My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: This Is Not a Minibus, It Is a Sports Car
[The tank upgrade has been completed, the gasoline storage capacity is 10 cubic meters, equipped with an automatic gasoline withdrawal device, and the host can transmit gasoline information to the Star...]

The internal structure of the new fuel tank appeared
in front of Jiang Liushi. Jiang Liushi found that it was not just the fuel tank that had been upgraded, but the engine's injectors, pipes, and intake pipes were all upgraded.

Originally, it was a small capacity tank, which could not afford a lot of gasoline consumption, but now he was not worried about this problem anymore. With an upgraded fuel tank, it could better support the big horsepower engine that the car was equipped with. In particular, this "automatic gasoline withdrawal device" was a surprise to Jiang Liushi. With this, he wouldn’t have to manually to withdraw gasoline from other vehicles.

The fuel tank had been upgraded, and Jiang Liushi couldn't wait to try it. He brought a bucket with a small amount of gasoline and put it into the tank. Without the need for a b.u.t.ton, Jiang Liushi pa.s.sed an order to the Sta.r.s.eed.

With a "click" sound the gas tank opened automatically, then a metal tube protruded from inside. This tube was a part of the upgradation, he didn’t know about the material used, and Jiang Liushi could see on top of the metal tube movable claws and a flashing light device, it seemed to be a detector. The probe turned around till it detected the barrel, then the metal pipe stretched out toward the barrel, in a few seconds the little gasoline in the barrel was taken away.

The tubing, which could suck gasoline from gasoline drums, could also be connected with refueling guns at gas stations. Jiang Liushi’s mind controlled the metal tube to extend further.
After the test, Jiang Liushi made sure that the longest stretching distance of the metal tube was 10 meters. That result satisfied Jiang Liushi, because it meant the MCV could absorb gas without him getting out of the minibus. It was more convenient and safe, after all, every time he had tried to acquire gasoline he needed a lot of time, and naturally the risk was great. Urban gas stations were more dangerous, it was very possible facing a zombie. The minibus was like a brand-new one. Jiang Liushi wanted to set out to look for Jiang Zhuying.

Before the end of the day had come, Jiang Liushi had completed the MCV’s transformation…

Now driving along the road to Nanjing City, because a lot of things happened and delayed them so long, Jiang Liushi was very anxious. He did not know how Jiang Zhuying was.

[Get the gasoline first, fill up the new tank, and then look for Jiang Zhuying,] Jiang Liushi thought.

He opened the door and jumped into the MCV.

"Boom!" The garage door was destroyed by Jiang Liushi.

[Hm? It seems that the acceleration system works better.] He felt that he was driving a sports car rather than a minibus.

Variable speed, variable direction, were all very flexible. The MCV had a large capacity tank that made all kinds of suppressed performance get to work.

The corresponding fuel consumption reached a higher level. Under the conditions of fuel-efficient driving, the MCV needed 35L per hundred kilometers. It sounded big, but considering all aspects of the base car and the others, it was too fuel-efficient. Of course, the premise was not to use the Collision function, the Air Cannon and so on.

In any case, it was true that Jiang Liushi was driving a gasoline tiger with the strongest fighting capacity…

If he could find a gas station that hadn’t been looted, it could be driven for nearly 30,000 kilometers. That was equal to running three quarters of the earth's equator! It was indeed willful with a bigger gasoline tank


"Dididi –"

Jiang Liushi used the horn in front of the black house. Hiding in the small building, Wen Xiaotian ran out quickly with messy hair and sleepy eyes. It was clear that she had just woken up, running out in a
hurry. After seeing Jiang Liushi, Wen Xiaotian felt a little embarra.s.sed.

Soon, her gaze shifted to the Mobile Construction Vehicle. The original Mobile Construction Vehicle, had its front smashed, one could almost see the shape of the boar's head.

But now, everything was fixed just like it was before. It was so cool! Repairing the car sheet metal was not simple work. Although Wen Xiaotian did not quite understand its specific process, she was clear that at least a skilled professional would be needed to fix it. Jiang Liushi was a rich second generation. How did he actually accomplish it all alone?

The weirdest thing was... Even the windshield was fixed. How did the windshield get repaired as a new one? Did the recycling station store windshields?

"Get on!" Jiang Liushi said.

Wen Xiaotian was dazed. Listening that Jiang Liushi was going to repair the MCV, she had thought he would make several iron patch. She never thought the MCV could be repaired to this degree. It was too exaggerated. So when she got on the bus, Wen Xiaotian stared at the windshield. She couldn't help being curious and whispered, "This gla.s.s..."

"Gla.s.s? Oh... I had a spare one in the box," he said with a dry cough.

[A spare one? That's ridiculous!] Wen Xiaotian was shocked.

Of course, Wen Xiaotian didn’t know anything about the MCV’s black technology, with its self-repair function.

Although she felt wronged, she had to accept Jiang Liushi's explanation.

"The town in front is my home. There are some gas stations in town."

Along the way, gas stations were unlikely to be on the small village road. Now, Jiang Liushi would finally find his first gas station.

[Gas station!]

The gas stations on the highway had been controlled by the military. And during the end of the day, gasoline and food were very important materials. In this rural town, traffic was very inconvenient and there were a lot of zombies along the way. Jiang Liushi believed that the army could not reach out to this place in such a short time.

That gas station was promising!

After upgrading the fuel tank, some functions of the Mobile Construction Vehicle had been unlocked…