My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 26

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The Mobile Construction Vehicle was driving slowly.

"Turn left. Go into that road and just drive a little longer." Wen Xiaotian said, pointing to the road.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi turned the steering wheel, and the MCV which was moving like a snail sped up and moved toward the side.

Wen Xiaotian screamed while her body followed the MCV’s momentum. But with the seat belt tied, she was just shocked by the change.

"Huh?" A young man who rode a motorcycle was stupefied. He had rushed out of an alley close to the Mobile Construction Vehicle, trying to hit the window from the side. But he didn't expect that the young driver, who had been driving slowly, would react so quickly; the car had changed direction too fast. He was unprepared, so he almost lost his balance and fell down from his motorbike.

As soon as Wen Xiaotian looked up, she heard a sound of engines coming not too far from them. She looked out of the window and ,to her astonishment, saw eight motorcycles, rushing out of the alleys and circling around the MCV.

The young men on the motorcycles seemed like coming with evil intentions,as they were carrying iron pipes or fire axes.

The motorcycle which had almost fell went to the front of the Mobile Construction Vehicle, and the youth who rode it unhappily shouted, "F*cking your mother, stop!"

"Jiang Brother..." Wen Xiaotian nervously looked at Jiang liushi. Those people looked like devils, not good people. Originally meeting other survivors instead of zombies would be a good thing, but now Xiaotian could shake in fear.

Jiang Liushi looked silently at those motorcycles. Those people obviously had not appeared with the best of intentions, so there was no way he would stop the car.

Listening to the words of this young man, Jiang Liushi did not show any intention to stop. Seeing that he was ignored by the driver, the young man said, "F*ck". And then he went to the back of the car and said to ‘Zhang Brother’, "He won’t stop."

The skinny monkey-like man behind ‘Zhang Brother’ hurriedly asked, "Was there any girl?"

"There seemed to be one."

"Hey, hey." The skinny man was really eager to stop the car. "Force him to stop. That broken truck, where can it run? What do you think, Zhang Brother?" He didn't forget to ask Zhang.

Zhang nodded and said, "Go ahead and break his window, but be careful."

"No problem!" The young man responded.

The eight motorcycles suddenly began humming and moving towards the minibus.

Wen Xiaotian saw a motorcycle driving close to the window. Through the window, she saw three young men on the motorcycle exposing a sinister smile to her; they were shouting, making inappropriate gestures, and then...


Two young people, that were sitting in the back of the seat, hit against the window with their steel pipes.

"Ah!" Wen Xiaotian instinctively dodged.

"Don't be afraid," Jiang Liushi said without looking.

[How could the bulletproof gla.s.s be smashed by some steel pipes? Their strength is not even close compared with the mutant boar.] Jiang thought.

The two young men were not feeling well. Their attempt to smash the window not only failed, but even their steel pipes bounced back. One of the steel pipes fell to the ground, and to make things worse their hands had been hurt.

Simultaneously, Jiang Liushi slowly stepped on the accelerator, and began accelerating.

"What are these people trying to do?" Wen Xiaotian turned to look at those people, still suffering from shock.

"They want to rob us," Jiang Liushi said.

"Rob us?" Wen Xiaotian asked in a solemn tone. "At such a time! They want to rob us?"

"It could also be you they’re after...." Jiang Liushi added.

Wen Xiaotian was stupefied and then tightened her collar. Just from those people’s eyes on her, it was possible...

Jiang Liushi was ready to throw off those motorcycle guys.

"F*ck! Stop immediately!" After a series of suffering setbacks, the motorcycle gang were getting annoyed instead of giving up.

A few motorcycles had sped up and were really close to Jiang Liushi’s side. A young man stood up from the back seat of a motorcycle, holding his axe and grinning at Jiang Liushi who was in the driving cab.

Jiang Liushi suddenly frowned. Looking at the motorcycle approaching, he followed the Sta.r.s.eed’s instructions, and suddenly turned the steering wheel.


The young man who was holding the axe, and wanted to chop at the minibus, was directly hit by the minibus. His motorcycle lost its balance, falling down, and slid away. The young man fell to the ground, he was in extreme pain and had difficulty breathing.

[This driver is really marvelous.] Zhang was stupefied. He was ready to rob a mosquito leg, but the result was meeting a hard stubble.

[But good driving skills are useless just with a broken minibus.] Zhang thought.

"Everyone! Go ahead! Burst this motherf*cker’s tires!" Zhang shouted.

The skinny man behind him immediately took out a bag, which was filled with all kinds of things that could puncture tires. As long as threw those to the ground, everything would be under their control. The rest of the motorcycles had heard Zhang shouting and got close to the minibus.

However, they hadn’t expected what was about to happen...

The minibus suddenly turned around. Jiang Liushi profoundly watched at the motorcycle gang who were just like locusts. Originally, he just wanted to spare those people, but did not expect they would be so relentless and keep chasing them.

It was obvious that the young man with the axe wanted to kill him. Those people were so cruel, so he didn't need to show mercy.

Seeing the minibus actually taking the initiative to turn around, Zhang was stunned and he did not know what the young driver wanted to do, "What does he want to do? Leave the town?"

However, Zhang’s pupils shrank, the minibus had suddenly accelerated and headed towards them!

The person in the foremost motorcycle was holding an iron pipe and shrieking weirdly. He did have the chance to react at all, and was already sent flying by the minibus. Then, without stopping, the minibus continued moving forward.

"F*ck!" The guys on another motorcycle suddenly realized it was heading towards them and tried to avoid it. Even if the minibus was heavy and large, its speed had surpa.s.sed their imagination, as it was not an ordinary one, and it caught up with the motorcycles.

This minibus had quickly caught up, and b.u.mped the motorcycle; the people riding it were sent into a store along the road. The loud noise and the motorcycle gang’s screams, let the rest of the other members shocked and terrified.

Two motorcycles in succession had been hit… The driver was cruel enough!

Then, the minibus changed its direction again, and faced towards Zhang’s vehicle.

"OMG! F*ck!" Zhang was shocked. That worn-out minibus, gave him a feeling just like he was being stared at by a beast. The minibus was heading to his direction, which was enough to make him shudder with fear!