My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 237

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Chapter 236
Chapter 236: Psychic Monster

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave

"Yuxin! Yuxin!" Su Tong felt that all of her strength had been drained after seeing her daughter's wound. Li Yuxin was the main reason she was striving to survive. As a biology professor, Su Tong knew clearly what her daughter's wound meant, and she fainted on the spot.

Su Guangqi's body was trembling, and his face was pale. It was a heavy blow for him. "Save her, please! Please!"

Jiang Liushi was also like a duck in a thunderstorm. He was heartbroken. He immediately went to the storage room to take drugs. But those ordinary medicines couldn't treat Li Yuxin's severe wound. Li Yuxin's breathing was thin as a thread, and she opened her mouth but said nothing. She struggled to look at her fainted mother and then at Jiang Liushi. He immediately understood what she wanted. 

Li Yuxin was aware of her fate the moment she rushed to save Ran Xiyu. But Li Yuxin didn't hesitate in the least! Saving Ran Xiyu meant that the others would live too, including her mother and grandfather.

"Transfusion! Blood transfusion!" Su Guangqi holding Li Yuxin cried and shouted. However, in the radiation area, it was impossible to complete a blood transfusion. "Draw my blood. Both of us have O-type blood." Su Guangqi said, and he was about to take off his protective clothes. But he was stopped by Ran Xiyu, "Professor Su, please keep calm. There is something wrong with the whole situation…"

Ran Xiyu was deeply grateful to Li Yuxin, but she felt there was something wrong. She had been keeping her ability active all this time, but the pain she felt before not only didn't disappear, but it became more intense. It meant only one thing, the monster was still alive!

Ran Xiyu could clearly feel that its mental fluctuations were unstable. She noticed that Song Qianwen's mouthpiece had disappeared and her appearance had restored back to normal. However, there was no trace of her soul.

[Her soul has vanished!? Did the monster hide in her body and controlled her body with its psychic power?] Ran Xiyu thought. At first, she thought that the monster possessed Song Qianwen with its psychic ability, but never could she have imagined that it was residing in her body too. That's why her face changed. But now, the monster had abandoned Song Qianwen's body.

[Well…] Ran Xiyu looked up to Li Yuxin at once. She was surprised to find that some tiny red lines were extending from the mouthpiece, and they slowly stopped Li Yuxin's blood loss.

"What is this?" Jiang Liushi also saw that scene. His face became pale. Thes mouthpiece seemed that…it slowly melted into Li Yuxin's body.

"It's terrible. The monster wants to take over Li Yuxin's body!" Ran Xiyu shouted. "I know its true goal. First, it occupied Song Qianwen's body and then it wanted to kill me so that it could take over my body and control everyone!"

"It's just…the situation has changed. It failed to take over my body, but it occupied Li Yuxin's body successfully. Actually, it had no choice but to occupy Li Yuxin's body. Otherwise, it was likely to die." Ran Xiyu explained. And then she said regrettably, "I'm so sorry. It's my fault. I didn't expect the monster's mental attack…" Actually, Ran Xiyu had a splitting headache at the moment. The monster's psychic ability was probably stronger than hers.

"What should we do?" Jiang Liushi asked. He noticed that half of the mouthpiece had melted.

"Should we pull it out?" Ying also asked. But Jiang Liushi rejected the idea directly because Li Yuxin would die the moment they tried to extract it.

"We don't have time. If I'm not wrong, the mouthpiece works as a subst.i.tute to the monster's body," Ran Xiyu said because she could feel the energy fluctuation from the mouthpiece.

"Ran Xiyu, do you have any methods?" Jiang Liushi asked urgently. "What if you try to control… What would happen if you used your full power to suppress that monster?"

Ran Xiyu's eyes lit after listening to Jiang Liushi's suggestion. She nodded immediately and then unearthed every bit of her power to give it a try.