My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 245

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It was extremely hard to predict that an earthworm would drill its way through underground!

No matter if it were the first district of Shenhai Island or the central part of Shenhai Island, there were many green areas, in which the land was soft. So it was quite easy for earthworms to hit the surface. Moreover, the first district of Shenhai Island was located outside Shenhai Island with a large number of farmlands. As a result, the threat's degree was naturally higher.

"We are constantly thinking of ways to overcome our predicament. Our research inst.i.tutes and the military, together with the survivors of Shenhai Island, we will all act together. Failure is not an option, the tide of zombies will devour hundreds of thousands of people at once," General Zhang said.

Everyone must join the fight for their survival. No wonder General Zhang looked much older in such a short period.

"We will actively respond to the monsters' threat…" General Zhang said. A murderous and angry glint flashed in his eyes.

Then he looked at Jiang Liushi again and said, "Captain Jiang, I have a request."

Jiang Liushi nodded. "General, please tell me." He had guessed that General Zhang had hurriedly called him for some sensitive matters.

"The situation is changing with every pa.s.sing day. Those giant earthworms appeared in the area of the Inst.i.tute, so everyone is still shocked. We are worried about some other unexpected dangers, so we would like to transfer the research inst.i.tute," General Zhang said.  

The scientific research inst.i.tutes could be regarded as the entire island's most important core. As a result, it was normal for the military to make such a decision.

"But where will you transfer it?" Ran Xiyu asked.

"You should already know that apart from Shenhai Island, several safety zones have been established around the world. We are sharing information and research results with each other. After much consideration, we concluded that Jinling Base and Star City Base are the most suitable location. So some of them will go to Star City Base. Unfortunately, it's a long way from here. I hope you can help us send the scientists there."

General Zhang looked at Jiang Liushi with a grim expression. "Do you want to help us?" He asked with expectations. Actually, it was very dangerous. After all, the destination was far away.

Star City had many other nicknames. It had a long history and a rich culture. Before doomsday, it should take 6 hours to get there by train and 12 hours by bus. After doomsday, it was far more time-consuming to reach it. At such circ.u.mstances, they couldn't send too many people, otherwise, it would be easier for them to attract zombies. After thinking, General Zhang believed that Shi Ying Squad could complete that hard mission.

Although General Zhang was worried about the safety of the scientists, he couldn't order Jiang Liushi, because he was not a soldier. As a result, he could only look forward to his affirmative answer.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi became quite, weighing the matter in his heart. Although he respected the scientists' contribution, he should ensure his team's safety first. Jiang Liushi pondered for a moment, and then looked at the old General, "I need to get paid in advance."

In order to cross such a long distance, Jiang Liushi needed to upgrade his minibus first. He only had one blood nucleus in his possession. Even though the minibus had been upgraded, it still was not enough to withstand the relentless attacks from zombies, mutant beast, or other monsters.

"Deal. What would you like?" General Zhang asked. He believed that Jiang Liushi was a trustworthy fellow who'd abide by his word.

"I need mutant nuclei and some special materials."Jiang Liushi answered.

Only the military could have a large number of mutant nuclei. Jiang Liushi was mostly interested in level-2 mutant nuclei, but they were rare.

General Zhang only agreed to help him to find more, but he couldn't promise him they'd be successful. And then he looked toward Ran Xiyu, "Miss Ran, thanks for your contribution to this mission. I'm really sorry; we've yet to find any news related to your sister. We'll try our best and continue searching for her. You will pa.s.s through Yuhang later, so I will ask some officers to help you." Ran Xiyu nodded, and she could understand the matter's difficulty. Actually, she was satisfied with the military's arrangements.

Out from the office, Jiang Liushi and Ran Xiyu met an old man. The old man with gray hair looked serious and horrifying. When he saw Jiang Liushi, he stopped for a moment and then bypa.s.sed them quickly.

[Chu Chongshan!] Jiang Liushi suddenly thought of that name.

"That person…" Ran Xiyu also frowned, because she felt the old man's raging feelings.

Jiang Liushi shook his head, but he didn't want to pay further attention to him.

[Let's disregard him for now,] Jiang Liushi said to himself.