My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 38

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"Bang!" A gunfire sounded!

Yu's speed was extremely fast. Jiang Liushi had just seen him landing, but the next moment his MCV was engulfed by flames, and then he heard the gunfire.

Jiang Liushi instinctively dodged, simultaneously the Sta.r.s.eed reported, [The MCV’s surface is damaged 10%; windows damaged 1%; sh.e.l.l is intact…]

[D*mn you!] Although the damaged caused was almost negligible, Jiang Liushi wanted to curse as he thought about finding repair materials. He turned around and looked at the window; there was a clear spiderweb pattern on it.

Although the Type 54 pistol’s bullet could penetrate brick walls and other obstacles, it had a certain limit of thickness. Moreover, Jiang Liushi’s MCV was equipped with bulletproof gla.s.s!

Bulletproof gla.s.s was a laminated safety gla.s.s with a three-tier layer. The first layer was the bearing layer, which could damage and change the formation of warhead, making the bullet lose its ability to continue moving forward. The second layer was made of an organic binder material, that is, it was a transition layer with strong adhesion absorbing the impact energy of the bullet. The bullet could easily break through the first layer’s gla.s.s, but it would stop in the second layer. Therefore, such a warhead trace was left on the MCV’s window.

Seeing this trace, Jiang Liushi was really angry. He had just fixed the car!

After shooting, Yu sneered, he had heard the bullet’s sound colliding with the gla.s.s. He stood up, and was about to order his guys to drag Jiang Liushi from the ruined minibus, after the fire was extinguished. He hoped that Jiang Liushi was still alive, or else, he couldn’t vent his anger.

However,he suddenly heard a "whining" sound. This sound was issued by the minibus in front of him.

Yu was stunned, he was sure that he had hit him. "Didn’t he get wounded?" At this moment, the minibus turned with its surface wrapped in flames. It rushed toward Yu as a battalion-chariot of fire.

Yu could clearly see inside, through the windshield, that Jiang Liushi was angrily staring at him!

There was no trace of a wound on him, not to mention splattered flesh and blood. What Yu had expected did not happen, he was stunned while holding the Type 54 pistol.

[How is this possible]" Seeing the minibus approaching, Yu exposed a hideous look, he lifted the muzzle to Jiang Liushi’s face and fired at him!

All the bullets landed on the windshield, and then were all blocked! The bullet holes were clearly visible, but Jiang Liushi was still unharmed; even his expression had not changed!


The minibus moved forward to crush Yu. Jiang Liushi noticed that Yu's figure was near the minibus’ side, and he had not been hit. Even though Yu had escaped from the minibus’ impact, he was already crazy. The worn-out minibus was equipped with bulletproof gla.s.s! It could be compared to spending hundreds of thousands of yuan just refitting a QQ car!

[Who is the driver? What kind of person can drive such a minibus!?]

At this moment, the minibus seemed to have given up pursuing. It turned direction, and then moved toward the most intensive area, the one with the motorcycles. The gang members had approached the minibus. When Yu had shot, they had also thrown frangible grenades.

Originally, these guys thought that they only needed to screen Yu’s advance. It was an easy task without the slightest risk. But who could have known, after the gunfire, that the minibus was not ruined, but it had even become more violent. Yu failed to block the violent minibus, so he could only dodge, as for some unlucky gang members they were scorched by the flames.

Facing the minibus, they frantically twisted the throttle. However, the minibus was not ordinary; its acceleration speed was very scary!

Although these gang members had escaped once, Jiang Liushi had caught up with them!

Some of them rushed to both sides of the road. One of them lost his balance in the corner, he was thrown a dozen meters away.

Some more unfortunate ones acted too late, so they were severely hit thrown away by the minibus. Although most of them did not die, their body was engulfed by flames and writhed with pain.

This scene made Yu's blood boil! Jiang Liushi did not plan hitting Yu, his speed was too fast, especially under short distances, he was extremely flexible.

Originally Jiang Liushi intended to use the air gun to kill Yu, but he was too fast. Even if the ‘Air Gun’ was to be used, it would be useless. Moreover, the ‘Air Gun’ needed time to charge, which was enough for Yu to escape more than a dozen times.

However, to deal with the rest of the motorcycle gang he did not need any air gun. It only needed the most simple and crude way. These guys kept throwing frangible grenades, which caused the MCV’s damage keep rising. Jiang Liushi was so enraged that he nearly vomited blood.

Jiang Liushi decided to simply put Yu aside, and vent his anger on them. It was not like they were innocent and didn’t deserve it. Yu was brutal; those people were just like him. They did all kinds of evil.

After smashing several motorcycles, Jiang Liushi didn’t intend to give up at all. He had just added gasoline, so he didn’t care about fuel consumption. A sudden turn, the minibus was like a steel monster, rushing toward another direction. Everyone was scared sh*tless.

They were disorderly fleeing. Jiang Liushi just took a glance at Yu and pa.s.sed by him, that made Yu gnash his teeth in anger. Jiang Liushi was deliberately provoking him and kept venting his anger on his "brothers", who were running off like rats.

The great "Yu Brother" was thoroughly discredited!