My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 37

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Seeing the minibus was parked there refueling, Yu’s anger suddenly reached a whole new level. Yu thought, [The f*ck! This guy killed my brothers, and then deliberately provoked us. How does he dare refuel in such an imposing manner!?]

Yu directly rushed to the MCV. His body was just like a flying leopard. Generally speaking, an average person couldn’t reach that speed at all. Because they were in the gas station, Yu Brother couldn’t use molotovs as well as guns, so he pulled out a bayonet from his waist.

That bayonet was found in the police station, probably it was collected as an illegal control tool. At this moment, the gasoline gun suddenly fell off, and the minibus issued a harsh friction sound. The minibus suddenly started, accelerated, and moved toward Yu. Jiang Liushi did not activate the acceleration function, but after the fuel tank’s upgrade, the speed was greatly improved.

Even though the minibus looked heavy, it was actually as fast as a super sports car. Although Qiang Zi had described the minibus, Yu didn’t think the bus could be so powerful. But now, he had a completely new view about it. It wasn’t a minibus, it was more like a flexible sports car.

Not to add that the driver was very insidious. He wouldn’t start the minibus until Yu rushed near it. Yu had to stop and evade all of a sudden. The moment he evaded , he turned and threw some tire nails to the wheels.

His broken-tire-nails were much better than the custom made ones. Those tire nails had been removed from police-specific portable tires, and had been modified. They would be stabbed into the tires as soon as the car drove by. If the driver could stop in time, the tires would be safe; if the driver could not stop, the tires would be destroyed.

However, the minibus kept moving like it was nothing. Yu had heard that the tire nails were useless on the minibus, but he still wanted to give it a try.

He stared at the door handle of the minibus, when the minibus brushed against him, at a very fast speed, he suddenly jumped up. His speed was really fast. Jiang Liushi just saw him through the rear view screen, then felt the minibus b.u.mping a bit, and then a "bang" followed with a face sticking to the window.

Meanwhile, an "Om-" sound came, and a few motorcycles appeared on the road. Jiang Liushi had just left the gas station and was surrounded by those motorcycles, while more motorcycles rushed out their stronghold one after another.

Those motorcycles that had been knocked down by Jiang Liushi had only their speed affected, but they were still able to pursuit him. But Jiang Liushi had no time to pay attention to those members because Yu was hanging on his door.

Jiang Liushi and Yu suddenly looked each other…

Yu Brother viciously grinned and he stabbed with his bayonet at the window.

He went for the soft underbelly of the window. Generally, for the sake of safety, many cars were equipped with a car hammer. Once they fell into water, the driver could use it to break the window to escape. Bayonets could be used the way in order to break a car window.

Jiang Liushi wouldn’t let Yu pry the window, although his attempt would not be successful, after all, Yu was a paranormal being. Moreover, the MCV was just repaired, how could he let it be destroyed?

Jiang Liushi turned the steering wheel, and the minibus issued a harsh friction sound on the cement road. Four white marks could be seen on the ground because of the sudden turn. He stepped on the throttle, and the minibus instantly moved or more precisely it drifted .

Drifting was a highly difficult technique. The driver actually dared to drift the minibus? The scene shocked everyone. Jiang Liushi suddenly turned again and Yu was forced to fall down.

Any ordinary person would certainly be injured after a fall like that. But Jiang Liushi ,looking from the window, saw Yu just rolling once and being unscathed.

That was not the end of it, Jiang Liushi saw Yu holding another thing in his hand. Yu had become angry from embarra.s.sment. He did not expect that the minibus was so strong, even stronger than what Qiang Zi had said. Since the minibus was out of the gas station, he could do act unrestrained. The thing he was holding was a frangible grenade, and without holding back he threw it to the minibus.

Once the frangible grenade exploded on the minibus, it would immediately burst into flames, wrapping the whole minibus. Although the minibus was flexible in its maneuvers, Yu’s action was faster, so dodging would be impossible.

"f.u.c.k*r! Go to h.e.l.l!" 'Yu threw the frangible grenade, and then picked up a Type 45 pistol from his waist with lightning speed. He aimed at the cab window, where Jiang Liushi was clearly visible. The distance between the two was less than 10 meters. Even if Yu was not a sharpshooter, after a period of "practicing", his marksmanship was pa.s.sable. At that distance, he would like to shoot Jiang Liushi’s shoulder.

If he accidentally offset a little and hit Jiang Liushi’s neck or head, it would be a pity. The general police gun’s purpose was to stop instead of penetrating or killing. It was used to make prisoners lose their ability to resist, rather than killing them, so it was not that lethal.

But the Type 54 pistol were different. In the entire police station, Yu Brother had found the only Type 54 pistol. As a result, he didn’t let the gun out of his sight.

The Type 54 pistol was a military pistol, which was nicknamed "Black Star". It was manufactured for lethality purposes; with strong penetrating force. It could easily shoot two people at close range. In a certain distance, it could also penetrate bulletproof vests, a certain thickness of brick walls and other obstacles.

This pistol was used by domestic police for more than 20 years. Later because of its excessive lethality it was eliminated and replaced with the Type 64 pistol. Of course, the Type 54 pistol was still used at some places.

Qiang Zi said that they couldn’t break the window after multiple attempts, but Yu was not very concerned about that. He believed that the strength of the iron bars couldn’t be compared with the Type 54 pistol.

"Go die!" Yu pulled the trigger without hesitation. Everything would be settled in a second.

Jiang Liushi had probably been hit while he was immersed in his temporary happiness...