My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 60

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Seeing the mutant dog getting closer, the muscular man couldn’t resist any more. He yelled "Run" and desperately shot at the dog.


He instantly swerved the SUV, the light machine gun on the roof swerved too but its muzzle still followed the mutant dog, shooting at it frantically.

However, the swerve was so fast that one side of the vehicle had been lifted off the ground.

"Yang Qingqing!" the muscular man screamed. The mutant dog was so quick that it was really hard escaping, he desperately needed the other SUV’s a.s.sistance.

In the other SUV, Yang Qingqing looked deathly pale. The mutant dog was the most terrifying mutated beast she had ever seen. It was a big challenge for her to jump at the beast’s back or go around it. Its size was just overwhelming, it dashed wildly. If she were to be hit by it she would be grievously injured. Furthermore, its agility was off the charts, even though Yang Qingqing was fast, compared to the mutant dog, she was clearly at a disadvantage. Being ‘scratched’ by its sharp claw, the best case scenario would result into a fast death.

Hearing the muscular man’s cry for help, Yang Qingqing instinctively drove near, but still she hesitated to rescue him. The mutant dog was about 50 meters away from her, and upon seeing it her body seemed losing its strength.


Suddenly, the minibus, which was behind them, overtook Yang Qingqing’s car.

[Jiang Zhuying is going to act.] Yang Qingqing thought. She didn’t need to act in the previous battles, but she had to now.

If all the battles required Jiang Zhuying to fight, then why should she need the rest of them? Jiang Zhuying had become their leader not only because she was capable, but also she was the strongest one, and naturally their hope. At the key moment, she was their hope to survive.

Yang Qingqing stared at the pa.s.senger’s seat, where she thought Jiang Zhuying was sitting in. In her view, Jiang Zhuying would always catch people’s attention, and everyone was obedient to her.

Yang Qingqing envied that, and hence despised Jiang Liushi much more, as he had obtained privileges he shouldn’t have. She was also jealous of Jiang Zhuying’s extraordinary ability and felt it was not fair that Jiang Zhuying owned such an amazing mutant power.

However, she had to approve of Jiang Zhuying’s ability. There was a big gap between them, so no matter how unwilling she was, she had to admit she couldn’t catch up to Jiang Zhuying.

Seeing that Jiang Zhuying was going to act before her, Yang Qingqing felt bitter. She had been scared, she knew that Jiang Zhuying had noticed her hesitation and chose to fight herself. But to her surprise, Jiang Zhuying did not open the window. Instead, the minibus directly ran toward the mutant dog.

[What’s she doing?] Before all the survivors realized what was happening, in a flash, the minibus collided with the mutant dog.


They were dumbfounded! The collision happened at the right moment, so the people in the SUV, and the SUV, were able to escape and survive.

They thought that the minibus crashed into the mutant dog so that they’d be saved, and after it would be Jiang Zhuying’s turn to act.

The muscular man had no time to wipe his sweat. He ordered the driver, "Go back. We need to pick up boss’s brother, the minibus must be damaged beyond repair."

[The boss is going to fight with the mutant dog. Her brother is an ordinary human, so if he’s left there he’ll be easily hurt and distract the boss. The boss might feel the same, so we’ll have to save him]

Contrary to their expectations, the minibus wobbled. It backed up and then sped up, running into the mutant dog again. This time the dog jumped aside, so the minibus missed it.

What shocked people was not that it missed, but… the minibus could still move!

The crash had really irritated the mutant dog. This grim and fierce monster made constant growling sounds. It shifted its focus from the SUV to the minibus. The dog had not been badly hurt by bullets, because only a few had damaged its flesh, and the others had just rubbed past it.

However, the minibus had suddenly crashed into it, and its speed was in no way slow, so the dog was badly shaken and was really hurt.

Jiang Liushi did not keep attacking, instead he drove back to a few meters. With a loud rumbling sound, the minibus ran towards the dog once again. The car was swerving in order to hit the dog. During this process, many zombies had been squashed like flies, and died. The survivors were shocked, the whole scene was too fierce!

The minibus was still intact, even its front had no obvious dents. The survivors did not know that when Jiang Liushi fought with the mutant wild boar, that the minibus was badly battered. The mutant boar was ridiculously powerful and it was easier for it to endure the minibus’ power. However, the mutant dog was more agile. It was not as powerful as the wild boar, so it couldn’t crash head on with the minibus a lot of times, but its sharp claws and teeth could prove fatal.

Moreover, before coming to Nanjing City, his MCV had absorbed the mutant energy which had been dissipated after Yu Brother’s death. But the energy was not enough, thus it could only be used to enhance the MCV’s defense, so its defensive ability was stronger than before.

The minibus’ ability to swerve at high speed and instantly accelerate could rival a supercar. The roar of the engine kept resounding in people’s ears. The car seemed like a rugged minibus, but it was fairly flexible.

"Sh*t!" Jiang Liushi had no time to concern with how astonished people were.

The mutant dog was so agile, he had succeeded in hitting it only one time, because he acted unexpectedly and took it by surprise, but after that, because that SUV was next to the mutant dog, he was not able to use the air cannon. It was too risky to use the air cannon before them, but the ‘Collision’ and ‘Acceleration’ functions could be used casually.

Despite its large size and strong defense, the mutant dog, under the crash of great weight, would get internal injuries. And a few more collisions would weaken its defense significantly.

As for that SUV, Jiang Liushi did not mean to help. He had just seen an opportunity to deliver a blow to the dog. Moreover, as soon as the mutant dog appeared, he had felt surprised and excited.

Although, Jiang Liushi was anxious about the mutant dog’s horrific power, it was a good chance, or even "lucky" for him to come across with a mutant beast so quickly.

He already had a mutant core, and for him, the mutant dog indicated a second one. He was ready to take it. Of course, it was not easy to kill the mutant dog.

Just then, Zhang Hai drove the freezer car and dashed near. Watching this, he was shocked and screamed, "F*ck! Awesome! It’s so f*cking awesome!"

[It is not just "a motor home"; it is an armored car!]

Jiang Liushi was focused, with his eyes fixed on the mutant dog… Each time he turned the steering wheel, his exact direction and angle would astound Zhang Hai.

[What a f*ucking awesome driver!]

But Zhang Hai did not know that Jiang Liushi was a total greenhorn when it came to driving; he didn’t even have a driving license.

His precision and fluency were the result of Sta.r.s.eed’s calculations and instructions.

Zhang Hai hadn’t driven back only for watching the battle. In his car, the paranormal crawled out and attacked when the mutant dog was dodging the minibus. He bounced out and stuck with his spear. The dog’s attention had diverted to the spear attack.


The minibus had once again heavily hit the dog...