My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 82

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The Type 81 Automatic Rifle was nearly a meter long. The metal of its body was ice-cold, which gave a dignified feeling. A ten-centimeters-long bayonet was connected with it. Although it didn’t look sharp, it could absolutely withstand the impact. In the doomsday, bayonets would be preferred to be used instead of bullets, as they were expensive.

"Excellent!" Jiang Liushi could not help but say. Even if he didn’t like guns, but when he got the real gun, there was a special feeling. In particular, the Type 81 Automatic Rifle, it was the cla.s.sic of cla.s.sics. Actually, it could be regarded as a symbol of the Hua Xia soldiers.

"The safety is here?" Jiang Liushi pointed to the b.u.t.t above the b.u.t.ton.

"Yes, you are right. 0 means off, 1 means fixed fire, and 2 means running fire." Zhang Hai explained. It was obvious that Jiang Liushi hadn’t used an Automatic Rifle before.

"I got it." Jiang Liushi opened the safety naturally, jumping directly out of the minibus.

"Jiang brother, why do you want to use this gun? Did you decide to fight to the very end, even if we don’t survive?" Zhang Hai asked urgently.

Jiang Liushi didn’t answer, but asked: "How many bullets do we have?"

"There are eleven magazines, 30 per magazine. Brother, do you really want to use the gun?" Even Jiang Zhuying wondering about her brother’s intentions. She was mainly worried about his safety because bullets didn’t have eyes.

"I just want to give it a try." Jiang Liushi was self-confident.

When Jiang Liushi concentrated, the world's actions slowed down again. As far as tens of meters away, Jiang Liushi saw a fallen beer bottle. When he focused on the beer bottle, it was as if the distance did not exist, and the beer bottle had been pulled in front of him. He could even see what was written on the beer bottle.

Jiang Liushi aimed at beer caps. That was, three points and one line.

"Jiang brother, are you going to test the gun?" Seeing this scene, Sun Kun didn’t know what to say. Actually, they were prepared for the worst. But Jiang Liushi had no intention to give up. He always took everybody by surprise.

However, the current situation was not optimistic. It’s like an egg dashing itself against a rock.

"Jiang brother, I see your driving skill is quite good. If you shoot, who is going to drive? You…" Zhang Hai euphemistically reminded, and he would like to take the Type 81 Automatic Rifle back.

However, at this time, Jiang’s attention was completely focused on the beer bottle. So he did not notice Zhang Hai at all. His hands wouldn’t budge an inch. It was impossible for others.

[About thirty meters away, and shooting speed is 700-800 meters per second, ignoring the bullet within 30 meters of air resistance slowdown, then the drop is vertical with seven or eight millimeters, almost negligible…]

Because of the brain field evolution, Jiang Liushi according to his own high school physics knowledge, all of a sudden calculated the rough drop error. Long-range shooting must consider the gravity caused by the falling of the bullet. Hand buckle trigger, and shot!

"Bang!" A gunshot came. And 30 meters away, that beer bottle directly exploded, with numerous fragments scattering everywhere!

Zhang Hai, suddenly hearing the sound of explosion, was shocked, "The bottle…? Really…?"

"Jiang brother, you are sure... or was it a lucky shot…" Sun Kun swallowed, he wasn’t sure what to think. He could not understand after repeated thinking. After all, Jiang Liushi was a greenhorn when it came to shooting.

Jiang Liushi did not answer Sun Kun, but found his new target. That target was farther. It was just one inconspicuous metal block. Jiang Liushi aimed at the center of the metal block, leaving a little bit of the angle.


The bullet hole was diverged for a few millimeters, which could be ignored, but Jiang Liushi wanted to put an end to that error.

He shot at the target several times.

Sun Kun and Zhang Hai only saw sparks from the metal block, but they didn’t know what it was.

The entire warehouse was filled with metal blocks. It was an easy thing for everybody to shoot a metal block. They just cherished bullets.

They had 330 rounds of Automatic Rifle bullets. Jiang Liushi wasted a dozen of bullets.

[Big brother, it’s not the time to practice!]

Besides bullets in doomsday were so expensive. However, Jiang Liushi was continuously shooting from different angles to achieve absolute precision. In fact, it was useless.

In a close gunfire battle, the key point was the intensity of bullets. Except a sharpshooter, who was free to aim? When you aim at someone else, maybe you’ll be killed.

Generally, on average, a thousand rounds of ammunition to eliminate an enemy was pretty good.

A magazine was used up by Jiang Liushi. And he changed smoothly to the second magazine.

Sun Kun and Zhang Hai's hearts were bleeding from the pain. Why wouldn’t Jiang Zhuying stop him!?

Jiang Liushi realized that the enemies would not be static...

Jiang Liushi suddenly turned to Zhang Hai and said, "Zhang Hai, please pick up a bottle." Not far from them, there were two beer bottles.

Zhang Hai had a reluctant look. Seeing Jiang Zhuying not speaking, Zhang Hai had to pick up a bottle.

Throw it with all of your strength!" Jiang Liushi told. But Zhang Hai was confused.

"Throw it!" Jiang Liushi said again.

Zhang Hai's ability lied in the strength of his fingers. He absolutely could throw things far away. He turned away, throwing the bottle, which issued a whistling sound.

All of a sudden, the bottle had be thrown out to fifty or sixty meters. Jiang Liushi took a shot without hesitation. The speed of the bottle in the air seemed to suddenly slow down. Even the rotation of its trajectory could be seen clearly by Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi pulled the trigger!

"Pang!" A shot came, and the bottle in the air burst!