My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 226

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The minibus' speed was very fast, at the same time, after fully upgrading the armor, its security was also significantly improved.


Zombies in front of them were like bowling pins after a strike; none of them stayed standing. Other zombies coming from both sides to attack the high-speed minibus followed the same fate.

Ying stepped on the gas while her hands were clutching the steering wheel. The roaring engine sounded like a beast.


A zombie holding a big piece of iron bar jumped up, but it Jiang Liushi shot it down at once.

"Captain Jiang! Captain Jiang! Please do not leave the team! Immediately retreat!" Lin Yaoshan's voice came from the walkie-talkie.

Jiang Liushi didn't have the time to respond. He was using his brain domain to the fullest, and everything in his field of vision had slowed down. He wanted to find the two mutant zombies as soon as possible, or else they'd attack again. Jiang Liushi didn't want to give them such an opportunity.

Fortunately, Ran Xiyu remembered and focused on their wavelengths; they were like fireflies dancing at night in her domain. She transmitted in real time to Ying and Jian Liushi their current positions and every little change. They cooperated with each other to chase after those two mutant zombies!

The minibus' body was enveloped with Jiand Zhuying electricity, which stunned and shook off the zombies attacking them from the sides. After a while, the minibus was in the deepest part of the zombie tide.

"Please keep calm, Shiqi. We should do our best to deal with your brother's wounds. Stop crying!" Li Yuxin was comforting the crying w.a.n.g Shiqi while looking outward.

[Jiang Liushi took action on his own?] She did not see them at the beginning until she looked at the zombies' group.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun stayed behind and just shot one zombie after the other because their car was ordinary. They didn't want to burden Brother Jiang with their safety.

"I hope no other accident happens..." Li Yuxin looked very nervous. She was quite worried about Jiang Liushi's safety.

"Brother!" At that time, the ambulance stopped next to the sniper team's car. And then w.a.n.g Jianlang was quickly carried to the ambulance. w.a.n.g Shiqi looked at her brother, and could not help but cry out loud.

"Hurry up and treat the wound!" Said the observer, who carried w.a.n.g Jianlang.

Li Yuxin was also shocked by w.a.n.g Jianlang's wounds, but she tried her best to calm down. And then she started treating the injury.

"Shiqi, prepare to sew the wound." Li Yuxin ordered.

"Uh?" w.a.n.g Shiqi was shocked by Li Yuxin's words.

"Hurry up! We have no time." Li Yuxin became rigorous.

w.a.n.g Shiqi quickly took the hemostatic agent and began to treat her brother's wound. As soon as w.a.n.g Shiqi used her tools to touch the wound, w.a.n.g Jianlang's body twitched, and a beast-like sound came from his throat. w.a.n.g Shiqi was trembling and crying while dealing with the injury, "Brother…"

"Do not cry." w.a.n.g Jianlang extruded a few words.

"Where are those mutant zombies?" w.a.n.g Jianlang asked that observer. At that moment, he really hated the two mutant zombies in his heart.

"I don't know." That observer answered.

"How about Shi Ying squad?" w.a.n.g Jianlang asked again. Jiang Liushi indeed gave him a critical warning. Although he was wounded, he was still trying to fathom Jiang Liushi's spot-on order!

"They are chasing the mutant zombies." That observer said.

"What? Stupid action!" w.a.n.g Jianlang shouted, and his wound ached. Actually, medicines were now also a kind of critical resources, and their value was priceless. w.a.n.g Jianlang's injury was too serious. As a result, they gave him an injection, but it needed some time before being effective.

He totally disagreed with Jiang Liushi's decision. What's more, the two mutant zombies were quite good at sneak-attacks. If they attacked Jiang Liushi, the loss of the army would be enormous.

At that time, the minibus was a few hundred meters away. It crazily pulverized the zombies standing in its way and created a b.l.o.o.d.y path. However, it was totally submerged in the sea of zombies. If Jiang Liushi hadn't upgraded the minibus, he wouldn't rush in like that.
Seeing the scene, all the soldiers were shocked by the minibus' power.

"What kind of car is that?" They whispered to each other.

"They resurfaced." Ran Xiyu said suddenly.

"One is coming…its speed is fast, behind you…" Listening to Ran Xiyu, Jiang Liushi suddenly changed the muzzle's direction.

Thanks to the brain domain working at full power, Jiang Liushi noticed that mutant zombie. It was a female mutant zombie, about sixteen or seventeen years old, and it jumped in the air holding an iron bar. Truth be told, she looked like an ordinary person. Moreover, she was beautiful.