My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 42

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Outside the car repair shop, a few bodies were scattered on the ground, other than those bodies one could see ripped body parts and half-eaten limbs. Among those bodies Jiang Liushi had noticed Xiao Liang’s too. The zombies hadn’t the time to ‘finish their meal’ as they were distracted by the commotion he was making, so they went after him, leaving behind lumps of flesh, only to be ma.s.sacred later.

Jiang Liushi parked his MCV near the door and noticed that the defence-upgradation had been completed; he was concerned about refueling at first, so he hadn’t paid attention.

After collecting the mutant energy, the MCV’s defences had been raised, but there was no difference in the MCV’s outer appearance. Only after he had hit the MCV’s outer layer, did he have a faint feeling that it was more flexible, but it remained strong as before. But this feeling was not strong, as the collected mutant energy was too little.

Even so, that little change had elated Jiang Liushi’s mood. Being more flexible meant that the MCV could absorb most of the impact’s force, so the damage dealt to the MCV could be lowered.

Jiang Liushi grabbed the wrench and put it in his pocket, then he picked up the pistol, loaded a bullet and removed the safety switch and held it tightly without touching the trigger, after that, he left the MCV. He went in the repair shop and walked toward the corridor, he had known about the situation inside the building. It had four floors, the bottom three were used as the motorcycle members’ living quarters and the fourth was Yu’s residence, as well as the place where all the collected supplies were stored.

Although there was a low possibility that there were other members in the building, he was still very careful.

In the fourth floor, those women had been watching everything that happened through the window. They were tightly holding each other's hands, with nervous expressions, as they had heard Jiang Liushi’s approaching footsteps. They were afraid for their lives, as they had seen Jiang Liushi killing one after the other gang members, Yu’s truck being completely crashed and ma.s.sacring zombies, if this could be recorded then it would have been made into a suspenseful book.

Witnessing all this, they were feeling incredible, who would have thought that a seemingly ragged minibus could be so strong, it had even reduced Yu into a meat pie. That arrogant, strong, fiendish monster, the great ‘Yu Brother’, who had perpetrated every conceivable crime and was unpardonably wicked, charging the whole town, was actually killed! Without even a body to be buried!

[Are we dreaming?] That’s what all had thought. They were unable to react as the minibus was killing everything in its path. It was like a raging beast, annihilating the rest of the motorcycle members.

[Those hateful vicious motorcycle members, who were cruel as wolves, were completely wiped out in a few minutes?]

Those women had been all forced into s.e.x slaves and robbed of their dignity, so they had a deep-seated hatred for the motorcycle members. Witnessing the horrible and appalling scene, they could hardly bear the sight of it, it was rather hard to swallow. Furthermore, after killing all the zombies and motorcycle members, the minibus had driven back to the heavy truck.

They saw Jiang Liushi getting off the minibus, wearing an ordinary black T-shirt, and a pair of jeans, looking very young. According to everything that had happened, they had originally thought that the minibus’ driver should be very fierce, but it was actually a young man.

Then they saw the young man climbing up the heavy truck's cab and pulling the pistol from Yu's hand. It was that moment when they made sure that Yu was really dead, he had been killed by that young person!

"He is… he killed Yu, he... His age seems like Xiao Rou’s." A slightly older woman said in a trembling voice.

Among them, Xiao Rou was the youngest, only eighteen years old. After doomsday, her parents died, so she and her twelve-year-old brother depended on each other for survival. But later, they found it really hard to survive. Both Xiao Rou and her brother, were sickly. At the same time, hunger and disease tortured them, which made them despair more. To make things worse, they were imprisoned by the motorcycle gang, then they were forced, tortured and ravaged. Coupled with her brother’s critical condition, Xiao Rou finally threw away her dignity in order to have a meal, a box of medicine…

She had sold her own dignity and felt very dirty. As a result, almost every night, she had been waking up from nightmares with tears.

But…She had no other choice. The world had changed, only the strong had power. She had to adapt, or choose to die with her brother. She had despaired and wanted to commit suicide several times, but she couldn’t give up on her brother. So today, seeing Yu being killed like a c.o.c.kroach that had been flattened, her inner feelings could not be described. With her hands holding her shoulders, she couldn't stop her tears, from flowing.

She was desperately wiping the tears, but they still hadn’t stopped. She looked at the door. Listening footsteps were getting closer, she knew that Jiang Liushi had come...

Although, she was inexplicable afraid, there was also a trace of excitement. She did not know what her fate would be in the end.

Jiang Liushi spent about ten minutes reaching the fourth floor. Just as he arrived on the fourth floor, he heard a sound coming from the residence. He moved slowly to the door, holding his gun, and then suddenly kicked the door.

"Don’t move!" Shouting those lines, Jiang Liushi felt as if he was playing in a movie.

Inside the room, several women were standing together, facing the door, as if they had been waiting for him. Seeing the door being kicked as well as the gun, they couldn’t help but tremble with fear.