My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 53

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While Jiang Liushi was driving, Zhang Hai asked, "Bro, your car’s s.p.a.ce is so large. Why do you still drag a small van? What's in it?"

Jiang Liushi looked at them from the rear-view mirror and casually said, "Just some luggage. We can't go back to the old house, so I brought some things."

"... "Yang Qingqing and others were stunned, because n.o.body would flee with a van full of luggage! Jiang Zhuying’s brother was strange enough. A trace of contempt appeared in their faces.

Maybe taking advantage of the apocalypse, Jiang Liushi got that car from somewhere. Even if he wanted to choose a car, he should have chosen a durable one instead of a luxury recreational vehicle made by someone who was rich and willful.

Yang Qingqing, as Jiang Zhuying’s cla.s.smate, knew a bit about her family’s condition. Optimistically, it could be cla.s.sified below the average, to be more exact, her family should belong to those that needed financial support from the government.

Therefore, she felt more contempt for Jiang Liushi’s behavior.

[To think that, after the apocalypse, his most important need was to satisfy his vanity? To make things worse it was to drive a fancy mobile home? That kind of mentality probably originated from being extremely poor, as he couldn’t afford such luxuries.]

[What’s more, he also drags a car full of useless things…]

If he was not Jiang Zhuying’s brother, they would not spare him and heavily reprimand him for his behavior.

Judging from the awkward silence, Jiang Liushi could, more or less, guess what they were thinking. However, he didn’t care about what they thought, it was not like he was going to reveal his secrets. They were strangers to him, naturally he couldn’t trust them, even though they were his sister’s subordinates. After all, in a post-apocalyptic world, things like trust were useless, as the survival of the individual came first.

Furthermore, the mutant beat meat was a large temptation for anyone, so he was not gonna tell them that in that shabby van there were tons of food. In fact, Jiang Liushi was quite satisfied with the situation as they had lost all interest in his cargo.

After, the minibus headed toward the community exit, they couldn’t help it but sigh in relief as they didn’t need to return again. They were going there, every day, only for Jiang Liushi’s sake. If Liushi had not arrived today, they’d have to drag the zombies’ bodies away, so they couldn’t attract other zombies, and return the next day to wait again. That was Jiang Zhuying’s order so that there would not be many zombies when her brother would arrive. If that community was suitable for survivors to live, they would have already been staying there.

Looking Jiang Zhuying excitedly talking with Jiang Liushi, Yang Qingqing was dissatisfied, but she would not show it.

Contrary to their expectations, on the way back they had encountered a few zombies, which were quickly electrocuted to death by Jiang Zhuying, because Jiang Liushi had chosen some back roads. Therefore, the ‘strange’ minibus had actually reached the accommodation safely. Of course, it was also largely due to their base’s position which was not far away from the community.

Although the community was not a good shelter, for the sake of her brother, Jiang Zhuying had tried hard to find a place close to it.

Their base was in a luxury-villa community with a big wall separating them from the zombies outside. There were not many residents, so the zombies were relatively fewer and it was easier to get rid of them.

"We live in that house." Jiang Shuying pointed the way for Jiang Liushi and said. The minibus stopped in front of a villa. In Nanjing, just the lawns around a house was kind of a luxury, much less the four-layer house in the center.

"There was no one in the villa when we came. Everything was in order and clean, and there were plenty of rooms to settle down. "Jiang Zhuying said.

Jiang Liushi guessed that the original owner of that villa had perhaps left early like Li Yuxin's family.

"Jiang Brother, you can park your car on the lawn. It's big enough." Yang Qingqing enthusiastically said.

But after listening to her, Jiang Liushi asked, "Is there a garage here? Are there any cars parked?"

"There is one. We have a few cars..." Yang Qingqing said.

Then Jiang Zhuying said, "Brother, do you want to park in the garage? That’s totally fine. Our cars are usually parked randomly. Haizi, go and ask someone to drive out of the garage."

"Ah?" Zhang Hai thought for a moment, [Our cars are usually parked randomly?]

Yang Qingqing felt that her kind proposal was ignored. She looked at the siblings and felt more disdainful with Jiang Liushi, than she had been.

A junk car shouldn’t be parked in the garage…

Even if parking in the garage wasn’t a big deal, Yang Qingqing thought that the worn-out car didn’t deserve this arrangement.

"After you park the car, I'll take you to the room. Although the world is hectic, our accommodation condition is not bad," Jiang Zhuying said.

"I don’t need a room. I can sleep in the bus. Besides, how does the garage door open?"

In terms of accommodation, Jiang Liushi's car was good enough. Finally, Jiang Liushi not only arranged his own bedroom in the car, but also kept the only garage key; they had found only one garage key in the house.

In fact, the Mobile Construction Vehicle was connected to Sta.r.s.eed, so without Liushi’s permission no one could drive the car or open its door. Even so, he remained cautious. Though it was his sister’s territory he believed that he should stay vigilant as long as there were other people around.

Jiang Liushi’s behavior, staying in the bus and ignoring others, confused Yang Qingqing and the others.

Since meeting, Yang Qingqing considered Jiang Liushi as a b.u.mpkin and he attached too much attention to his car. He probably didn't know what a paranormal was. Thanks to Jiang Zhuying, they had received a survivor like him. Normally, they would not even glance him at all.

"I think he values it so much because he stored all his family's property, so the mobile home is precious for him. But he picked a minibus to refit among so many fancy cars. He drives me crazy. He doesn’t know what is really valuable." Yang Qingqing whispered to the quiet woman and shook her head at the same time.

That was an ordinary person’s mentality, from her point of view. In the post-apocalyptic world they struggled hard to survive, so it was natural to value some ridiculous things.