My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 78

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At the warehouse, Zhang Hai and so on were completely stunned. They were sweating all over. They originally thought that they would lose their life today, but what actually took place was beyond all expectations. Jiang Liushi had suddenly rushed out driving his minibus. After a loud noise, the enemy’s main force had all run away.

The rest members of Blood Wolf’s team were grievously wounded or dead.

Jiang Zhuying’s eyes were wide open, looking at the corpses on the ground. She was ready to fight, her longsword would soon be out of the sheath. She did not expect Jiang Liushi’s action. At that moment, her heart jumped up to her throat. She was extremely worried about her brother. So she tried her best to catch up behind the minibus. But the result was completely beyond her imagination, she felt surprised and shocked. In fact, it was more scared than hurt.

"Brother, is this the refitted function?" Jiang Zhuying could not help but quickly ask.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun also recovered. While they were guarding the door, they moved to the side of the minibus. Re-observing the minibus, they felt shocked. Although they had already witnessed its mightiness, they never thought that they would rely on it to survive once more. What was that loud noise and that devastating air-wave in the end?

Jiang Liushi pondered for a moment and said, "It’s a kind of an Air Cannon made by shrinking the air flow...It already had the function when I picked up the minibus."

"..." Zhang Hai and Sun Kun couldn’t speak. Why didn’t they have such a good chance?

Jiang Zhuying also gave a slight smile. Who knows whether her brother’s words were true or not. Anyway, her brother was becoming more and more mysterious.

Jiang Liushi was sitting in his minibus, watching their expressions, but he actually didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want to find an excuse. Although the Air Cannon had been exposed, as long as Jiang Zhuying was there, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun would follow Yang Qingqing’s footsteps and meet up with her in the afterlife if they had any funny thoughts.

In addition, the biological laboratory would be built up very quickly. Jiang Liushi would no longer need to worry about someone having any malicious intentions toward his MCV. His MCV was originally bound with the Sta.r.s.eed in his mind, his weakness was himself. As long as he got the biological laboratory, he would become stronger. He was not afraid of anything, but at least he wouldn’t feel like walking on thin ice anymore.

Blood Wolf had so many members, so they certainly wouldn’t give up just because of a few people’s death. It was hard to say when they would come back.

If they were attacked on the road, it would be terrible...

Blood Wolf would soon find out that the Air Cannon could not move, and the minibus was large and relatively c.u.mbersome. As long as they stayed away from the minibus’ front, attacking from other directions, they wouldn’t need be afraid of the Air Cannon anymore.

So Jiang Liushi didn’t intend to escape during that period of time. He instructed Sun Kun lock the door, and then let Zhang Hai move the rest of the metal blocks to his minibus.

Sun Kun carefully moved past the corpses, and then like a gecko climbed on the wall. He grabbed the door’s lever, pulling it down. He was very careful, always looking outside, seeing that Blood Wolf’s team were not far away.

Judging from their action, they didn’t seem to leave. All the guns were aimed at the warehouse’s door. Blood Wolf’s temperament looked very different because of anger. Inexplicably, he had lost several members, they hadn’t succeeded in capturing Jiang Zhuying and fled in panic. So it made sense being angry.

"Blood Wolf and his members have surrounded us," Sun Kun closed the door and said.

"Don’t worry, anyway, we won’t go out for now," Jiang Liushi answered.

Sun Kun looked at Zhang Hai and Jiang Zhuying. He couldn’t understand his decision at this time…

When those metal blocks were moved on the minibus, Jiang Liushi said, "Please take precautionary measures, I have something important to do."

Jiang Liushi had just defeated their enemies, so he had the right speak and give instructions. Although they couldn’t understand Jiang Liushi’s behavior, Sun Kun and Zhang Hai immediately went away. They went to check whether there was a back door or some windows. Once they were suddenly attacked from behind, they really would not know how they died. Jiang Zhuying stayed aside to protect her brother. She was also curious about what her brother was doing, but she didn’t ask anything.

Standing in the minibus, watching all the metal blocks on the floor as well as the iridium crucible, Jiang Liushi gently breathed. He thought he could quietly finish the upgrade in the garage at night, but now in order to deal with the enemy, he decided to build up the biological laboratory right there.

[Scanning...All materials have been scanned. The materials have successfully been gathered. Constructing the biological laboratory needs an hour, during which the MCV can be used normally, please confirm whether to upgrade?] Sta.r.s.eed transmitted. Jiang Liushi felt involuntarily excited.

[The biological laboratory can be used to develop gene-evolution liquids, which can help the host to evolve genes and greatly enhance the physical const.i.tution through the addition of materials.] The introduction of biological laboratories could drive any ordinary person crazy.

Jiang Liushi was just an ordinary person, it was relatively tragic. Even the ordinary people in Blood Wolf’s team were miserable too. In conclusion, an ordinary person, if unarmed, he or she would be killed very soon after meeting two or three zombies. Even if they were fully armed, they would be killed sooner or later.

"Confirm the upgrade!" Jiang Liushi said in his mind.

[The command has been received and the upgrade has started.]

After the last transmission the materials started disappearing one by one, the biological laboratory’s construction had begun.

Even though an hour was pretty short Jiang Liushi did not know whether Blood Wolf could be restrained for an hour or not.

Jiang Liushi came back to the cab, listening the Sta.r.s.eed counting down the Air Cannon’s cooling time. He only hoped the deterrent force could be maintained a little longer…