My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 83

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"Pa-Paaaaaa!" Countless pieces of gla.s.s fell from the air on the concrete floor, just like flowers scattered by beautiful women in the air making a crisping sound.

Zhang Hai was totally shocked; his mouth opened so much that someone could easily put an egg in it.

"OMG, I can’t believe it!" Sun Kun was thoroughly stunned. Was Jiang Liushi really a greenhorn when it came to weapons?

Hitting an immobile target was relatively easy for many people who mastered the essentials, after all, in accordance with the shooting distance as well as the angle, it could be controlled by most of people. However, how about the moving target? The difficulty couldn’t be underestimated. It was more difficult than the flying saucer shooting compet.i.tion of Olympic Games!

Pre-determining the beer bottle’s distance, aiming, shooting, everything must be completed in a few seconds! There was no doubt that Jiang Liushi had made a great coup.

"Jiang Brother, were you making fun of me? You belonged to the national shooting team, right?"

Zhang Hai really could not believe what he had seen. In addition to the national shooting team members, n.o.body could have this ability. Even soldiers couldn’t hit that target!

"Nonsense, he is my brother!" Jiang Zhuying cursed Zhang Hai. She grew up together with her brother, so she was clear about everything related to Jiang Liushi. Training shooting at spare time was only for the privileged cla.s.s.

"Give me another magazine." Jiang Liushi took the Type 81 Automatic Rifle and said.

Zhang Hai quickly gave all the magazines to Jiang Liushi.

"We will rush out. I will rush and take the front, the two of you will support from the back. Sun Kun will be in charge of the machine gun, and Zhang Hai will be throwing grenades. Zhuying, you will stay in the minibus with me. Sun Kun's ability is similar to a gecko, which allows him to choose any possible corner in the building as his hidden location."

Using machine guns was a very important task. The first priority was to hide. It was extremely important to grasp the fighter. Sun Kun was not a good machine gunner, but he was good at hiding.

As for Zhang Hai, the strength of his hands was far more powerful than ordinary people’s. Throwing grenades was the best way fully display his combat effectiveness.

They had eight grenades in total, but if they were used well, they could be similar to heavy artillery!

Jiang Liushi directly jumped on his MCV, and Jiang Zhuying followed.

"Jiang brother, you intend to let our boss drive?" Zhang Hai looked at Jiang Zhuying and said. Jiang Zhuying couldn’t drive cars before, but after the doomsday she practiced driving. But that was a c.u.mbersome minibus, could she really drive it?

"No, I will drive. Xiao Ying, you are just responsible for attacking!" Jiang Liushi was sitting in the driver's seat, and he turned on the left window, putting the Type 81 Automatic Rifle directly on the window frame.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were really shocked. [What does that mean? Jiang Liushi plans to drive while shooting?]

Both driving and shooting all needed extreme focus. Outside, the enemies were all over the road, putting a variety of roadblocks. Stepping on the clutch, stepping on the gas, hitting the brakes… it sounded incredible in common.

"Sun Kun, please go to open the door! Be careful!" Jiang Liushi ordered. Sun Kun swallowed and thought that their situation was extremely grim to be experimenting in using a car and a gun simultaneously, their lives were on the line!

He saw Jiang Zhuying sitting on her seat, obviously ready. [Well, they are a crazy family!]

Sun Kun jumped directly to the metal storage heap. His feet apart, and then was firmly standing on the 90-degree vertical wall, opening the roll gate.

With the "crashed" sound, Jiang Liushi stepped down the throttle.

"Keep steady!"

Jiang Liushi held the steering wheel with his hand, looking straight ahead. The MCV was instantly accelerated, pushing Jiang Zhuying against her seat.

"Om----!" The MCV issued a roar, and rushed out as a mad cow.

[This car! Oh My G.o.d!] Sun Kun’s thoughts surged like a tide.

At that time, outside the warehouse’s door, Blood Wolf’s team was ready to ambush them at any time. On the ground had been spread a nail belt, and the metal factory’s gate was also blocked by two trucks. Surrounded by reinforced concrete walls, they were encircled. This was an escape-proof net!

Blood Wolf’s members had set a variety of bunkers in the factory on the road. They were heavily armed one by one, waiting for Jiang Zhuying and so on.

However, they did not expect to wait for two hours. Then they saw a seemingly ragged minibus rush out as a prehistoric beast!

"F*ck! They rushed out."


"Brothers, come on!"

The Blood Wolf’s members roared. Those guys didn’t have any special abilities, but they were all desperados! When they joined that team, they began to commit all sorts of crimes. After doomsday, all the crazy and ugly deeds a human being could imagine had been committed by them.