My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 239

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Chapter 238
Chapter 238: Wake Up

Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave

This was…the school campus of Xinya High School of Jinling. When the cla.s.s bell rang, Li Yuxin walked into the cla.s.sroom at a loss with the crowd. All the students were wearing a sophisticated school uniform with a mixture of European and American style. After all, Xinya High School was a private school for Jinling's n.o.bility. In order to increase the school's reputation, the related staff spent a lot of effort on the school uniforms. As a result, they were of exquisite workmanship, excellent style and fashion. Compared with many other uniforms, they were really different, so no one complained about this.

Li Yuxin strolled back to her seat, looking out the window of the corridor. The afternoon sun was dazzling. Outside the corridor was the playground, but it was empty during that time. The windows looked like shining gems as the sun's rays spread over their surface.

[Is this a dream?] Li Yuxin was as if absorbed in thought. She turned around and saw a male student, at the same desk with her, wearing a st.u.r.dy school uniform, and in front of him, a pile of thick books was put on the desk. However, his stationery, school bag, and shoes were very simple. His name was Jiang Liushi, and his family's condition was not very good. He relied on his academic records to study in the private school, and because of his full scholarship, he could handle the expenses there.

At that moment, the sun's rays pa.s.sed through the window and descended upon Jiang Liushi's face. Through that angle, Li Yuxin could see the beautiful fuzz on his face.

Jiang Liushi, wearing a straight white shirt, was flexibly turning the carbon pen in his hands. His action was very nice, but the old-fashioned short man who taught mathematics apparently did not appreciate it, so he confiscated several of Jiang Liushi's pens because he played with them in cla.s.s. But later, because of his outstanding performance in Math, the old-fashioned math teacher finally gave up on trying to reform that remarkable student. As a result, he turned a blind eye to Jiang Liushi's habit.

At that lazy afternoon, Jiang Liushi, wearing a straight white shirt, was thinking about a math problem. Li Yuxin had to admit that his thinking expression, coupled with the school uniform, made him look very attractive.

Li Yuxin inadvertently looked at Jiang Liushi face, and it was as if everything around turned quiet. Only the sound of the pen's tip across paper could be heard. It also recorded the pa.s.s of time. In that bizarre dream, the young man who relied on his scholarship to improve his life became the hero in shining armor who saved her. She still remembered the scene where he was armed with a sniper rifle and drove into the zombies' group. 

"My name is Jiang Liushi. When my parents named me, they hadn't in their mind Du Fu's poem. Actually, they just wanted me to become like a rock in the heart of the river. In other words, they wanted me to withstand the impact of the running and calm water." Li Yuxin remembered his self-introduction. He indeed achieved his parents' wish. In contrast, Li Yuxin just grew up in an excellent scientific environment offered by her parents. However, she had a lot of questions to ask Jiang Liushi.

Once she didn't know how to deal with a mathematical problem, she would ask Jiang Liushi...but sometimes she felt embarra.s.sed. She looked at Jiang Liushi's face and remembered that dream again. It was too long but too realistic…

"Jiang…Jiang Liushi" Li Yuxin whispered. But it was strange, Jiang Liushi's face had changed. He was still wearing a white shirt, but it seemed that he had experienced many hardships.

"Yuxin, next Tuesday, y

ou must stay at home with your parents. You shouldn't go anywhere. The best option is if you stay in different rooms and once that happens just lock yourselves inside. I will come for you. There's a very important reason! This is a life-and-death matter!" 1 Jiang Liushi said suddenly. She had heard those words before, it didn't feel like a dream. But at the same time it was a dream. Li Yuxin felt it was quite difficult to breathe…and the school disappeared, then the playground disappeared…Zombies were everywhere…

Bullets! War! Death!

[Here is …the first district of Shenhai Island? Was it attacked?]

The st.u.r.dy wall had collapsed! Large groups of zombies rushed into the first district of Shenhai Island. Li Yuxin, wearing a blood-stained white coat, was a field medic. She also held a scalpel in her hand…it seemed like it was just a part of her body…

"Doctor Li, we don't have time, you should complete the surgery immediately."

[Only I'm able to complete the surgery?] Li Yuxin was lost in her thought…

All of a sudden, she realized that she was gradually changing.

She had grown older, and she had become an excellent medic who could perform some surgeries all alone. In Li Yuxin's eyes, there were only her own hands and the wound. However, the soldier lying on the bed changed slowly. He was dressed in red clothes, and he had long hair, and then his appearance turned to that of a little girl's. She had exquisite facial features like a doll, but her lips formed a wicked smile.

"What's the zombie girl doing here?" Li Yuxin shouted and moved back suddenly.

At that moment, a powerful hand seized her and shouted, "Yuxin, wake up! Wake up! It's just a dream." The voice was rapid and powerful. She turned her body, and then everything in the surrounding environment disappeared.

A moment later, her blurred vision slowly became clear. She saw a handsome face, which she was familiar with. "Jiang…Jiang Liushi." Li Yuxin said with difficulty.