golden Prince heavy truck from the military, so they drove that to follow Jiang Liushi's minibus.

When they reached military base's gate, Jiang Liushi saw the mission convoy. A dozen dark green military vehicles were prepared. In addition, infantry fighting vehicles, Type 99 tanks, and ambulances were all arranged too. Compared to the last mission to Tongnan City, this mission was really well-planned. After all, the zombie tide would threaten the region's security.

Jiang Liushi was thinking about this, but then he suddenly heard, "Jiang Liushi, is it really you?"