My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 65

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"Hey, lad, it is a waste to give this old man meat. You might as well give him some ordinary food. If you want to use the meat in exchange for ordinary food, we can help you," the soldier said.

In fact, the military would not interfere in others’ business, it was actually the soldier’s greedy personality that he got involved. Although he was not a paranormal, he would find some meat and then exchange it for some goods, like cigarettes, with survivors. The military had h.o.a.rded many supplies, but it had little to do with soldiers who fed on wages and limited monthly necessities. He would live better if he could make some extra money.

He had thought his proposal was quite reasonable, but to his surprise, Jiang Liushi smiled and said, "It was okay. I also have some normal food. Some of the food I have is going to be wasted, because my refrigerator can’t fit everything. Waste is the biggest crime. Come with me and I’ll give you some."

The food had filled up his refrigerator, even the MCV’s roof. Hearing Jiang Liushi, the soldier was speechless. Jiang Liushi’s att.i.tude indicated that the materials he owned should be plenty. He did not care at all. Even the refrigerator couldn’t fit all the food, how much food did he own?

[Mutant beast’s meat?!] The old professor was shocked after hearing the soldier.

[That bag contained meat from mutant beasts?] He had thought it was beef jerky!

The old professor once had seen mutant meat, but it was the first time he had held it in his hands. Only paranormals had the privilege to eat such meat, and in the military, it was like hard currency. Meat and ammunition now were like gold before the end of the world. The old professor was usually eating coa.r.s.e grain. He would be lucky enough to eat a piece of ordinary meat. As for the meat of mutant beasts, he couldn't even think about that.

That old professor looked at the meat. Although he wanted to eat, he did not stretch his hand out to get it, but waved frantically, "I can't take it. It is too precious. I do not deserve that."

"It's nothing. Just take it. And I want to ask you something else," Jiang Liushi said.

The old professor didn't answer, but asked back, "What things? I am just an old man. I don’t think I can be of much help to you."

"Do you know where I can find the other metals in Nanjing City?" Jiang Liushi told him all the other metals he needed. The old professor was a native, and he was knowledgeable. Maybe he would know something.

The old professor had heard Jiang Liushi and the soldier’s conversation earlier, but he didn't immediately remember where those metal could be found.

Since Jiang Liushi asked, he racked his brain and tried to recall something, "We don’t have those metals at the university. d.a.m.n my aged mind!" the old professor murmured.

He thought for a moment, then murmured about a few places but later shook his head. Suddenly his muddy eyes lit up, "There is! A new industrial park was built years ago. It was ‘Special Metals Technology Company’, whose headquarter and warehouses are over there," he said.

[Warehouses…] Those companies specialized in the metal market. Their warehouses should have the materials he wanted, and even more. But iridium was rare, it was unlikely to find it in the company.

The materials needed to build the biological laboratory, could not even been found in the military, but an old professor had helped him to locate them.

"Unfortunately I haven't been there, so I can't draw a map," the old professor regretfully said.

"It's okay, I'll find it by myself," Jiang Liushi happily said. Now he didn’t need to issue a list and wait. Everything would be easy since he knew where to find what he needed.

Jiang Liushi directly gave the meat to the old professor. The old professor hurriedly took the bag. He wanted to decline, but the meat’s tempting smell wafted out of the bag and made his stomach growl.

This embarra.s.sed the old professor. He looked at Jiang Liushi gratefully and said, "Thank you! Thank you very much! But this is enough!"

The old professor was wandering every day, and sometimes he would give some advice to survivors. People saw he was an old man, so only some good-tempered guys would chat with him, but would not take his words seriously. As for the bad-tempered ones, they would shout at him telling him to leave.

The old professor lived in the camp, and farmed every day. He was too bored, so that was the way he found to kill some time. He never thought that he would be rewarded for helping others. Besides his initial surprise, he was grateful to Jiang Liushi.

For Jiang Liushi, comparing with the whereabouts of iridium and other metals, the meat was nothing at all. But as the old professor refused more food, Jiang Liushi complied with his wish.

The meat was nutritious, and could be preserved for a period. At least it could give the old man some vitality, no longer looking as he already had a foot in the grave.

At that moment, Jiang Zhuying called, "Brother! What are you doing? Come and help me."

"I’m coming," Jiang Liushi answered. Jiang Liushi looked back and saw Jiang Zhuying and her team gathered together at a table, even some other survivors, in the hall, were standing there.

[They may be exchanging weapons.] Each time Jiang Zhuying had a hard time deciding, she would ask for his opinion. It’s nearly a habit.

In fact, she already knew whether the weapon fitted or not, let alone she yearned for that weapon so much, thus she must have already a.n.a.lyzed and affirmed that it was suitable. But she was used to asking Jiang Liushi first.

So immediately, the crowd stepped aside and looked at Jiang Liushi.

Another group of survivors, and the soldier who had just talked to him, looked at Jiang Liushi curiously.

Especially the soldier, he had thought Jiang Liushi as a new member of the team. It turned out that Jiang Liushi was the elder brother of Jiang Zhuying?

Their curiosity was mainly because Jiang Liushi looked like an ordinary person. Jiang Zhuying’s behavior had to be expected, but how about her team?

Yang Qingqing and others did not really take Jiang Liushi seriously at first, but the battle today had showed them that they were the weak ones, so they made way for Jiang Liushi.

"Check it." Jiang Zhuying was holding a long samurai sword in her hands. That samurai sword was about one and a half meters long.

That samurai sword looked exactly the same as the one that was being used by Qi Jiguang [1]. That samurai sword was custom-made for Jiang Zhuying by the military. She had made a deposit, and now that she had all the meat she needed, she paid off.

That samurai sword was very different compared to ordinary samurai swords.

[1]. A military general of the Ming dynasty